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Monday, February 19, 2018

The CIA always knew that the Bandera are terrorists

Another portion of the declassified files of the CIA arrived in time. It does not shed light to support the Ukrainian nationalists by the us intelligence services during the Soviet era – it was known before. What is more important: Langley clearly aware that cooperate with terrorists. In the context of the war in Syria it sounds like a death sentence.

Foreign support of rebels – a method that originated before the beginning of written history. Why send your soldiers, when you can equip dissatisfied with the current leader, and then bill them for support? With the advent of multinational empires support has been not so much “normal” of the rebels as separatists because it was a chance not just to weaken, but to destroy the state of a competitor.

“In 1957, “prologue” released 1200 radio programs and distributed 200,000 Newspapers and 5,000 pamphlets promoting Ukrainian nationalism”

In the XX century superpower and aspirant to regional leadership on the words of came to the consensus that the rebels in principle, to support you, but the terrorists still impossible. But in fact nothing has changed: the Soviet Union supported the Arab movement, which did not disdain the terrorist attacks in Israel and the seizure of aircraft around the world, and the US and its allies have sponsored any armed Association, declared himself “anti-Communist” (even if it was about the Communist Pol Pot, who did not find a common language with the Communist Vietnam).

It then appeared the famous phrase “He may be a bastard but he is our son of a bitch,” attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had allegedly described as Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza. Evidence of the real authorship of this phrase (like many others, attributed to Bismarck, Churchill, etc.) does not exist.

The US was extremely active in the support of their “sons of bitches” around the world. And, as evidenced by the declassified files of the CIA, the militants of the OUN-UPA* also was not deprived of the attention of Washington. In the certificate dated 4 February 1948, the leader of OUN Stepan Bandera said he was a “terrorist organization OUN, and was associated with the murder pyeratskoho”.

Recall that for murder of the interior Minister Bronislaw pyeratskoho Bandera was sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment. In connection with the murder of Poland tried to push through the League of Nations proposal to impose international sanctions against terrorism, including a ban on the granting of political asylum to terrorists. Proposal failed.

Bandera’s terrorist past did not bother the CIA. In 1948 he organized the operation “Aerodynamicist”, in which American intelligence had provided financial and material support, training facilities and General preparation of agents for their airlift to the territory of the USSR. The chief mediator between the UPA and the CIA was Mykola Lebed, the organizer and direct participant of the Volyn massacre.

After the Soviet intelligence agencies failed to liquidate Bandera underground in Western Ukraine and relations between Moscow and Washington have moved from expectations for a near-collision to a lingering cold war, operation “Aerodynamicist” was transformed into the operation “prologue”. It carried out indoctrination as the Ukrainian Diaspora in Western countries and Ukrainians living on the territory of the USSR.

As noted, in 1957 the “prologue” released 1,200 radio programs (broadcast for 70 hours per month) and distributed 200,000 Newspapers and 5,000 pamphlets promoting Ukrainian nationalism.

In 1977 the activities of the “Prologue” has been endorsed by Zbigniew Brzezinski. According to him, financing of Ukrainian propaganda has brought “impressive dividends” and “affects a specific audience in the target area”. In the 80-ies of the “prologue” has expanded its activities to other nationalities of the Soviet Union, including Soviet Jews.

Overall, it has long been no secret. Wikipedia has a detailed article about “Aerodynamicist” and “prologue”.

The main news of the published archive is not the fact that after the Second world war and until the collapse of the Soviet Union Bandera existed due to funding of the CIA and other Western intelligence services. The fact is that terrorist nature of the OUN-UPA in Washington there was no doubt. At least among those who took the decision on the allocation of funds for accomplices of the Nazis. By the way, the Soviet press about cooperation of Western intelligence services Bandera wrote in some detail, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, these facts (along with other unscrupulous actions “Western partners”) were as if forgotten.

It should be remembered that the USSR, USA and Britain fought together with Hitler. It can not be doubted, the revision of history in this matter is impossible. But we should not forget that immediately after the victory over Germany the former allies have begun to develop plans to attack each other, and the us differed special brutality and willingness to mass casualties among the civilian population.

Now, many Patriotic publicists in absentia appeal to Western politicians: “don’t you see that the streets of Kyiv held torchlight processions of the Nazis? How can you support the Nazis?” Of course, they see, as seen before, when it supported the UPA.

Despite the serious change in the position of the West (at least declared) in respect of national, religious and sexual minorities in the last 70 years in relation to Russia is still considered valid very comprehensive set of countermeasures.

And when they declassified files of the CIA about the events of the early XXI century, our descendants will learn a lot about what Western intelligence agencies had “color revolutions” in General and individual politicians in particular, whether we are talking about Eastern Europe, the middle East or North Africa.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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