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Monday, February 19, 2018

Japan’s proposal for mediation in the G7 like trying to “bribe” Moscow

The Prime Minister of Japan could become a mediator between Russia and the G7 countries, I believe in Tokyo. The summit of the countries “big seven” this year will be chaired by the Japanese side that, in her opinion, makes the candidate Shinzo Abe is particularly interesting for Russia. In Moscow, however, raises doubts not only offer the Japanese, but use the G7 format.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is ready to play the role of mediator between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the countries “big seven”, said the Japanese side on Tuesday, February 16.

“Japan’s proposal indicates a desire to resolve issues related to the Kuril Islands, through the G7”

Between Putin and G7

“Because Japan is the Chairman of the “big seven” this year, Prime Minister Abe is ready to transfer the concerns faced by countries of the G7, Russian President, and at the same time he is ready to share the opinion of Putin to the members of the “big seven” – said Advisor to the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers on issues of public diplomacy, Tomohiko Taniguchi, reports “Interfax”.

In this Abe sees its role as a mediator and the significance of his presidency, that is, “bridge”, which unites Russia with the G7, said Taniguchi. He also stressed that if Abe’s visit to Russia will take place, it will happen before the summit “the big seven”, which is scheduled for may 2016.

“Prime Minister Abe wants to maintain and improve relations with President Putin. I can assure you this, – said the Agency interlocutor. – Also, Prime Minister Abe is sure that if you keep a dialogue with Putin, they can understand each other and find a common language, and therefore Abe sincerely wants to repeatedly meet with Putin”, – he added.

We will remind that earlier it was called G7 G8 – the group of eight, which includes Russia. However, 2014 has been a reformatting of the club, and Moscow has ceased to participate in the work of this discussion platform. This has repeatedly emphasized that Russia was not expelled from the G8, as an informal club. Procedures for withdrawal or exclusion from it simply does not exist.

After decision about suspension of the dialogue in the G8 and was assigned to the G7 format, which includes USA, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, UK and Canada. The group, as in the previous embodiment, does not have its own Secretariat, it is not common any international Treaty. Group decisions have no international forces.

The “big seven are not relevant for Russia”looks Like the competition is between the “Big seven” and the BRICS

Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, long time representing the interests of Russia in the G8, su-Sherpa in BRICS group Vadim Lukov said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that today the G7 forum has outlived its usefulness and is not relevant for Russia. Now Moscow is focusing on cooperation in such organizations as BRICS, SCO and G20. The source believes that the work of the “big eight” in the near future to resume will fail as the West confrontation is configured in relation to Russia.

“Japan’s desire to assist in the establishment of relations is primarily linked with the policy of the Japanese administration. Japan wants to improve relations with Russia in two areas. We are talking about political and economic cooperation. The Japanese are realists, they understand the complexity of their goals on the Northern territories, that is, on the Kuril Islands. They want to involve Russia in a dialogue on the Islands,” – said of Bows.

“For us, the issue of the Kuril Islands is closed since the conference in San Francisco in 1951, – he said. – The Japanese side believes that Russia will be so grateful to them for helping to defrost relations with the G7, which will be progress on the Northern territories. As they say, you are me I am you,” says the source.

“In my opinion, it would be a mistake for Russia to open a channel of dialogue with the G7 now, when our country are the economic sanctions imposed precisely this group. To go to such collaboration means deliberately put themselves in an unequal position, he said. – Judge for yourself: “the seven” have imposed sanctions against us, and now we’ll go “on the carpet” to them. This is not advisable. By the way, some stuffing on the beginning of cooperation between Russia and the G7 was done a year ago. Then it was not about political cooperation, and the sectoral, e.g. health. The Russian side rejected these proposals,” – said the Russian diplomat.

At the same time the diplomat noted that over the years of Russia in the G8 has made significant. “First, we restructured the payment of the Soviet debt. This fact was the giant figure of 160 billion dollars in prices of 1980-ies. Second, with the G7 in the early 1990s, we gained access to the IMF loans, it was important in those years. And third, Russia is to establish a dialogue with the “seven”, became a member of the “big eight” and strengthened its political position in the world,” he recalled.

Today, however, this forum has outlived its usefulness and is not relevant for Russia. “Now Moscow is focusing on cooperation in such organizations as BRICS, SCO and G-20”, – summed up the source.

“Russia is not interested in the G7″

The first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that Japan, offering himself as a negotiator, acting in their personal interests.

“Attempts to establish dialogue and relations with Russia will, of course, be welcome. But what is done is Japan, not talking about kindness, and about the interest of Tokyo – the desire to resolve issues associated with the Kuril Islands, through the G7. I do not see sincerity in the statement of the Prime Minister of Japan. It smacks of an attempt to “bribe” Moscow. Moreover, Russia is not very interested in the resumption of the work in the G7,” said Leonid Kalashnikov.

The spokesman stressed that if Japan sincerely wants to resume a healthy dialogue with Russia, it must take concrete action. “Japan – a member of the G7, let then invites its Western partners to resume dialogue with Russia, even doing something, shall issue to the forums. In any case, I don’t think Tokyo will be able to solve the problem of the Kuril Islands through such initiatives and statements. It is futile,” said the source.

Russia for all these years got nothing from the G7 said Kalashnikov. “It’s not full body, but merely a consultative forum, where the leaders of participating countries and discuss various issues, mainly economic. It’s kind of a “club” of countries that have seen and continue to see themselves as the world’s leading economies. But the world situation has changed, nothing is the same. There are China and Brazil, for example. Their economies are significantly more powerful than the economy, say, Italy – member of G7. This club has outgrown itself, he does not need Russia”, – summed up the MP.


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