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Sunday, February 11, 2018

For some Russian aircraft state support is meaningless

The government proposed new measures to support domestic civil aircraft industry. According to the plan of Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, they must help the Airliners MS-21, Il-114 and Il-96-400 is to press the “Airbus” and “Boeing”. To some extent these hopes are justified, however, in some cases, the interests of the Russian airlines will come into direct conflict with the interests of the aviation industry.

The government is trying to find a way to help Russian airlines to switch to the new Russian and not a foreign court. At a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has promised by the spring to prepare a timing plan for the production of new aircraft MS-21, Il-114 and Il-96-400 with the retirement of older aircraft. These three aircraft selected by the government to support.

“Unfortunately, Dmitry Rogozin bad is the laws, on which civil aviation. He shuffled the flies from cutlets”

According to the Deputy Chairman of the government, the problem of a small percentage of Russian art is most relevant for long-haul aircraft. “We have today almost 80% is Airbus and Boeing, he stated. – Even though we have some liberals saying that if the plane is good, it will buy everywhere, but it’s not. For example, try to sell Airbus in the us market or Boeing in Europe. Always there are explicit and implicit protectionist measures.”

To support the domestic aviation industry, Rogozin suggested two sets of actions – economic and administrative. On the one hand, he proposes to provide financial incentives, including those associated with leasing aircraft. On the other – to give the most profitable routes to those carriers that will fly on Russian planes. According to him, “first of all, flights to the far East and the tourist routes in the countries that are most acceptable to the Russians.” “And these routes will be given only to those companies which will be put on these routes Russian aircraft,” – said Rogozin.

“As for (the most profitable) routes it is very correct, it is a good bonus (for airlines purchasing the aircraft produced in Russia),” Putin supported the idea Rogozin.

Will the ideas of Deputy Prime Minister to transplant Russian carriers with foreign Boeing and Airbus at Russian ships?

As for economic measures, they are necessary in any case. It can be a program of interest subsidy on loan or lease payments. Maybe a program like SSJ-100, when the state allocates the money, which the state leasing company buys the aircraft, and then transmits them at a reduced rates with the airlines.

“Measures of financial assistance support. Such measures are already there and worked on the project Sukhoi SuperJet-100 is an example of the editor of the portal “Avia.ru” the novel of hussars. – If they were not, the airplane would do in Russia is not sold. The problem is not the plane, and in cost of ownership. The liner is made from foreign components and, therefore, the currency component in its cost is high. And “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” sell it in foreign currency. The change in the dollar and the Euro did not help the plane, he rose together with foreign cars”.

The main problem of the sale of Russian military equipment is the high interest on loans, which our ships are inferior to foreign cars. “Western aircraft can take Western credit under small percent the credit for the Russian aircraft do not give Western banks, and Russian banks use a huge percentage. That is our economic system,” explains Gusarov.

Therefore, state support measures aimed at equalizing the conditions for the purchase of new foreign and domestic liner, is vital. Thus, according to the expert, to provide such financial support necessary for the MS-21 and the Il-114, but the situation with the Il-96-400 is not so straightforward.

MS-21 Russian aircraft, which is created to replace the Tu-154 and Tu-134. The first flight could take place this year, and to get in the series the ship in 2019. Major competitors – Airbus A320 and Boeing-737. MC-21 will be three versions: MS-21-200 (150 seats), MS-21-300 (180 seats) and MS-21-400 (212 seats). The portfolio of firm contracts for the summer of 2015 totaled 175 aircraft. In the “Irkut” I assure you that MS-21 will be more profitable than Western counterparts. So, airlines will benefit in the amount of $ 3 million per year due to better fuel and weight efficiency of the Russian airliner, as well as through reduced time to complete a typical flight. To reduce the time of flight will be possible by increasing the cruising speed and reduce the time of service at airports.


Corporation “Irkut” (part of UAC) held a ceremony of rolling out of the aircraft MS-21-300 is designed to conduct flight tests. This is the first since the Soviet Union the new Russian trunk liner, which, according to Medvedev, Russia will remain a “major League””it is Desirable, of course, to the purchase of our aircraft on credit or leasing was cheaper than buying foreign aircraft. The market launch of a new product always costs money, the carriers do not know the statistics and the reliability of the machines and they need promotion, so they took a chance and tried a new plane. This is a worldwide practice. Even major manufacturers as its launch customers give significant discounts to attract financial institutions to purchase their first hundreds of cars”, – says Roman Gusarov.

The Il-114 is a regional short-haul aircraft class. It is suitable to fly, for example, from the Amur region in Khabarovsk Krai without a transplant in Moscow.

“This aircraft should be included in the program of subsidizing interest rates and lease payments. Because regional transportation is marginally profitable or completely unprofitable. A small airline operating such vessel, have neither their own finances or credit history and assets to borrow at normal interest rates,” – said aviation expert. By the way, in Russia without government support the airline does not even gain foreign regional aircraft class, says Gusarov.

And here in Il-96-400 – widebody and long-haul aircraft, which is suitable for a direct flight from Moscow to the far East – the state spends is not worth it.

“It is a great and reliable plane. But, unfortunately, he is under no subsidy programs can not become a competitor foreign car. It has very high fuel consumption. Not two, but four engines, which means more expensive repairs. Not two, but three of the pilot. In General, no matter how subsidiary this plane, it will be expensive. I don’t think the economy of this liner may be in his favor without a re-engine of the ship, that is, to create under it a new engine. In addition, the plant in Voronezh at the maximum voltage will not be able to collect more than two pieces a year”, – says Roman Gusarov.

Thus, the MS-21 is in the state to become a real competitor to Boeing and Airbus in the same class. But for flights to the far East it is not suitable. They can be used in Il-96-400, but the Russian airline is unlikely to make a choice in his favor, will replace their Boeing and Airbus for economic reasons.

That is why the idea expressed Rogozin is to give routes for flights to the far East and abroad to those airlines that will be put on these routes Russian planes – looks crude and controversial. At the very least, demand from the airlines, so they flew to the far East on the Il-96-400, not on the cars, seems strange. It is economically unjustified.

“Unfortunately, Mr Rogozin (Rogozin) poorly represents the laws, on which civil aviation. He shuffled the flies with cutlets,” – says Roman Gusarov.

If we talk about international transport, permission to fly distributes the Commission Rosaviation. And one of the criteria for distribution is the presence of Russian ships in the fleet. While these routes can fly on any plane. Just because our civil aviation industry has to offer while only one product – SSJ-100.

Secondly, airlines depending on the season using the aircraft, the dimension of which is matched to demand. In the summer it can be a large capacity aircraft – the Boeing 737-800 or Airbus 320, and in the winter when passenger traffic is falling, smaller SSJ-100.

But if such an administrative measure will still be accepted, it can lead to what will be concluded a lot of fake contracts for the supply of Russian aircraft. And then these contracts will be terminated. Gusarov cites the example of Transaero, which I bought at the time the aircraft grade “Tu” to a greater degree in order to in the fleet was listed as Russian planes and could apply to the route have priority. But in practice, the carrier used the “carcass” is not so often.


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