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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Igor Dodon: Ukraine will be good neighborly relations

“Given the neutral status, after a political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, I think, and the peacekeeping contingent, which is located in Transnistria, needs to leave,” – said the newspaper VIEW Igor Dodon, the favorite in the presidential race in Moldova, who plays for rapprochement with Russia. On Sunday in the Republic appointed the second round of presidential elections.

On Saturday in Moldova, scheduled a “day of silence” before the second – crucial – round of the presidential elections. Sunday in the battle for the presidency will meet the leader of the Pro-Russian opposition party of socialists Igor Dodon who in the first round of gleaning only 2% percent to win, and protégée of the Pro-Western party “Action and solidarity”, a former employee of the world Bank Maia Sandu, who in the first round gained more than 38%.

“Must not be present armed forces, the troops of any country: neither American nor Russian, neither Ukrainian nor Romanian”

According to the latest polls between the candidates remains a difference of 10%, what does the Dodon for the win with a noticeable advantage. The ruling circles of Moldova, for which, as considered, is the oligarch Vlad plahotniuc, trying to prevent the victory of Dodona. In the semi-official press of his called “black demon”, and Sandu – “the Savior” of the country. Trying to play along with her and the former leader of Romania Traian Basescu, who stated that she “will unite Moldova with Romania” if elected President.

Supporters of Dodona is called Sandu a protege of the state Department and “Moldovan Tymoshenko,” in which the country will become another American colony. They draw attention to the fact that at the request of Sandhu, the CEC has issued additional printed 10 million ballots for foreign polling stations in France, Switzerland, Holland, USA and Canada, where, as suggested by local politicians, live mostly potential voters Sandu. However, the total population of Moldova, excluding Transnistria is 3.5 million, so it’s unlikely living in the West voters will give her a decisive advantage. In Russia, too, will open eight polling stations.

About whether he will be able to improve relations between Moldova and Russia in the event of his victory, Igor Dodon said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

OPINION: Igor, you are probably confident in his victory over Sandu. But with what margin, do you think?

Igor Dodon: I Think the chances to win are quite high. It all depends on turnout in the country and will go to the vote of the Diaspora. If the output will be around 1.5 million, the difference will be about 10%. If more, then the difference will be less, but in any case we will win.

OPINION: IN the first round of your former ally Renato usatyi put up another candidate that pulled you have a voice. Now, however, he still called on to vote for you. You will be able to forgive and to reconstruct the Alliance with Renato Usatii and his party?

I. D.: Renato usatyi supported us in the second round, so we have no serious disagreements. We go as a unified team. We hope the partnership in the parliamentary elections, which I hope will be early next year.

LOOK: You made the improvement of relations with Moscow is one of the main slogans. But – just because of geography Moldova is still largely dependent on neighboring Ukraine?

I. D.: We have to live in good relations with our neighbors. And with the Romanians, and Ukrainians. So I think we have with Ukraine will be good neighbourly relations. I don’t think that needs to interfere with our strategic partnership with the Russian Federation.

OPINION: Many of your supporters are afraid: in case of defeat Sandu does not recognize the results of the vote, will collect the Moldovan independence. There were rumors that your opponents are ready to take the bus “students from Romania” for the unrest.

I. D.: the Maidan and protests organized against the government. We’re not authorities, we are in the opposition. The protest that we organized in the beginning of the year, was aimed against the government. And we have organized them along with the right coalition. I think the probability of independence or revolution is extremely low.

LOOK: You already promised Transnistria a special status within a Federal state. What if Tiraspol will require no less than a Confederation, have the right at any time to withdraw from the United States?

I. D.: We need urgently – I hope it will be after the New year – to sit down at the negotiating table to determine a political solution to the Transnistrian issue. In negotiations both sides must first agree, then offer a peace plan format “5 + 2”. If our foreign partners agree to hold a referendum. That’s the plan.

LOOK: If you manage to achieve reconciliation with Transnistria, it is necessary there to preserve in this case and Russian peacekeepers or it will be possible to withdraw?

I. D.: Moldova should be a neutral state. This neutrality means that the territory must not be present armed forces, the troops of any country: neither American nor Russian, neither Ukrainian nor Romanian. So – given the neutral status following a political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, I think, and the peacekeeping contingent, which is located in Transnistria, needs to leave.


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