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Monday, February 19, 2018

Between Donetsk and Lugansk have tightened the border

From Wednesday sharply tightened the regime for crossing of goods at customs checkpoints on the administrative border between the self-proclaimed republics DNR and LC. Now from Lugansk to Donetsk so just meat with milk will not carry. Strictly up to 3 kg!

photo: youtube.com

During the celebrations in the Crimea, dedicated to Pereiaslav Rada, head of the DND and LNR Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, told them that the unification of the two republics prevents only that the Minsk agreements they are registered as separate entities. But, apparently, it’s not just that.

The resolution of Council of Ministers of the LC for this reason are announced on the air local channels acting Minister of the Council of Ministers LNR Natalia Horseba. And says it’s not so much about the protection of local food from export, how much banning a lot of it imported from Donetsk.

The reason for this decision is the LC here is clear. The government of the breakaway Republic are trying to raise more money in the coffers and the rules establish not to prohibit the importation of products, and to build the bottom level, after which it is necessary to pay a fee. What are the rules of entry? Quite sufficient for the average local family meat you can bring up to 3 kg, vegetable oil — up to 5, milk and dairy products — not more than 3 liters, and the vegetables, fruits up to 50 lbs. of Excisable products (i.e., vodka and cigarettes) almost all “all you want” — up to a value of 200 euros or up to 50 kg inclusive. Salary equivalent to 200 euros, in these places, few people gets. The average is 7-8 thousand rubles, doctors and teachers — 4-5 thousand. Not to “excisable” goods.

Although customs checkpoints on the administrative border between the breakaway republics no longer news, but the customs rules are applied only to the wholesale transportation of goods by entrepreneurs. In order to smuggle goods from Donetsk to Lugansk, for example, you need to fill out and register the “foreign economic contract”, to go through customs, pay duties in rubles, but it is recorded in euros.

Correspondent “MK” talked with an entrepreneur from Donetsk, once a week, driving a small car with the goods in Lugansk. Of course, on condition of anonymity.

“All the time changing conditions, and walking on the sneaks a couple days, the businessman said Tatiana. Now, however, the second month of price stability: we pay a fee of 20 Euro for the product cost up to 1000 euros. Above — starts working a progressive scale. Keep the person who is engaged in design “foreign economic activity”. The driver once a week carries products with a stack of papers from Donetsk, and in Lugansk for the delivery of goods in the shops have enough bills of lading”.

20 Euro from the machine is, by local standards, godly. For comparison: the businessmen carrying goods in passenger vehicles from the Ukrainian Mariupol, you pay duty on goods worth up to EUR 1000 5%. That is 50 euros.

The funny situation with the customs border in Debaltsevo. On the one hand is 4 km from the city actually passes the front, where since mid-December, at night there is an artillery battle with periodic aerial shells into the city. And on the other side of the city… the customs border. And customs point is located in the city of debaltseve, cutting off thus the LC in two districts of the city — name on 8 March and October. That is, the residents of Debaltsevo on the road from work, say, at the railway station and the tobacco factory can have problems with home delivery of products to the stated in the decree of the Council of Ministers of the Luhansk normal. Interestingly, back — from “Lugansk” areas of the city products can take as much as you want, because in Donetsk to the norms of import of products not yet thought of.

How under the slogan of the new Russia any customs border in the seemingly unified the Donbass, is difficult to explain. And local officials away from sin even not comment. Although the “borders” these relate only to the economy, and in the military sphere at the junction of the breakaway republics on the same Svetlodarsk the wounded arc not divided into “us” and “foreigners”. Lugansk wounded taken to nearby hospitals Yenakiyevo and Gorlovka without any fees.


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