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Monday, February 19, 2018

Spain considers that detained “one of the most important Russian hackers”

A resident of Taganrog Stanislav Lisov was another Russian citizen detained at the request of US intelligence. On the backdrop of allegations of “Russian hackers” almost in the deterioration of the fireworks before the inauguration ceremony of the trump Spanish police were quick to call Lisova “one of the most important Russian hackers”. The amount alleged by the detainee, for a genius, cybercrime does not look very impressive.

According to Spanish law enforcement agencies detained Lisova at the request of the FBI, the investigation against him conducted by the Americans already in 2014. Citizen of Russia is credited with the creation of NeverQuest virus, allowing, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, to penetrate into the computers of financial institutions to steal Bank account data.

“The Americans have kidnapped Russians abroad on false pretexts, and now the arrest of any suspect in the cyber crimes of the citizen of Russia is contradictory”

A resident of Taganrog was allegedly established a network of infected computers, which is administered through servers that are bought or rented. Analysis servers in France and Germany, which operated the foxes, allowed American law enforcement to detect the database of stolen data on Bank accounts, including Fund balances. The amount of damage caused by the hacker, is estimated at $ 5 million.

Lisov was arrested on 13 January at the airport of Barcelona, where together with his wife Daria – the couple spent the holiday in Europe – I intended to go to Lyon. According to what Daria Lisova subsequently said during a press conference in Moscow, Stanislaw “took”, not presenting him with any charges and search warrants (a couple had withdrawn all personal appliances). The woman contacted the Russian Embassy in Spain, and later went to Russia to appeal for assistance to the Russian lawyers and the public authorities.

He lived modestly

“We can’t understand the charges against him, explained the situation during the same press conference, Vice-President of the Russian division of the International Committee for the protection of human rights at the UN Alexander Ionov. – There was information on what Stanislav is in some special list, but we checked the “red list” of Interpol, official lists of the FBI and he was not found”.

According to available information, Lisovich family lived in Taganrog, quite modestly in a Studio apartment. After graduating in 2009, Taganrog radio engineering Institute Stanislav initially worked as a quality control software in one of at that time local companies – OggettoWeb, and after – programmer-freelancer. Directly ordering from the United States faced during the work on the website of the American online store.

As informs television and radio company “don”, the Director of the Institute of computer technologies and information security, southern Federal University (part of the University is the part of the Taganrog) Gennady Veselov does not believe that it graduate could do the hacking.

“In the firm, he was involved in software testing, but this does not apply to such activities, told the journalists of the broadcasting company Director of the Institute. – In addition, he showed no inclination to research in the field of security and hacking”.

In OggettoWeb journalist RIA “Novosti” reported that can give a former employee only “positive characteristic”:

“He worked as a quality control software that was created by the company, with duties were handled. Questions to the discipline and some professional things we had. With the man was always easy to negotiate. I want to believe that this is all some kind of mistake”.

Programmers attention

In turn, as reported donnews with reference to the words of the colleagues of the programmer from Taganrog, Stanislav Lisov still had special abilities and cooperate with law enforcement, helping to crack codes and passwords, managing by IP address to determine the location of the person.

“The involvement of a particular individual to cybercrime – the moment it is difficult to prove, – commented the newspaper VIEW Deputy Director engaged in information security of the company Zecurion Alexander Kovalev. – Well the man has done Trojan, what? Worldwide a lot of Trojans do. And the one who created such a virus, will not tell anyone about this – no friends, no relatives, unless you decide to write about his “achievement” in a personal blog. Perhaps the intelligence services have their own experience on this subject, in which the media to devote not. But I’m still doubtful that it is a figure of this magnitude for which it was necessary to organize a special operation. In my opinion, it plays the role of what is now the Russian hackers focused attention all over the world. It is connected with the geopolitical situation. And the fact that our compatriots – some of the world’s best IT specialists, we have many excellent programmers, PR people, well, because of the population and more than anywhere in France, respectively, the same Russian hackers numerically larger than the French. But this does not mean that Russian hackers – a major headache all over the world. In the US there are a number of hackers who are not sitting idly by, and constantly attacking banks around the world, because they earn a living. So, of course, this hype is inflated artificially”.

The expert did not rule out that in the case with lisovyk Western spaclub can be the reasons for his arrest and prosecution, but only if you can establish that this person committed crimes in a group:

“Alone to do something big, he could not, – says Alexander Kovalev. – Of course, we are outraged when abroad arrest of our fellow citizens. On the other hand, do not pay attention when, at the request of the USA to arrest any of Zimbabweans. I think we need to see how events will develop further.”

Its not throw

At the moment, as reported in the aforementioned press conference, Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Embassy in Spain has the situation with Stanislav by lisovy control:

“Our Consulate General is in contact with him, a consular officer visited him. Complaints about the content of our citizen at this stage no, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry. – The Russian Embassy in Madrid and Consulate General in Barcelona are doing everything necessary to ensure that the legitimate rights of the Russian citizen was respected.”

In conversation with the newspaper VIEW public figure, member of Committee on security state Duma of the sixth convocation Ilya Kostunov also expressed the hope that the foreign Ministry will provide the detainee with the necessary assistance and support:

“Cases where the Americans took the Russians abroad on false pretexts, have happened before. And now the arrest of any suspect in the cyber crimes of the citizen of Russia is contradictory. Though, because by themselves prove the charges are understandable only to specialists. In the end, Lisova not red-handed detained!”

In turn, commenting on the incident the newspaper VIEW, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, Andrei Svintsov remembered the situation with the arrest of the Americans on charges of cybercrime Roman Seleznev, the son of the Deputy of the same faction of the liberal democratic party Valery Seleznev:

“Then it was, in fact, a kidnapping. Now us intelligence agencies will try to discredit Russia and the new US President Donald trump to show your weight. In fact, according to the testimony of professionals, they have lost a step and create accusations against people based on their records and publications in social networks. We don’t see hundreds, even dozens of anti-hacking cases, high-profile trials, but here are some vague things.”

The Deputy said that the Russian government is ready to defend the interests of its citizens and will seek his release.


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