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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“United Russia” was going to reduce taxes and to protect the Treasury

On the first day of the XVI Congress of the political party “United Russia”, which – due to the crushing victory of United Russia in the parliamentary elections in the fall of 2016 – has been called “Congress of victors”, party members reported on the implementation of its programme in the field of economy, education, agriculture and social policy. Also at the Congress, spoke about the legislative initiatives planned for 2017.

On Saturday in Moscow started the XVI Congress of the party “United Russia”. On the first day, delegates worked in seven discussion platforms, which were summed up the first results of work on implementation of the election program and priorities for the work of “United Russia” in 2017.

“Party “United Russia” went to the polls with a comprehensive, serious program, voting in September confirmed the correctness of the theses of this program”

In particular, the issues of quality of work of the government and people’s control, business support and effective use of budget funds of development of science, education, culture and protection of the environment, housing affordability, the development prospects of the agricultural sector and others.

“Party “United Russia” went to the polls with a comprehensive, serious program, voting in September confirmed the correctness of her thesis. Today, we summarize the first results of the implementation of this program. We’ll talk about the effectiveness of government in the country, national control, on what has been done in our economy”, – told reporters the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma, member of the Supreme Council of the party Alexander Zhukov.

Support unprotected

So, within the site “Social policy: investment in each person is the Foundation of our future” leadership of the party reported on the implementation of measures identified in the program of the party and supporting the most vulnerable categories of citizens. “In the course of the work platform, we raised the issues that today are particularly concerned about senior citizens. In 2017 will be allocated 1 billion rubles to increase the availability and quality of social services for this category of citizens. Today developed a model training program for computer literacy of pensioners in all regions of the country”, – said the moderator of the Board, the Chairman of the state Duma of the VI convocation on labor, lipolytica and veterans ‘ Affairs Olga batalina. Among the decisions already taken to support people with disabilities, she noted the budgeted full funding of technical means of rehabilitation for people with disabilities and citizens of preferential categories, which will enable the beginning of the year to carry out their uninterrupted procurement.

Legal control

In turn, the Chairman of the Central control Commission of the “United Russia”, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, speaking on the platform “the quality of the state”, proposed to legislate the form that the bailiff notifies the citizen or legal entity started against him in court proceedings. “The citizen is forced to go into SSP and stand there the queue to communicate with the bailiff. This is unacceptable and inefficient. Our goal is to make it so the trial was absolutely transparent and clear,” she said.

Within the work site Spring proposed to increase liability for theft from the state Treasury. “We need to protect the state Treasury. Our task is not to run across the country and to seek out those who stole, and to make it impossible to steal”, – quotes its words a site of “United Russia”. She did not agree that all kinds of thefts are legally equal. “I can answer that, that the life also has the same value, but for the murder of a judge or of a child who is helpless, has increased responsibility. So I think similarly, you need to install a higher liability for embezzlement of public funds,” she explained.


During the panel discussions “United Russia” have not paid attention to new projects on education. Thus, in the course of the discussion platform “Smart power and cultural leadership” member of the General Council of the party, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on science and education Vyacheslav Nikonov said that in 2017 the “United Russia” will provide control over the implementation of the program for introduction of additional places in schools, targeted and effective expenditure of budgetary funds allocated for these purposes. “At the initiative of deputies of the faction “United Russia” in the Federal budget for 2017-2019 provided 25 billion rubles for the continuation of the program of construction of new schools”, – said the MP.

His Deputy, Larisa Tutova, in turn, reported plans to create a new preschool educational institutions. According to her, in 2017, “United Russia” will start to solving the problem on increase in places in preschool educational institutions, including private and family kindergartens. “In addition to creating new places for children up to three years, the party will develop other variants of the forms of support for families. “United Russia” actively advocates for support of preschool education. Within the party project “kindergartens for children” has been provided access to preschool education for children aged 3 to 7 years. For three years we have built more than 5 thousand new modern comfortable buildings of preschool institutions. With this in kindergartens could go about 1.5 million children,” she said.


As for the economy, within the site “Economics of growth and prosperity,” moderator Alexander Zhukov outlined the three main tasks to be carried out of the party together with the business associations and the expert community. This, according to Zhukov, the increase of revenue base and sustainability of regional and local budgets, support of small and medium business, which today is not limited to tax incentives, as well as the elaboration and public discussion with representatives of the expert and business community “subject of the action plan until 2025, the implementation of which will allow for the turn of 2019-2020 to get on the pace of economic growth above the world”. The platform was also attended by the representatives of the business community in the discussion, praising the “party of power” for cooperation.

In addition, in the framework of “economic” grounds of Congress, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov told about the major configuration tasks of the Russian tax system. The first task, according to Makarov, the definition of fair level of tax, rather the tax burden on Russian business. “Talking about setting up a tax system should be tasked unconditional decrease of fiscal burden in the long term”, – quotes the parliamentarian website of “United Russia”. The second most important task Makarov sees the struggle with the shadow business, whose goal is the creation of a situation, “implementing the withdrawal of business from the shadows, as the current official tax burden actually falls on those who honestly pay taxes and so really for them the load level becomes greater than the average figure, which appears in official statistics”. And finally, according to the Deputy, it is necessary to reduce the load on the wage Fund by transfer of administration of insurance premiums tax service.

According to Makarov, the main task of the upcoming settings the tax system in the context of the ongoing acute in the world of the struggle for the tax base to make tax system of the Russian Federation superconcurrent, that is, to provide a significant advantage for Russian companies to the Russian economy.

The first day of the Congress was limited to the work of discussion platforms. On Sunday, the second day of the Congress, it is expected the plenary session of the “United Russia”, which will be attended by the head of the party, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.


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