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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In European politics sound more pleasant to Russia signals

The election of the President of the United States Donald trump inspired conservatives in Europe. While evolibrary was in hysterics on the streets of Washington and Chicago, the right-wing conservative circles gathered in Koblenz to say about the struggle to win the election the current cycle. A parallel in Europe, more and more voices calling for a change in policy towards Russia.

While in Moscow hosted a Congress of the ruling party in the German Koblenz gathered those who is not in power, but this year hopes to change the situation in their favor. We are talking about politics, which the Western media habitually referred to as “populist” and “ultra-right” that is trying to brand, without going into the details of their programs. But these rather different political forces should be called eurosceptics. Dissatisfaction with the present state of the European Union is the main thing that unites them.

“The EU is unable to protect its borders cannot protect us from Islamist terrorism. If the experiment fails so miserably, I’m done with him”

In the right faction of the European Parliament “Europe of Nations and freedom” (40 seats out of 751) includes French national front, the German “Alternative for Germany” (ADH), the Belgian “Vlaams Belang”, the Italian “Northern League” and the two forces under the name “freedom Party” – Austrian and Dutch. It is these political forces and their leaders participated in the conference in Koblenz, attended by about a thousand delegates.

The main “star” was, of course, marine Le Pen – the most popular presidential candidate in France (elections will be held in late April). “2016 was the year when I woke up the Anglo-Saxon world. I’m sure that in 2017 awake and the peoples of continental Europe. We are experiencing the end of one world and the birth of another – quoted by Le Pen Reuters. – I’m not saying that all European countries should leave the Eurozone. But for each country should be able to do this if she does not want her to stay.”

While Le Pen called the immigration policy of the current authorities of the EU “tyranny” and have lashed out at German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “In France, Mrs. Merkel is presented as the heroine in the humanitarian field. What generosity towards migrants! But at the same time, the inhabitants of the country were not asked their opinions about the immigration policy of the country, whether they are satisfied with it. And we understand why. Because, if you ask, everyone will see that this migration policy – just a daily disaster!”

And in an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag already at the end of the conference, Le Pen said: “the EU is dead but doesn’t know it yet, he has failed on all fronts: economic (growth is very slow), social (poverty is growing and unemployment is too high), security (the EU is unable to protect its borders cannot protect us from Islamist terrorism). If the experiment fails so miserably, I’m done with him”.

“I demand from the European Union to back independence on four points: borders, currency, law and Economics. Either the EU agrees to it, and we will come to Europe (United) people, or he refuses, then I’ll tell the French that we should leave the European Union, and will offer to vote,” he threatened her.

Le Pen also stated that the election of the President of the United States Donald trump means “end of the old world governed by the market, a world in which the Nations were to be sacrificed to neoliberalism and disappear”. “Now begins the great return to the nation and people”, – concluded the leader of “National front”.

In turn, the founder and leader of the Dutch freedom Party Geert Wilders in his speech said that citizens of Western countries “Wake up” and are ready to throw off “the yoke of political correctness”. “America yesterday, today, Koblenz tomorrow – a new Europe, – he declared. – The patriots win. The time for change has come”. The political strength of the Wilders also claims victory in the current election cycle.

Italian Deputy Guglielmo Picchi said that all parties represented at the conference in Koblenz, seeking to restore the sovereignty of the peoples of their countries. “Return to them control over borders, taxes, the currency and own the future” – creatively developed he thought marine Le Pen.

Detailed information from the conference of skeptics, not so much because the organizers refused to accredit to the event, representatives of leading German media. Perhaps one of the most detailed articles about the conference published by the Financial Times, but the emphasis was not made on statements of participants and differences. Title – “European right-wing populists declared “Patriotic” spring. The subtitle – “Despite a show of unity, they are still very much parts of the rebel party.”

From the text it appears that the only alleged “discrepancy” is that the economic policy of the National front, “too socialist”, according to representatives of the German “Alternative for Germany”. But it is the party in different countries, the lack of consensus over economic issues is not a reason for disengagement in the presence of a common enemy and common goals.

It is not surprising that marine Le Pen called on “everyone who is trying to find the differences between us” not to worry, because it “does not matter”. She also noted that France “has always been a little more socialist than Germany,” and the purpose of the conference in Koblenz is not to develop a “common policy” presented her parties.

By the way, despite the regular accusations of “Pro-Russian”, the theme of relations with our country was not decisive. Negative attitudes of Euroskeptics on sanctions is well known, to repeat it again they did not, focusing on European issues.

But loving remarks about Russia began to emerge from other political forces. Main rival marine Le Pen for President of France, Gaullist Francois Fillon in an interview with the newspaper Le Monde called for the restoration of relations with Moscow: “it was Naive to believe that the Russian people can break the economic sanctions. Who might want a conflict with Russia? We need to restore our relationship.” When it called for “a new economic partnership with Russia” and offered “to hold the conference Europe – Russia in the new security environment” in Europe.

“Is it always the West has been a reliable partner? Isn’t he deceived Russia on Libya, in Kosovo, for economic partnership with the EU? In addition, I would like to remind you about the irresponsible statements of those who wanted the entry of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO. You just have to accept that neither Ukraine nor Georgia can join the EU and NATO. Why did we need to deploy missile defenses near the Russian border? We made a lot of mistakes,” said Fillon, adding that “Russia is trying to prevent arrival of militants* to power in Damascus,” but “a large part of the Western political elite just doesn’t get it”. “As a result, European countries have been marginalized in the process of settlement in Syria, and their place was taken by Russia, Iran and Turkey,” said Fillon.

Recall that if in the coming months will not happen any force majeure, that Fillon and Le Pen will meet in the second round of presidential elections in France.

The former Prime Minister of Italy and former European Commission President Romano Prodi, in turn, urged the EU to cancel anti-Russian sanctions before it will make the new US President Donald trump “Let’s play proactive, not leaving US a privileged role in relations with Russia, – said the veteran of Italian politics in an interview with the newspaper La Stampa. – It is necessary to immediately lift the sanctions against Russia. In this I’m pretty confident. You can sacrifice in the name of solidarity politics, but if solidarity is no more, and the sense to persist no”.

Something similar was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto after talks with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: “With the inauguration of the new administration the US has the ability to look at things from the other side. If the United States on a bilateral basis will start to build international relationships if China will increase if against this background the EU will not be able to build with Russia constructive relations, the EU will lag behind in the international arena. (Potential) conflict between Russia and the European Union for Hungary would have very serious consequences. In world history, extreme has always been Central Europe, so it is important that West and East have collaborated positively, cultural and pragmatic.

And the Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä said that his country is ready to organize the first meeting of heads of Russia and the USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump at the summit of the Arctic Council, RIA “Novosti”.

Thus, the Europe of multiculturalism and the containment of Russia becoming history. At least in words. But if skeptics still need to win in the upcoming elections that will not be easy (though a marginal call them for fear), the idea of the need to fully restore relations with Russia share more and more politicians from different countries. And this can only be welcomed.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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