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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Europe is afraid of the reconciliation of Russia and the USA

Europe obviously prepared to restore relations with Russia. Moreover, the explanation of the need for a speedy conclusion of the war of sanctions, it becomes part of not only internal political struggle and foreign policy of the EU strategy. The former head of the European Union Romano Prodi has called for the immediate lifting of the sanctions – to get ahead of US.

The beginning of the presidency, trump has put the ruling European elite to the brink of a nervous breakdown. It’s obvious that European leaders are preparing for the worst that can imagine someone who’s always been a follower and dependent.

“Let’s play proactive, not leaving US a privileged role in relations with Russia”

That is, to independence and responsibility. Trump still maintain the “Atlantic solidarity”, has not revised the role of NATO, yet no one in Europe gave freedom from the dictates of the Anglo-Saxon, and just said completely unimaginable to the earlier words – and Atlanticist part of the European elite already nervous.

Most confused the German elite, they really faced a choice. And although some social Democrats already quite transparent hint to the similarity of the tramp with Hitler, as did their leader is Gabriel, others prefer to say “only” that “with the election of Donald trump’s the old world of the 20th century finally in the past ( … ) what ideas about world order will be established in the 21st century, how the world will look tomorrow – is not predetermined. This question remains open” (as stated by the future President of Germany Steinmeier). But other Europeans are already clear.

“We can no longer wait and hope for the assistance and cooperation of the United States, Europe should take its future and security into their own hands”, – wrote in “Twitter” after the inaugural speech trump the former Prime Minister of Belgium, guy Verhofstadt. Although most of this speech the new President has said that “we will strengthen existing alliances” in European capitals increasingly believe that a unified West will not be fast, and the US is now starting to play for themselves. And at the expense of Europe, first and foremost, in relations with Russia. Just about this danger said on Monday, two influential European politician Romano Prodi and françois Fillon.

First there was an interview with Prodi La Stampa. 77-year-old politician is not only the former Italian Prime Minister, but also former head of the European Commission, who worked in the transition of the EU towards the Euro – that is the first real Prime Minister of a United Europe (1999-2004). He is now a good relationship with Vladimir Putin, but no one ever called him no Pro-Russian politician, nor an opponent of “Atlantic solidarity”. Prodi is one of those of the last decade working on the creation of a United Europe, one of its architects and builders. And what he says now?

– It seems to me that the EU did not respond to the statements of trump, which means a revolution in the relations with the EU. I am surprised that no one has informed the urgent need of emergency meetings at the highest level. I think, however, that it is necessary to quickly react. Moreover, it is necessary to organize a “conteneur” sanctions against Russia…

– In what sense?

– The need to immediately lift sanctions against Russia. I am very deeply convinced in this. It is possible to sacrifice themselves for the sake of consensus, however, when neither of which solidarity is no question, there’s no point in fighting anymore. In a wise Calabrian proverb says: who will pretend to be sheep will eat the wolf. First you need to play the card, not allowing America to occupy a privileged position in relations with Russia.

Speaking about the changes in the U.S. approach to Europe, Prodi drew attention to the fact that trump statements directed primarily against Germany as the country leader of the EU, although, as he recalled, Berlin was the most loyal to Washington:

“Germany were always the first student in the class in Europe, has always had good relations with the United States, she was the first with the introduction of sanctions against Russia, even against their immediate material interests.”

A little later, another former Prime Minister, a Frenchman, françois Fillon, speaking in Berlin after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the sanctions against Russia is completely ineffective, though, and said that the lifting of sanctions “from Moscow will take specific steps to implement the Minsk agreements”.

On the eve of the trip to Germany in an interview with Le Monde Fillon, who is now the most likely winner of the spring presidential elections in France, said that “our historical responsibility is to give Europe sufficient political power to gain influence relative to the United States, Russia and China.” And on Monday in Berlin Fillon pointed to the same danger that Prodi:

“I don’t want trump spoke with Russia at our expense. For Europe it would be detrimental if trump passed over our heads that is not something unimaginable”.

It means a very specific thing European leaders (Prodi – not just the former, but the Fillon – and even future) openly say that Europe needs a serious change in relations with the US and Russia. Moreover, they do not hide their concerns about the fact that the United States will begin a reconciliation with Russia at the expense of European interests.

In particular – and this is very important – trump himself can “sell” Moscow’s rejection of the EU sanctions. It is doubly humiliating for the EU picture: first, the United States for their own geopolitical interests forced the Europeans to introduce sanctions against Russia, thereby causing enormous damage to the interests of the EU. And now, after the change of government and policy in Washington, USA will allow the EU to remove the sanctions – but first, use this as your bargaining chip for rapprochement with Moscow. That is, the Americans end up being geopolitically and on the imposition of sanctions, and on their cancellation and all the losses incurred by the EU.

To prevent this, you need to stay ahead of trump, depriving him of the opportunity to bargain with Moscow for our European account – that’s what the plain text says Prodi, and actually the same was said Fillon. Restoring relations with Russia, the European Union will receive not only a great geopolitical stability, but also the best position in the building of a new configuration of relations with the US. But we must act quickly – ahead of trump.

To understand the outrage of European nobles. For Atlantic solidarity in the attempt to blockade Russia and their countries and the EU as a whole has paid a heavy price. It’s not limited to economic benefits and national interests – we are talking about a very specific struggle for power in Europe. The current ruling European elite are losing positions under the pressure of the advancing counter – antielite and that exposes the authorities, not only over European integration, multiculturalism, migration policy, but for a completely stupid policy towards Russia.

There is a real danger that in the balance of power in the European elite can be the most serious since the war years change. And at this point in the US came to power he who does not feel any obligations to those “tamed”.

Indeed, trump have promised nothing. And as much as now he neither corrected in the direction of commitment to the established order of things, he is clearly determined to change the rules of the game. And the players themselves – not by chance worked with him (and with “Brexton”), the spin doctors are already connected to the French and German election campaigns.

Two months will be the Dutch elections, after a month – the result will be a severe blow to the ruling elites. And all this against the background of the game of trump with Putin – have nothing to be nervous about the European heavyweights. Time to drive they do not, and that Romano Prodi is also absolutely right.


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