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Monday, February 19, 2018

Russian “soft power” has passed the test of the Lithuanian Prosecutor’s office

After two years of searches, interrogations, examinations and conclusions in Lithuania, finally closed the investigation into “recruitment of students” “the Russian intelligence officers”. It was assumed that “recruitment” was held in special military camps. In reality, the meaning of the work of Russian representatives from the Lithuanian students was quite different – although not without interests of Russia.

Lithuanian prosecutors discontinued the pre-trial investigation concerning the stay Vilnius schoolchildren in the camps in Russia, said Monday the Prosecutor General’s office.

“In our Criminal code there are no articles that people be punished for what they allow to wash their brains”

“Given the data collected, conclusions provided by the experts of the Lithuanian center of forensic medical examination of other received documents and a statement of the fact that there is no actual data that would confirm the initial suspicions about the assistance of another state to act against the Republic of Lithuania today, Vilnius regional Prosecutor’s office adopted a resolution on the termination of the pre-trial investigation”, – quotes the message of Prosecutor’s office of Delfi.

Pre-trial investigation the Prosecutor’s office began in the fall of 2014, after the Parliament learned that the two pupils of Vilnius schools – secondary school. Sofia Kovalevskaya and school. Vasily Kachalov – in 2013-2014 went to the Russian international paramilitary youth camps. There they were taught, including shoot from pneumatic weapons and to overcome the obstacle intended for paratroopers.

With the purpose of detailed checking was studied seized during searches the process participants have computer files, information from mobile phones, camcorders, cameras, USB drives, witnesses were interviewed. Received more than 12 volume of opinions of experts of forensic centre. In the opinions of specialists important to the investigation data was not available. The investigation was conducted by the Prosecutor of the Vilnius district Prosecutor’s office and investigators of the Chief Commissioner of police of the Vilnius district.

As he wrote in the autumn of 2014 the newspaper VIEW, the tenth – jubilee – gathering “Union 2014 – Successors of Victory”, the most ambitious such project in the CIS, was held in late August in Issyk-Kul. It was attended by some 200 teenagers from 12 countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia and others. The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu had personally ordered to provide planes to send children from Moscow to Kyrgyzstan. And already there they were greeted personally by the Minister of defense of Kyrgyzstan Abibilla Kudaiberdiev. The organizers of the Union stressed that the purpose of training – “to unite our youth under the General idea of internationalism”.

In October 2014, when the trip became known in the Lithuanian Parliament, leader of the conservatives, ex-Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius asked to call the Seimas, the Minister of education Dainius Pavalkis. According to conservatives, the Minister should give an explanation “appeared in the public space of information that high school students of Vilnius secondary school. Sofia Kovalevskaya in paramilitary camps in Russia are going to become Russian paratroopers”.

“We see how to create a spy network, recruit young people to travel to the camps, ostensibly for peaceful purposes, and there is likely to approach them Russian intelligence officers and are looking for people who could work upon return to Lithuania”, – said the then Deputy mantas Adomenas.

After that joined the campaign and President Dalia grybauskaitė, saying that Moscow is trying to educate the Lithuanian youth disloyalty to their state. On Monday, after the Prosecutor’s decision, any comments on this issue from the President has not sounded.

And Andrius Kubilius in conversation with the newspaper OPINION stated that he had no regrets about their former statements. “We were right, we were concerned about in that situation. It’s all happening in the background that Russian volunteers have participated in events in Donetsk and Lugansk. Therefore, the question was raised, what is being done in these camps with our children,” – said Kubilius.

He believes it is important that the issue drew the attention and “there was a lot of both civil and state initiatives in Russian schools has been strengthened as we call it, civil teaching”. According to him, in Vilnius continues to “see a lot of attempts of the Kremlin to engage in propaganda, brainwashing.” “In our Criminal code there are no articles that people be punished for what they allow to wash their brains. But we must take care that opportunities for such washing would be as small as possible” – summed up the politician.

The organizer of the collection of teenagers in the Baltic States to participate in the “Heirs of the Victory” was a citizen of Latvia, a representative of the International Union of paratroopers in the Republic, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, police major retired Sergey Ivans.

In an interview with the newspaper VIEW Evans said that during the investigation in November 2015 interrogated by the security police of Latvia on request of neighboring Lithuania. Were questioned in Lithuania and colleagues of Evans, they do withdrew, for example, computers. During the interrogation, according to Evans, he said that remains “a patriot of Latvia”, as “Lithuanians are patriots of Lithuania, and the Russians – patriots of Russia”.

“The camp in Issyk-Kul took place including the Day of the Baltic peoples. We talked about the cultural heritage of our peoples. Our three teams – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – made cultural program. In the final day of the camp we played one of the Central squares of Bishkek and showed the dances in the national costumes of each country”, – he said, adding: the main purpose of these fees is to improve relations between peoples and not to look at each other through sniper scopes. “Although the language of the camp Russian. But no one, neither against Russia nor against Latvia recruited! – said the coordinator of the fees. – One team tested children from different republics: Lithuanian, Latvian, Kazakh, and so forth all in one “platoon”. We connect our children! This is the highlight of the project”. The coordinator noted that one of the participants last year received the film Institute.

“We don’t serve children saboteurs! We want our children to know the story. There is the Nuremberg trials, which condemned fascism. There is no bad nation, there are people and their actions,” – said Evans.

Despite the investigation, the charges continued. So, in the summer of 2015, a similar camp was organized in other republics of the CIS in Armenia. However, in the past year.

As explained in Evans, the criminal code of Latvia last year, introduced a new article (similar to earlier, was introduced in Lithuania), which deals with “assistance to a foreign state in actions directed against the security interests of the Republic of Latvia”. A new amendment refers to “other methods, not stipulated by the Constitution.” Now Evans is concerned that the new article may be adjusted and such summer camp.

Despite fears associated with the new law, Evans said that this year is preparing new charges – either in Armenia or Bulgaria. He does not exclude that after the training camp in Armenia, which is included in the CIS and the CSTO can be charged under the new law: “I Can sew paper, but let’s keep it UK! I have nothing against our country do not, do not break”.

Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs, former head of Department on internal policy of presidential administration Oleg Morozov, in conversation with the newspaper OPINION stated that for the sake of the brain are reconfigured, Balts for “a proper understanding of the role and place of Russia” it is necessary to continue to use “soft power” regardless of the decision of the Prosecutor’s office of Lithuania.

“This is just one small element in our common strategy, the meaning of which boils down to one simple thing: they are our neighbors, we live with them. The cold war, that they permanently provoked against Russia in all segments, is absurd. This is not consistent with the traditions, the normal rules of the hostel. So how did and should continue, even with increasing effect, to influence positively on the Baltic. To influence our art, values, opportunities to organize interesting leisure for children, cultural exchanges – all that is included in the concept of “soft power” and promote a positive image of the country abroad”, – said Oleg Morozov.


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