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Sunday, February 18, 2018

China scares trump missiles at the Russian border

In the Kremlin commented on the deployment of Chinese missiles near Russian border: Moscow does not perceive as a threat to the development of the army of the PRC. Military experts and experts on China agree that the addressee of the “Chinese warning” are the United States, specifically Donald trump. What argument backed by Beijing and how much weight Chinese rocket fist compared to the American and the Russian?

“Moscow does not perceive as a threat to the development of the Chinese armed forces,” – said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering the question about the attitude to the deployment of the Chinese ICBM near our border.

“The Chinese nuclear potential must be strong enough that no country in the world dare to military confrontation with him under any circumstances”

Beijing English-language newspaper Global Times (less formal division of the printed edition of the CPC Central Committee “people’s daily”) reported on Tuesday: China has deployed the most advanced Intercontinental ballistic missiles of its own design, the DF-41 (“Dongfeng-41”) in North-Eastern Heilongjiang province. This region is bordered by Russia on the Amur river.

In confirmation of this message Global Times gives photos of the latest missiles, which were published yesterday in the Chinese segment of the Internet. “According to published information, the photos were taken in the Heilongjiang province. Military analysts believe that it is probably the second strategic missile brigade of the DF-41 and that it was located in northeast China,” – emphasizes the newspaper.

A common model of legalization

As said the newspaper VIEW expert at the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Vasily Kashin, photos, self-propelled missile launchers DF-41 in the town of Daqing, Heilongjiang province appeared in the Dec.

Then in January, Hong Kong publication wrote an article about it. And after a while, citing this edition, the Chinese state media, which used pretended not to notice, according to a fait accompli, said the source.

“It is customary for the Chinese model of legalization of new military-technical events. They never make official statements that it happened – said the expert. First they throw in the social network, waiting to pick up someone abroad, and then with reference to the foreign media, they report about it. If caught something, they’d (the Chinese media) these messages are ignored. And now they seem confirmed”, – he stressed.

The strengthening of the “East wind”

As explained TASS, a three-stage solid propellant ICBM DF-41 (“Dongfeng-41”, or CSS-X-10 on NATO classification) designed by the Chinese Academy of technology of carrier rockets. Presumably, it is equipped with multiple warheads, which includes 10 to 12 nuclear warheads of individual guidance. According to various estimates, the maximum range of the DF-41 is about 14 thousand kilometers.

Ballistic missiles of intermediate and Intercontinental-range missiles “Dongfeng” (literally “East wind”) began to be developed in China in the 1960-ies based on Soviet designs. The program to develop “Dongfeng-41” is implemented for several decades, work began in the late 80s – early 90s years, said Vasily Kashin. ICBMs go into production in the early 2010s, as a missile, whose range is superior to the American counterpart – the LGM-30 “Minuteman”.

DF-41 is armed with the 2nd artillery corps of the people’s liberation army of China – strategic missile forces of the PRC. In possession of this military structure, according to unofficial data, is from 100 to 400 nuclear warheads. We add that the draft land-based missiles “Dongfeng-41” was developed in conjunction with other the newest ICBM “Cuilan-2” (JL-2), placed on the nuclear submarines of the Navy of China.

Military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski in conversation with the newspaper VIEW noted that the possibility of the missiles, the DF-41 impressive. According to the source, the launch range is about 10 to 11 thousand kilometers. As payload there are several combat nuclear parts, apparently, three or four, plus the means to overcome missile defense, said the source. In addition, “the rocket is placed on a movable ground missile system that is very difficult to detect and counteract such complex,” the expert added.

Quantitative and qualitative parameters of the limitation of strategic offensive arms Russia and the United States in contracts SNV-1 and SNV-3O that the location of the DF-41 is able to guard any opponent, said Kashin. “DF-41 missiles of the new generation of mobile, solid-propellant, can carry multiple warheads of individual guidance with a large number of warheads,” said the source.

As stated in the report of the Ministry of defense of the United States, published in 2013 China overall has 50 to 75 Intercontinental ballistic missiles of various types capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, and about 1.1 thousand ballistic missiles short range.

For comparison, the Pentagon plans to 2018 to deploy 400 of silo launchers for ICBMs, 12 SSBN (nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles) and 60 heavy bombers. Now a total of 762 the United States has deployed ICBMs, ballistic missile submarines, and heavy bombers.

Russia, according to the international panel of experts – 526 deployed nuclear delivery vehicles (ICBMs, SSBNs, and heavy bombers).

The Chinese response to Trump?

“This could be Beijing’s response to the provocative statements,” the US President Donald trump, writes the Beijing edition of the Global Times.

We will add that one of the irritating factors can serve adopted before the arrival of the trump to the power of the program to deploy U.S. missile defense system in South Korea. On the eve of the acting President of the Republic of Korea Hwang Kyo-Ahn confirmed plans to deploy missile defense systems of the US THAAD remain in force. Adds tranquility and announced on Tuesday, the promise of the North Korean authorities “not to abandon the launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile”.

In particular, in early January, trump said that China denies US significant amounts of money and wealth through an unequal trade. Claim the new team of the White house are not only about the economy. It is alleged that the candidate for the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson in his first public speech in his new position, he intends to mention the increase in military activity of China as a major threat to the United States. The trump intends to conduct a dialogue with China in hard tones. Further irritation cause of Beijing demonstrative trump contacts with the leaders of the Taiwan – so, in December, the elected President held telephone talks with President of the island Tsai Inven.

According to military expert Viktor Murakhovski, if you look at the dislocation of the complexes of the DF-41, can be say that they focus more on objects of type Taiwan or U.S. bases in the Pacific or on the territory of the United States.

“The United States has not shown respect to the armed forces of the PRC”

China urged the United States to “speak and act carefully” when it comes to indisputable rights of China to the Spratly archipelago in the South China sea, said on Tuesday the press-Secretary of the foreign Ministry of China Hua Chunying. During the election campaign, trump has posted on its website a statement that more impressive deployment of American forces in the South China sea will become a counterweight to the “adventurism” of China. “Serious military presence would be a clear signal to China and other countries in Asia and around the world that America returns to the Affairs of global leadership,” – said on the website.

Viktor Murakhovsky, however, agrees that the deployment of the DF-41 was a response to the inauguration of trump and his attacks on China. “The missile system is developed usually within 12-15 years, starting launch sites for Intercontinental ballistic missiles are also prepared years, 5-6 years, usually. Where was trump, what is trump?” the expert stressed. The deployment of the DF-41 was not a mystery to Americans, they have long been paying attention to the evolution of Chinese nuclear forces, said Vasily Kashin.

How to grow world war rashodyatsya reminded that trump is preparing to launch the process of modernization of U.S. nuclear forces, which is inevitable because they have not been modernized for over 25 years and have come to the limit of your margin of safety on a technical condition. “The United States is facing the need for selection within a few years hundreds of billions of dollars on the development and production of ICBMs, nuclear missile submarines and bombers of the new generation”, – the interlocutor told. So now Americans “can try to attract more attention to the modernization of China, to facilitate the acquisition of necessary budget”, concluded the expert.

“The United States did not show the proper respect for the armed forces of the PRC, and a senior U.S. military arrogantly expressed their intention to Flex its muscles – emphasizes the Beijing Global Times. – The Chinese nuclear potential must be strong enough that no country in the world dare to military confrontation with him under any circumstances and that China could strike back the forces that provoke it.” “The image of China with or without DF-41 is different in the eyes of the outside world. This is the significance of the DF-41”, – the newspaper notes. Thus, according to profesionala edition, it will not lead to the emergence of “theory of China threat”, and will only increase the credibility of the people’s liberation army of China.

“Chinese Intercontinental missiles are designed to deter the United States”, – stressed Vasily Kashin.

“Not aimed at Russia”

With regard to the security of our country, Murakhovsky said: “When you write about accommodation complexes near the borders of Russia, it probably means that such systems are not designed or aimed at Russian targets. Because Intercontinental ballistic missiles, in addition to the maximum range they can fly, and have a minimum range, as a rule, it is also several thousand kilometers,” – said murakhovski.

Agreed with him and Kashin. He recalled that on the territory of North-Eastern China is the unification of the Chinese missile forces, known as the 51 base. Earlier, the Chinese deployed missiles short and medium range. “They have enough to defeat the main Russian centers. For Russia, the Chinese medium-range missiles such as the DF-21, DF-4 and DF-26, represent a more serious threat than Intercontinental”, – said the source. He recalled that the medium-range missiles more, plus they are more mobile, more accurate, and so on.

Meanwhile, China has reasons for the deployment of the DF-41 on the North-East of China, said Kashin. This may be due to the desire to shorten the trajectory of the rocket to move its launchers to the North and far East, as well as to reduce its vulnerability, he said. “Clearly, to reach the area of Daqing, it is necessary either for a long time to fly over the territory of the PRC, to go South or to cross the airspace of Russia or North Korea that may be unacceptable for political reasons,” – said the expert.


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