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Sunday, February 18, 2018

RT won another battle with the Western mainstream

RT repulsed another attack on himself, this time from Facebook. Page unlocked. However, the growing and increasingly rigid administrative pressure on Western mainstream Russian news online does not provide much reason for optimism. Do not wait for Russia Today in the end just disable in the West?

The story of the lock page RT Facebook is well resolved, at least for the moment. The account was unlocked, so, there is hope that he will be able to complete its coverage of the inauguration of Donald trump in as the 45th President of the United States.

“Western news mainstream in all its might is increasingly losing the competition to the Russian TV channel”

However, developments in recent months (or rather, the scoring has gone for years) around the Russian information holding, give a very clear (and also very ugly) picture of the emerging global media sphere.

The texture is quite simple. Three global social network filed certain claims RT:

1. Were blocked page of the TV channel in Facebook.

2. A request was received from YouTube about the presence of members of the channel in the sanctions list.

3. And finally, it became known that the company Dataminr, monitoring Twitter and sending important messages, refused to renew a contract with RT. It should be borne in mind that Dataminr is closely linked to the social network, Twitter owns its shares; the project was planned jointly with them.

The chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan commented impressively correct: “We are not proponents of conspiracy theories, but it seems to us strange that the three major social networks at the same time began to show us the claims, which previously could not be considered. Furthermore, several leading us media outlets made inquiries about the big interview in which they try to make us look like thugs and propagandists of American democracy. I really hope this is just a misunderstanding and not soil preparation to disconnect Russia Today”.

Those who are not bound by diplomatic political correctness, can afford to be much more straightforward and plain English to describe what is happening.

No, it’s certainly not a coincidence. This new wave of large-scale attacks in the international media of Russian origin, which for several years is growing to unprecedented pressure from the Western establishment. Moreover, the mechanisms and directions of pressure are becoming more numerous, diverse, and intricate.

It all started just with a black PR in a professional environment. Foreign journalists working for the TV channel, was subjected to harassment by their colleagues and warned that the line mentioning RT in the summary will be for them a “black mark”, after which they would find other work.

Those “Golden days” are far behind you. Now the course is really heavy artillery – until the closing of the Bank accounts and suspended the broadcast.

In early January, the channel was able to write itself into an asset another outstanding achievement: he became one of the main “heroes” of the us intelligence report of “Russian hackers”. The paper alleged that “the Russian propaganda machine composed of machine local media, focusing on a global audience of media, such as RT and Sputnik, and a network of quasi-governmental trolls, contributed to campaigns to influence”.

And here is another wave of attack in the form of complications of the station’s work in social networks. Moreover, the synchronicity of the actions of the three structures pointedly emphasizes that we are not talking about a random coincidence.

Despite neshutochno pressure on the holding, it is impossible not to see the irony in all that happens.

The West has created the phenomenon of the media as “soft power” and for a very long time was his absolute monopoly. Where authoritarian and totalitarian regimes acted administrative prohibitions, repression and strict control of information flows, the Western world demonstrated the freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity of the formal sources of information.

The main fault of RT that channel destroyed that monopoly, and in Russia (what else could survive), and, in fact, the planetary level.

And it turned out very funny thing: the Western news mainstream in all its might increasingly lose the competition to a Russian TV channel. Corny RT is more effective in communicating to foreign audiences of its point of view, to attract the attention of society, in defending its position. Not being able to win by their own rules, the West has increasingly and more openly resort to methods of fighting that he has come to associate with not democratic systems: administrative pressure and direct bans.

While RT successfully repel all attacks. To a large extent this is due to the very nature of modern media, where the audience got qualitatively new possibilities for feedback. Every attack against the channel causes a massive campaign in support of it – in the same social networks. The support of the audience almost always is a significant factor for the restoration of justice.

Reputation in the eyes of the wider audience still has a considerable importance for many structures. In the result of Associated Press, which supposedly was a lock on a page in Facebook, saw no reason to limit RT to the social network, and YouTube denied political overtones in the query to the channel.

However, ever-increasing administrative pressure on RT begs the question: how long will will last more luck for the Russian channel how justified the fears of Margarita Simonyan, all of this can be simply preparatory steps to disconnect Russia Today?


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