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Monday, February 19, 2018

FEMEN activists saw the hypocrisy of the West

Representatives of the controversial Ukrainian group FEMEN argue about finished this project its existence or is it yet. Who is right, not so important. Much more interesting is how fate themselves activists, and the reaction they faced, where they are initially welcomed in the West.

From palasavena and almost nothingness suddenly reminded of herself to the FEMEN movement.

“Interview zhdanovoj in itself an epitaph and an honest Eulogy about the “deceased”, and this is its greatest strength”

FEMEN activist Yana Zhdanova in an interview said that the movement, in fact, ceased to exist. In turn, Anna Hutsol, the leader and one of the founders of the movement, denied her words, saying: FEMEN – “not an organization but a movement. And yet there are people who want to participate in it, it exists”.

Yana Zhdanova is one of the most famous and the few remaining at the hearing of the names of the flamboyant movement.

On 12 January the court of appeal of Paris reversed the decision of the court of first instance, which recognized her guilty of exhibitionism when she in June 2014 staged in the Museum of wax figures grévin, in Paris, damaging a wax figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In mid-October 2014, the Paris court declared Zhdanov guilty of causing damage and exhibitionism, and sentenced her to a fine of EUR 1,500, and the payment to the Museum 3004 euros for pecuniary damage and 1,000 euros in moral damages. Having examined the case in January 2017, the court of appeal took FEMEN activists accusations of exhibitionism, and sentenced her to a fine of 600 euros for damage, and leaving in force the decision on payments intended to musée grévin. Thus, according to the zhdanovoj it’s not over because the Prosecutor intends to go to the court of cassation.

In an interview with Zhdanov said the causes of the collapse of the movement FEMEN that “girls” not “share power and money.” However, the interview much more interesting just recognition completely trivial and the most common cause of death of most social, political and parapolitical organizations.

By and large, this interview is in itself an epitaph and an honest Eulogy about the “deceased”, and this is its greatest strength. Frankness zhdanovoj allows to “dissect” the phenomenon of FEMEN not only in political but also in cultural and even civilizational context.

For a start, evident that the once well-known activist of the Ukrainian movement at the moment safely moved to the West. The same Zhdanova several years living in France.

In the second half of the XX century in the second and third world countries there is a phenomenon of socio-political activities as an instrument of emigration in the world first. The “Golden age” of this process far behind. Now the West is much less abandon of the disgraced – both real and pseudo – politicians, journalists, human rights defenders. However, FEMEN has managed to successfully cope with the solution of this problem and to take the founders and key activists of Ukraine to Europe.

However, perhaps the most interesting is the acceptance by me that FEMEN was interested in the West and supported them exclusively as vnezapnyj phenomenon. The move was pseudoexperts of the West in non-Western world, because actually in this case, the West just supported and helped to expand its influence, the internal destructive forces of countries, which operated movement (primarily in Ukraine and Russia). And when the same process FEMEN have started to migrate to the West, this has caused much less enthusiasm about it openly talked of Zhdanov:

“When we came from the Ukraine to France or other European countries to do the action, then all shouted, “Bravo! What girls rock”. When in Ukraine, we did the action, and came about this news in France, too, all clapping, saying how we should be doing, protesting against the dictatorship in Russia and Ukraine, they are all freedom fighters… But when we arrived in France and began to do the same here, people suddenly started complaining and saying, “What is going on there? You do not want us here, we’ve got own laws.”

For example, we were rebuked for their action in Notre Dame de Paris. But when Pussy Riot made a rally in the Cathedral in Moscow, the French are very much their support and outraged that the girls were imprisoned for two years for the action in the Church. When the same thing done by FEMEN in France, people began to shout that it’s too sacred a place.

Or a reaction to the cut cross in Kiev. The Europeans supported this action, saying that it is an act of democracy, the manifestation of extreme atheism, that is so cool, but when Vatican I kidnapped baby Jesus from the cradle, I was pelted with tomatoes, he said it was too sacred a place, and why am I on the Shrine raised his hand.

In fact, is the hypocrisy: if it happens somewhere else, the Europeans support, because “we are Democrats and the freedom of speech, freedom of expression,” but if all this is happening in our country, “Why are you here and touch the sacred?”. And people who Express support for the right and say: “Why did you come, bring down its Ukraine.”

It’s funny that zhdanovoj not like the fact that FEMEN has degenerated in the West, including purely aesthetic. She is the bearer of the traditional worldview, which believes that if a woman is exposed publicly, then at least she needs her appearance to please the eye of others. Initially FEMEN activists, she said, had a certain selection in appearance. Few can come up with ideas, more contrary and even offensive to modern Western feminism that requires society to accept women for who they are, and the cult of female attractiveness considered one of the most disgusting human civilization.

Amorphous format FEMEN as a movement really allows you to do “a good mine at bad game” and say that it exists as long as there are activists. Another thing is that the position zhdanovoj, recognizing that essentially, the movement is dead, looks more honest and relevant.

However, talking about the causes of the crisis and the end of the FEMEN Zhdanova lost sight of another important fact. Shocking works, as long as it is exclusive. When it becomes mainstream, it loses its main value. And shocking in the modern women’s movement clearly ceased to be something out of the ordinary. In the end, to go out Topless in a sense, requires less courage than to appear in public in costume, mimic the female sexual organ.


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