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Monday, February 19, 2018

Ukrainian elevators became the object of massive theft

Social and economic crisis has jeopardized one of the key benefits of Western civilization, which wants this country elevators. As stated by Ukrainian housing and communal services lifts in local high-rise buildings subjected to this looting. To rectify the situation, the authorities simply have no money.

In residential buildings in Kiev there are about 10 thousand elevators, the operating life of which has expired, acknowledged on Monday in Kiev city hall. “This is a problem citywide. You understand, life is more than 25 years”, – said the head of the mayor Vladimir Bondarenko. According to him, currently in the capital works 21 642 lift, of them operated up to 20 years – 9100, those from 20 to 25 years, – 2933, and those which are operated for more than 25 years – 9609.

“Theft of coils – an ancient Ukrainian tradition, but after independence, the worsening economic situation, it has the scale of natural disasters”

The official recalled that in the capital works program, which provides maintenance and repair of elevators and their replacement. “Unfortunately, we are unable annually and repair, replace and generally more than five hundred elevators… budget, unfortunately, is not enough,” quoted, said “UKRINFORM”. The official also has noticed that in the recent increase of theft of equipment of Elevator shafts.

In the cabin of the Kiev elevators scared to go

The deplorable state of the Ukrainian elevators have long leads to numerous accidents. The message itself Bondarenko was a response to a state of emergency on Friday, when the Metropolitan high-rises almost killed a mother with a three year old child. About this on his page in Facebook said the victim, Anastasia Chop. According to her, the emergency services arrived only an hour. “In this morning around 8.20 broke the rope in the Elevator cab at Kiev, Naumova, 23B, worked emergency braking, flew well from the sixth floor, stopped between second and first. In the cockpit was me and three year old son. Still a coward. The Elevator is old. In the cockpit and on the ground floor at the entrance to the Elevator call button emergency services are not working numbers to call rescue service no. Sat there for about an hour. Thank God, my mother found a room and dispatch service Sviatoshynsky district and got through. The brigade arrived fairly quickly, about 40 minutes – and then after mentioning that the cabin is child.”

In August, in Kiev, in a residential building on Prospekt Bazhana, 10, broke the rope of the Elevator, which was a married couple. According to “Informat” in the fall, both received injuries of the spine. In December in Lviv in the Elevator shaft killed a worker. However, perhaps he fell victim to their own mistakes. According to an UNIAN correspondent, presumably a man by force opened the door the broken freight Elevator and fell into the pit.

“In the house where I live now, there are two elevators: one freight, and a second passenger. One of them goes to some floors, and I live on the third and go on foot because it’s faster and safer. Both elevators travel slowly and are in terrible condition. In the cockpit just scared to go, repairs are not carried out, probably fifteen years”, – said the newspaper VIEW who asked to remain anonymous a resident of downtown Kiev. However, she said, because the building 18 floors, people are forced to use these cabins. “Our family got a second apartment in the house, considered a historic monument. There things are different. Lift mend quickly if it goes down,” – said the interviewee.

However, reported from Kiev, is not the only problem in housing, exciting now citizens. “This year in the yards are not clean snow, and the roads, the asphalt is melted with snow. In addition, outraged by the crazy bills for the apartment,” she said.

Theft worse wear

President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko does not bind the wear of elevators directly with the euromaidan. “It all started before. If the new buildings set new, imported elevators in old buildings are mechanisms of Ukrainian origin. The quality is very low, they often break,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW. According to him, the plant “Bolshevik” in Kiev with the aim of saving on elevators installed low-power engines. “The replacement engine must be made through city hall, but it is not made, in the end, the house is no Elevator” – he explained.

The economist noted that the most problematic in this respect are the Soviet blocks of flats. “Everything is running so that it is easier to demolish and build a new house, but now the pace of construction of new housing in Kiev has decreased significantly,” – said the expert. Also, according to Okhrimenko, there are cases of theft of parts of mechanisms and the subsequent withdrawal of the elevators down.

Donetsk blogger, sociologist Denis Seleznev, commenting on the VIEW the status of elevators in Ukraine, recalled that a few months ago in Nikolaev the mayor personally opened the renovated Elevator. “Solemnly opened one lift at one entrance, in the regional center with a population of about half a million. This event was so important! This, in my opinion, the example,” he says.

According to Seleznev, the main problem is not so much the wear, because the machinery, the design of the cable is laid twice a greater margin of safety than is written in the documentation.

“Now in Ukraine in front of the elevators is another problem: there is massive looting of the parts of mechanisms. Imagine: in the engine room in a conventional nine-it is absolutely free to comes an outsider. In the control device of the Elevator is copper coil weighing about a kilogram. To remove it five minutes, at the point of reception of nonferrous metal, it costs about 200 UAH (approximately 420 rubles), the purchase and installation of a new coil will cost 2000 UAH. Theft of parts of Elevator mechanisms, containing non-ferrous metals, adopted in Ukraine, the scale of the disaster,” – said the blogger.

Social lift in Zaporizhia

So, according to Seleznev, one of the city of Zaporizhia thus incapacitate 60-70 lifts per month, that is approximately several hundred arrangements across the city. “Just look crime news local Ukrainian channels. The looting of non-ferrous metals incapacitate elevators across Ukraine from Lviv to Kharkiv”, – said the sociologist.

As noted Seleznev, fortunately, this kind of crime rarely leads to accidents. “In Lviv as a woman walked into the Elevator, and this time stole copper coil. As in the building, it was already the third case of such stealing, she called me husband, he caught the thief. A thief, by the way, was the inhabitant of the same entrance,” – said the blogger.

Theft of coils – an ancient Ukrainian tradition, but after independence, the worsening economic situation, it has the scale of natural disasters. Seleznev said that this kind of theft only in Kharkov increased in recent years four times.

However, the noted sociologist, to the absolute end, of course, still far away. “In Ukraine, hundreds of thousands more working elevators, but every day their number is decreasing. The mayoralty of some cities even advised residents to hire a guard at the entrance to stop the theft of mechanisms,” – said Seleznev.

Seleznev added that similar problems in Donetsk less. “I once visited a local Elevator management. I was told that initially, before the independence in Donetsk generally less than in the rest of Ukraine, stealing these copper coils”, he added. However, according to Seleznev, in Donetsk, lift economy faces challenges of a different kind. “Often companies serving the elevators installed in our homes are located in Kiev. Accordingly, in the case of breakage the cost of repair grows significantly. They are now impossible to repair under warranty service”, – said the sociologist.


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