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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The inauguration of the trump in the world are waiting with horror, hope, and humor

The inauguration of the 45th President of the United States in the world are waiting for, perhaps, as was not expecting any of the previous. Someone with hope, someone- with fear. Someone ready to consider Donald trump the Savior of mankind, someone, on the contrary, I am sure that he will plunge America and the entire world into the abyss of neo-fascism and militarism. One thing is for sure – no one is indifferent.

In new York city, where Donald trump was born, studied, repeatedly married, earned most of their billions, and generally lived almost all my life – demonstration against him personally headed city mayor bill de Blasio. However, the main “star” of the meeting was not on the podium rose actors Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin and mark Ruffalo, and Director-whistleblower Michael Moore.

Incidentally, this is not the first case when the opponents of trump’s protest is not against his actual statements, and against the invented by them, reminding thus of the horse Basil from a popular Internet meme. Horse Basil, if someone missed, a well-known fact that in the absence of real reasons for fear in the arena personally, I made a pile of manure, and then began to fear her.

After the horse Vasily, that is, sorry, Robert de Niro, went to the scene Alec Baldwin, who regularly parodies of trump on NBC. Big love to the object of the parody he is known, does not feel: “These people are just a disgrace, but the hope is still there. Trump and Pensions (Vice-President) I hope that you will give in, however, the distinguishing trait of new Yorkers is that they do not give up and do not bend”.

Trump, incidentally, also a new Yorker, so the chances that he would give in or SAG because of the protests, is also small. I remember another, still pre-Internet meme – “If the elephant will climb up on the whale, who will sbaret?”

Known for her performance as invulnerable green giant Hulk mark Ruffalo speaking at the meeting, in particular, said: “This evening we have gathered to protect something precious for all of us. And it is each of us,” said Ruffalo a little in the style of the mayor of Kiev. He was joined by actress Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei and Shailene Woodley, reports TASS.

But the most apocalyptic was the performance of Michael Moore, known for his films in which he harshly criticizes the American establishment and alludes to the Association of the Bush family with the bin Laden family and the possible involvement of George Bush to the attacks of September 11, 2001. “Things are as bad as you think. But it will get worse,” predicted the Director. He called for a “100 days of protest” against trump since the beginning of his presidency and expressed hope that work out the entire duration of the 45 th President will not succeed.

Contributed in the overall “atmosphere of hatred” by CNN, which showed a report about a possible attack on trump during the inauguration ceremony. In the report, a detailed analysis of the question of who will lead the country, if the ceremony is going to kill the President, that if the victim will also be Vice-President, and that – if at the same time will be killed by the speaker of the house of representatives and the President of the Senate.

As it turns out, even if the opponents trump will wipe Washington from the Earth, to anarchy it will not. There are so-called duty of successor, as a rule, one of the Ministers. He is not present at the inauguration, and is secured in a remote location, his name was not disclosed.

“CNN calls for the assassination of the President trump? Why am I not surprised,” commented one of the spectators.

According to the head of state Corporation “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais, the mood in Davos, where today ends the international economic forum, little different from new York: “Such a shame, what I feel right now in Davos, the absolute majority of the participants, I, in all my years of participation in the Davos recall only once. (…) It was Davos in 2009, when the unfolding global financial crisis,” he said in an interview with Business FM.

According to Chubais, the degree of horror in 2017, from a global political catastrophe expressed by the formula “a world built after the Second world war, is crumbling, it is no more.” Bankers shudder to wait for the coming to power in the United States Donald trump. “As one of the largest American States, trump-President has only two options: either he abandons everything he said so far, either he’ll lead us all to disaster,” – said Chubais. Horror Hollywood actors and liberal economists, however, is not shared by all.

Candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen believes that the arrival of trump to power “opens a new era of cooperation” between Washington and Paris. “Donald trump is counting on France, and not her Ghost,” said the leader of “National front”, which, according to the latest survey, while that is the most popular contender for the presidency of the Republic.

In Russia the leadership of the country from the beginning of the presidential race, expressed cautious optimism about the coming to power of trump’s “euphoria” was invented by journalists (in order to, in full compliance with the covenants of the horse Basil, to expose his own fantasies). However, Russian society continues to enjoy.

As transfers bi-Bi-si “Army of Russia”, which sells Souvenirs with symbols of the Russian army and t-shirts with a picture of Vladimir Putin, offering discounts on the occasion of the inauguration of Donald trump. The proposal, however, was a bit discriminatory to use it can only to US citizens and employees located opposite the American Embassy.

In the Chelyabinsk region has minted a limited edition commemorative coins featuring President-elect of the United States. As RT notes, the coins has a chance to become a rarity instead of the correct version of America on the reverse is written Amerika.

But wider than just the election trump celebrated in the homeland of democracy in Russia, in Veliky Novgorod. Local mistresses are specially for the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA knitted openwork lace shawl with classic pattern “Fruitful”. The work took 91 days (that is, it turns out, was started to trump’s victory in the elections. Thus, employees of a garment factory was more perspicacious than the vast majority of the world’s politicians and scientists).

And in the Novgorod club “Metro” on Friday and Saturday will be disco, called “Tram-pam-pam. American Dream”. It turns out the participants in today’s inaugural ceremonies in Washington in the presence of a Russian visa can after the event to get on a plane and dance tomorrow in the company of the Novgorod youth.

However, they do that in Washington fun: during the fireworks on Thursday the letters in the sky was to be in the abbreviation USA (US), but somehow got USR. This confusion has caused rough reaction in social networks. Users write posts under the tag USR and joke that it means United States of Russia (United States of Russia). Also popular is a version that fireworks, like everything else in America, is also hacked by Russian hackers.

It is difficult to say positive or negative for the United States, Russia, France, China and the world in General will be the presidency of Donald trump. But that calm it will not be possible to say with 146% guarantee.


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