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Friday, February 23, 2018

Sergey Ivans: In Latvia I make enemy, as well as from Russia

The curator of the camp “Union” explained why he is not afraid of charges in the training of young spies

October 20, 2014, 08:56

Text: Maria Trubina


“We begin to fear that children unpatriotic. I believe that children who are interested in your story, exercise, play sports, and are real patriots of their country,” – said the newspaper VIEW one of the organizers of the camp “Union” Sergey Evans. Informed the security Police of Latvia stated that in his camp, the youth turned into a “tool of foreign influence.”

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has accused Russia in a bad influence on Lithuanian youth. Referring to the trips of Lithuanian students in Russian paramilitary camps, Grybauskaite said Tuesday that Moscow is trying to educate the Lithuanian youth disloyalty to his state, said “Rosbalt”. Before the trip students in the camp “Union”, the Minister of education Dainius Pavalkis discussed this with the head of the state security Department Gediminas Grinau.

We will remind, the tenth anniversary gathering “Union 2014 – Successors of Victory”, the most ambitious such project in the CIS, was held in late August in Issyk-Kul. It was attended by some 200 teenagers from 12 countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia and other. Greeted them personally by the Minister of defense of Kyrgyzstan Abibilla Kudaiberdiev. The organizers of the Union stressed that the purpose of training – “to unite our youth under the General idea of internationalism”.

A group of children from Lithuania were accompanied by the teacher, Thomas, who teaches history in high school named Sofia Kovalevskaya (Vilnius). In the end, the actions of ordinary teachers become an occasion for discussion in the Parliament. Earlier, speaking in the Sejm of Lithuania, Pavalkis acknowledged that no laws Abramov has not violated and all such trips, the Ministry can not prohibit. However, Abramov was the target of a campaign of accusations by officials and the press. In the end, communicating with reporters himself Abramov declined. “My every word, and even in the Russian press, and will be used against me and not only that, I can’t afford it” – he said the newspaper VIEW.

As reported by the portal Delfi, the same accusations of “Union” nominated and intelligence services of neighboring Latvia. The organizer of the collection of teenagers in Latvia and throughout the Baltics, was the representative of the International Union of paratroopers in the Republic, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, police major retired Sergey Ivans. About whether he was afraid of persecution, in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told Sergey Ivans, the curator of the youth movement “heirs of the Victory”.

Sergey Ivans

OPINION: MR. Evans, you essentially accused the training of young spies. What would you answer such a charge?

Sergey Ivans: Our politicians all the time looking for enemies. Well, then let’s make a list of those countries in which it is impossible to carry children! Let’s make a list of subjects that cannot be taught. If we are throwing knives, that means that, throwing a knife, we force children to submit in the face of their own country into the enemy?

I believe that children should not be divided by nationalities. My grandfather fought in the red army, and we won the peoples – Lithuanians, Estonians, no, we defeated fascism. Our camp is devoted to this memory of our common victory. I can’t forbid children to remember their heritage.

LOOK: you HAVE previously had difficulties with the authorities about this?

S. I.: Yes, I already had difficulties, but in the past year for children stood up for the President Andris Berzins, for which he is grateful. Was the claim by the defence Minister Artis Pabriks, which coincided with the election campaign.

This year again a similar reaction – and just before the elections to the Sejm. As elections are approaching, we begin to fear that children unpatriotic. I believe that children who remained in their country, not left, so to speak, “big money” interested in your story, exercise, exercise – this is the real patriots. I think it’s just the PR of our politicians, but we should not do it on children.

VIEW: AND from your point of view, “Union” what is it?

S. I.: This collection of military-sports organizations and cadet schools, he passed in 2007. Two years ago we had it in Russia, last year in Ukraine, in Odessa, now in Kyrgyzstan. Children come to camp, they are sent to the teams. Each team is assigned several professional cadets. They all undergo a rigorous selection, know how to work with children. For example, a child who came from Latvia, distribute to the team with the guys from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Transnistria, Belarus.

The harvest lasts 10 days, and during that time the guys manage to communicate with each other, learn the culture of their peers from other countries. Each country prepares a national statement, tells about the traditions, the guys are dancing in their national costumes. This is a unique project, children learn to see in another child the nationality of the friend who will lend a helping hand, and realize that we are all one, we are all one.

Both are competitions, such as orienteering. We raft the canoes, throwing knives, shooting from an air rifle. This year we organized and the mountain training, the children learned to come down from the mountains. You should have seen how they helped each other as support!

OPINION: what principles do you choose the guys in the camp?

S. I.: I Want to emphasize that I work independently, selection takes place during the summer holidays, and with schools I absolutely do not need. Riga – a small town, the parents communicate with each other, and many people know about me. I call parents, we planned the day, gather and organize selection. It is also come from Lithuania and Estonia. To participate in the collection may be any student, with the main criteria being that the child has been disciplined, healthy and studied well.

There are certain regulations, are the same which are engaged in the camp. We’re throwing the competition by pulling up on the bars, jumping, running three-kilometer cross. Guys, the one with the best result pass.Work with us is very difficult, many children are forced to work in the summer in Jurmala – “New wave”, and go they just can’t.

Willing to participate a lot more. In total, from the three Baltic States of the 90 people I select 30. From country rides to 10 people. Parents try to make their child to get, they know that there child will be interested, they will engage that he will come back in good physical shape. In our country very few organizations for children, so parents are happy when there is such a possibility.

However, some parents officials have hinted that their children are now will be difficult to go to College.

OPINION: Among the instructors were officers of “alpha”. You teach children to shoot a rifle… Not before? They’re still teenagers.

S. I.: Yes, we are exploring a pneumatic rifle, the kids shoot at balloons. But with the same success, any child can go to the shooting range and shoot from air rifles out there…

Yes, among the trainers were the specialists of anti-terror, were those who went through Beslan. You can see what is happening in the countries? I believe that if you guys are familiar with the methods of anti-terror, it will not be superfluous. And by tactics, I think, useful to hold any young person.

OPINION: Sergei Shoigu had personally ordered to provide you with the aircraft to send children from Moscow to Kyrgyzstan. Does this mean that the sponsor was the Ministry of defence?

Si: Even so, what’s the problem? Russia helps many people. In the fight against terrorism helps people die somewhere – Russia helps. If you wish, please let Latvia, America may sponsor. We will be happy.

OPINION: How do you assess the buzz in Lithuania around your colleagues, teachers of Roman Abramov?

S. I.: I warned him that this might start, but he was ready for it. The novel teaches the story shows children the culture of Lithuania and its traditions. He was cooking with children the national speech. I emphasize again that the novel has not received neither from the state nor from the school any support. He took out the child, with parental assistance.

LOOK: Similar campaigns against yourself you are afraid of?

S. I.: I’m not afraid, my conscience is clear. Well, make an enemy of me enemy of Russia do… Just a question: who are they going to protect and from whom? There is no work, the production closed, the young leaves. Fish looks for where is deeper, and the people better. Over the past five years has left more than 300 thousand people. At this rate, soon in Latvia will not remain children. I did this project for Latvia and for their future.


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