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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“Pro-Russian” leader of Moldova received the first threat of impeachment

The President of Moldova disobeyed the constitutional court and officially launched the confrontation with the “Pro-Western” forces controlling the other branches of government. Dodon said the newspaper VIEW that he is ready to submit the dispute to a referendum, because I believe in the support of the people. Meanwhile, increased speculation that parliamentary elections will be held early – in this case, he will get the chance to achieve real power.

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, on Tuesday expressed disagreement with the decision of the constitutional court, which narrowed its authority to appoint members of the government. The socialist leader threatened to declare a referendum on this issue.

“According to my estimates, about 80% of the population support the Dodon. In this case, the President after the decision of the people will be able to put the issue of dissolution of Parliament”

In comments to the newspaper VIEW, Dodon noted that “if the government or the constitutional court think they can force the President to make unpopular decisions or antisocial, they are deeply mistaken”. “Rather take the decision on the referendum to present their actions and the government’s decision to the court of the people, but not to obey the pressure of the parliamentary majority, stated. – I’m sure people will be on my side.”

The quarrel of the President with the judges broke out because of the shape of the new Minister of defense. Earlier Dodon with the filing of the Prime Minister-the Minister Pavel Filip has dismissed defense Minister Anatol Salaru, former member of the Liberal party. In that situation the desire of the President and the Prime Minister have coincided. However, he refused to appoint to the post of Minister of ecology Valeriu Munteanu, who was nominated by Philip. As Minister, he favoured a merger with Romania and join NATO. By the way, Munteanu 36 years, and, according to Moldovan print, no relation to the army, the young politician had not. It should be noted that Philip and Dodon have time to argue around the candidates of ambassadors to Washington and London – these posts also remained vacant.

Predecessor Dodon Nicolae Timofti refused to dismiss the Minister, despite the demands of Philip. However, geopolitical differences among these three politicians were arguing Salaru and Philip rather on personal grounds. However, in a similar situation to the court, no one complained. But at Dodona, they immediately filed a lawsuit. In early January, the constitutional court has addressed the 11 deputies from the Liberal party, headed by its President, former acting President Mihai Ghimpu, demanding to interpret the articles of the Constitution on the procedure for reshuffling the Cabinet.

On the morning of Tuesday, the constitutional court issued a verdict, he ordered the President to appoint Ministers of candidates proposed by the Prime Minister. Head of constitutional court Alexandru Tanase said Tuesday that “Moldova is a parliamentary Republic, and presidential powers defined by the Constitution, therefore he is not responsible for the activities of the government, and its role in the configuration of the Cabinet is limited.” The President may once motivated to reject the proposal of the Prime Minister for appointment of any candidate for the vacant post of Minister, “the Prime Minister may make another offer to the President or to submit the same candidate on a post of the Minister that the head of the Republic must approve,” said Tanase.

However, the court found that the law does not specify the terms of appointment of the President for the posts of Ministers. “In this case applied the concept of “reasonable time”, which means the signing of the decrees on the appointment in the shortest possible time, but not more than 14 days – as in the case of the signing by the President of acts of Parliament”, – stated in the decision of the COP. The court also threatened that failure by the President of his duties is a violation of the Constitution and of the oath, which can be regarded as a hint of impeachment in the case of disobedience.

Former member of Parliament from another Pro-Western parties – the liberal democratic, lawyer Vitaly nagachevski already in plain text Dodon threatened with removal from office. “Failure to comply with decisions of the COP is a breach of constitutional norms. Therefore can come the consequences provided for failure to comply with the President’s constitutional norms. We are talking about the political consequences, and if we talk about legal implications, it is impeachment. Not one person can block the activity of the government and Parliament”, – told ex-the Deputy of the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

However, the head of the Moldovan center for strategic analysis and prognosis EST-VEST Sergei Nazaria sure that this match will win the Dodon. He reminded the President can bring to the people of the court any question – “it is the constitutional right of the President”, adding that to prevent the referendum constitutional court only. But for this he will have second time this year to repeal the existing Constitution that would be the “political absurdity”, as the constitutional court “cannot substitute for the will of the people”. He noted that on the eve of the election Dodon parliamentary majority sharply limited the rights of the head of state, brought “to zero his powers” – the President has become “a puppet in the hands of the parliamentary majority”.

The analyst explained that the referendum question can be formulated so: whether people trust the President or the parliamentary majority? “According to my estimates, about 80% of the population support the Dodon. In this case, the President after the decision of the people will be able to put the issue of dissolution of Parliament”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Last weekend, a recent ally of Dodon on the opposition, the leader of Our party, Renato usatii called extremely high probability of early parliamentary elections already this year, and it’s not the only “surprise” that conceived the oligarch Vlad plahotniuc, who is considered a shady real ruler of Moldavia.

“I am confident that early elections will be this year, but not due to the fact that we want them, as it should be in a democratic state. They are, when plahotniuc wants,” – said the moustached, who was quoted by Moldovan Vedomosti. “What today wants to make plahotniuc – he wants all MPs were with single-seat districts,” added the mustachioed, explaining that under this system, the oligarch can absolutely get a pocket Parliament.

The Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin does not exclude that Dodona will be able to organize a referendum. And in this case, the majority of the population will support Dodon is shown by the elections, but he has no “majority in the capital.” “A lot is at stake in the capital, so it will not be easy. Of course, a fairly active Pro-Romanian activists can make a commotion in Chisinau in order to disrupt the referendum. In the whole country the results of the referendum quite read, but for this purpose it is necessary to spend,” said Zharikhin the newspaper VIEW.

With regard to predictions of Baleen on early elections, the analyst said that, in this case, it is unclear the motives of Plahotniuc, because the oligarch and now controls the Parliament. “And whether it will be the same as to control the newly elected Parliament, which obviously will be much less Pro-oligarchic, it is difficult to say,” – said Zharihin.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday he reported that he accepted the invitation of the EU and will cause your second visit, as promised, in Brussels on 6-7 February. “I asked to arrange a meeting with the leadership of NATO”, – Dodon quoted by RIA “Novosti”. He called “to build good relations with the EU, supporting the strategic partnership with Russia, as only cooperation with the West and with the East – the key interests of the citizens of Moldova.” Dodon added that he proposed during his recent visit to Moscow a Memorandum of cooperation with the Eurasian Union does not contradict the Association agreement with the European Union.


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