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Monday, February 19, 2018

Western media called it trump the inauguration of “sinister”

Inaugural address Donald trump did not go unnoticed by the media. Leading American, mostly liberal media in the mass, accepted the message of the new President is hostile and ill-concealed fear, the European mainly reacted warily-negative. And only the press of Russia and its geopolitical allies saw in the words of the 45th President of the USA positive.

The appeal of Donald trump to the American people lasted 16 min and consisted of approximately 1400 words. Traditionally, the American media reacted to the speech of the incoming President, but, perhaps, never in the history of the United States, this reaction was not so negative and filled with panic.


“President Donald trump, according to historians and speechwriters, made one of the most sinister of the inaugural messages”

“President Donald trump, according to historians and speechwriters, made one of the most sinister of the inaugural messages, wrote The Wall Street Journal. – Resorting to the standard for his campaign theme of American decline and by positioning itself as a defender of the “forgotten men and women”.

In turn, The Washington Post with some doom stated that, “his presidency is not what we were used to.” Previously, the publication stated, “Donald trump is elected the 45th President of the United States. We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to write those words.”

The Guardian went even further, calling Donald trump “a shock to the entire world,” and his victory “a political and cultural disaster, in which few believed”.

Do not skimp on the epithets and The New Yorker, which did not cease to compare the new with the outgoing President Barack Obama, and in the interpretation of the edition of the latter appeared almost a dove of peace and a defender of American values:

“It was a grim speech, America, which described the tramp, filled with victims of “poverty, crime, gangs and drugs” by the inhabitants of provincial towns, living across the country near the “rusted-out factories” – described performances trump the journalist Benjamin Wallace-wells. But it was not a word about “the sacrifices borne by our ancestors” mentioned in his first inaugural address, Obama nor the values of America or its spirit.”

Also Wallace-wells does not skimp in metaphors, describes not the best, in his opinion, the physical form of a middle-aged American leader who “missed” trying to kiss my wife. Before the inauguration of The The New Yorker in a similar style wrote that “we spend the first African-American President – a man honest, decent, rich spirit, and will witness the inauguration of the fraudster, who has done nothing to alienate the supporters of xenophobia.”

Somewhat defused the already to the limit pumped American media environment USA Today, calling it “the best meme of the inauguration” a contemptuous opinion of Michelle Obama, which she gifts to the new first lady Melania trump.

European media

Unlike the American European publications tried to be more aged, although in the mass adhered to the same antithrombosis liberal rhetoric. This is quite often linked to the personality of the new American President with his alleged Pro-Russian sympathies: “trump appears to be in the role of destroyer of the Empire, or doctor to disable the equipment to the patient, writes the French Le Monde. … He expresses understanding and sympathy for the idea of Russian influence in post-Soviet Europe, causing a shock on both sides of the Atlantic, trouble in the Ukraine and the Baltic States and the applause in Moscow.”

Very characteristically reacted to trump’s words and in the country, which in 2014 is trying to position itself as an Outpost of Western civilization in Eastern Europe and the key US ally in the region – Ukraine. Local media, in contrast to the period of the election campaign when trump branded almost as an agent of Moscow, became more neutral in the estimates, but in all the texts of Ukrainian journalists on the subject became a characteristic tone of some uncertainty and misunderstanding of course the new American administration:

“Of course, the biggest mystery is how the new administration is going to cooperate with Russia, – publishing Segodnya.ua the article of Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Sergey Korsunsky. – Among the many question marks Alice in Wonderland “new world order” the Russian looks the most inquiring”.

The author expresses the hope that trump statements about the “great America” and Putin’s desire to “raise Russia from its knees” will sooner or later come into conflict and provoke the conflict between Washington and Moscow.

A completely different mood shows the edition “Golos Armenii” of the country, positioning itself as an ally of Russia:

“Obama’s attempt to conclude a new President in rigid, imposing a negative model of relations with Russia, so transparent that can only cause a smile of indulgence, writes columnist Gaspard Adamyan. – Trump will stop trillionth the cost of the solution of foreign policy issues to the satisfaction of ordinary American taxpayers, and the lifting of sanctions will allow the Russian economy to breathe freely”.

According to the journalist, the world is waiting for higher oil prices and the Russian economy – “positive developments” that “will affect the economy of Armenia”.

The reaction Rossin

In the United States noted that the inauguration of the trump aroused great interest among the Russians, who saw in the figure of the new US President and his words of hope for a thaw in relations between the two countries. So, in the CNN report that cites television channel RT, columnist Jill Doherty says that “the inauguration of trump the Russians look so: Russia will no longer be considered a regional power, as it was called by President Obama, but a genuine world power, and it will become very influential”.

Consistent with this statement and the overall tone of most of the Russian media published reports or analytical texts dedicated to the inauguration of a new American leader.

So, “news” cite the words of the supporters of the trump, the former spectators of the ceremony, filled with hope for the restoration of normal relations with Moscow, in particular some of Jeff: “trump will restore relations with Russia. What we need confrontation? Trump wants to make money, Russia wants to make money, why do we have to give it up. I don’t know any of your friends who would be bad for Russia, although the TV keep saying, “hacker attack, Russia attacked us, the Russian aggression”. I don’t believe in it.”

In turn, the “Kommersant” has avoided the topic of Russian-American relations, but the report of the publication turned out, in General, moderately petranovskaya.

“The differences with Barack Obama’s speech at the inauguration in 2013 was huge – konstatiruet edition. – A democratic President, on Friday conceded the White house to Donald Trump, talked a lot about environmental issues and climate change, the need for a “more hospitable to meet the full expectations and aspirations of immigrants”, the intention “to support democracy everywhere-in Asia and Africa, North and South America and the middle East, because American interests and American identity requires action to help those who seek freedom.” And the speech of the new President was mostly devoted to domestic and social policy”.


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