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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Obama is trying to make history at least of Africa

As part of his African tour, Obama met with his relatives danced more than a hundred and have spent a lot of time protecting gays. He was not expecting this. Yes, and Obama himself, apparently, threaten historic contribution to the African cause, who failed to make even the younger Bush. As a result, with the visit to the “ancestral homeland” reflects the helplessness of the first black US President in foreign policy.

The President of the United States was to demonstrate the so-called new opportunities for Africa. In the everyday sense, Africa remains for most Europeans and Americans something where elephants and Bushmen. Meanwhile, it is a booming continent with their problems, and cockroaches in my head, and most of these problems with cockroaches Western society does not want to see. The fierce competition between American and Chinese capital is heated misunderstanding African (averaged) mentality. Obama is no exception, he came to Africa (we’re talking only about “black” Africa, that South of the Sahara) with the standard view of the world: we give you money and you in return – gay rights, anti-corruption, electoral technology and the like.

“The Chinese don’t do that. They deeply care about gay rights, elephants and corruption. They come to Africa with simple and clear idea: here’s the money, and for this we going to produce and build”

This is not an exaggeration. A significant part of his speech in Kenya, Obama has devoted to the issue of gays and elephants. And if the elephant is more or less clear, not very gay. President Uhuru Kenyatta made it clear, that even hearing about it does not want.

Actually, Obama is perceived as “black Africa” is very ambiguous. On the one hand, he seems to be “your”, so the tour began with a father’s homeland – Kenya, one of the most peaceful countries on the continent. On the other hand, Obama is the President of the United States, which, being “his” for Africa did nothing and stays in the shadow of George W. Bush, because Bush has done for Africa much useful. It was he, along with other social programs for the poorest countries, launched a programme to combat AIDS, which was ignored in South Africa, but is widely used in other countries.

Moreover, Obama is a “lame duck”, he’s only got a year and a half in order to go down in history. This quality – the desire to go down in history not only the first black President, but also a real international a politician prevail over many of his decisions. Of course, you can laugh at the “ratings” of the “main events” through the eyes of Americans, where on the third place – first appearance in major League baseball a black player, and the Russian revolution of 1917 somewhere in the third ten. But for Obama this is a real psychological problem: he did not achieve anything on the international field, and all his attempts to meddle in foreign policy is bound or failures, or stupidity. The classic example is the problem of Palestine. It tried to solve all the American presidents in sequence, and Obama got on the same rake. The result – an unprecedented deterioration of relations with Israel against the loss of positions in the Arab countries. It all started well – with a trip to Cairo and the proclamation of the new policy in Muslim countries. And ended with the revolutions in the Maghreb countries (Africa, too, by the way).

Perhaps a kind of reform for Africa – last chance for Obama to leave a mark in politics it is deeds, not skin color (forget for a moment about provided in advance of the Nobel prize). Scheme visit prescribed advisors: Kenya is not only historic homeland, but a key to East Africa. Through it controlled by the dire developments in Somalia, which in America generally know very little from the time of the operation “the eagle has landed” and the shameful withdrawal from Mogadishu. Kenya is able to influence the other big player in the region – Ethiopia, where Obama went on Sunday. And Ethiopia able to do business in Somalia and in South Sudan. The reason is not oil, its volume is small and production is entirely dependent on external influence. It is a question of geopolitical penetration.

Obama (or his advisers) as a whole, correctly understands the situation in the continent. The role of the European countries in many peacekeeping operations, of course, do not underestimate, but the control still in the hands of the African Union. It was his troops constitute the majority of all peacekeeping forces in the region, and only in exceptional cases will call for help white. This is the reason that Obama has addressed to the African Union in Addis Ababa, and came up with an abstract message.

Another thing is that in the text of this speech became apparent misunderstanding of the role of American policy, and the desire to leave a mark in history. The entry of the USA into any other culture implies a change in aboriginal culture. Like, decide the issue of gay and protect elephants, and then you will have happiness in the form of a democratic system and representative government, for another, we do not have. The Chinese do not. They deeply care about gay rights, elephants and corruption. They come to Africa with simple and clear idea: here is your money, and for that we here to get and build. No progressors or civilizing missions in China. There is nothing personal, just business without illusions and aggression. Want to shoot homosexuals is your problem. And if you need to “warm up” the adviser of the Minister or the Minister of minerals, then here is your suitcase.

Of course, with the elephants something to do. It is not necessary to drive them by helicopter to minefields in Zimbabwe. But the protection of elephants are engaged specially trained people, including from the most developed countries of the continent – South Africa. And attempts to overthrow the current President of South Africa, based on the construction of his “kraal” – ancestral residence in the village Nkandla, not a battle for the elephants. It’s a battle against Russia’s attempts to return to the continent, and quite rude.

The fight against terrorism is also a very weak argument for penetration into Africa. Yes, the position of Boko Haram over the past year has increased and is now is not a local phenomenon in Nigeria, and the force that seized parts of neighboring countries – Mali and Cameroon. In addition, Boko Haram has sworn to ISIS, and therefore only became part of the “agenda” of the United States (here we must pay tribute to individuals in the White house, which previously pointed to the danger of this group). Meanwhile in black Africa these sects are many, and not only Islamic. There are extremist Christian sects in Uganda, respecting the tactics of mass executions.

The growing economy of the continent has changed hands a decade ago, when the idea of support for Africa was perceived only as a subsidized project. The current “new features” (and exactly as it was entitled Obama’s speech) is the ability of Africa itself, rather than the traditional vyklyanchivanie money from whites. Black Africa has something to offer, and mission trip Obama in this sense was not included in the trend. Africa, of course, not a single. But it is able, even through formal institutions (the African Union) to structure their requirements and ideas for development. The existence of Barack Hussein Obama as the first black President concerning the United States does in this situation is not affected.

African countries wanted to hear from Obama as “from his” something more concrete. But the wait came again to the misunderstanding of the American diplomatic system of the reality of other countries. In the US virtually destroyed the system of examination in Africa. Even in Russia and more experts on the continent than in the US, which is very surprising, given the history of 90 years. In Russia, for example, is an institution of the Africa, and America in this respect, their resources exhausted. Hence the “rights of gay men and elephants” in Obama’s speech.

Since no actual proposals Obama did not bring, you can compare this trip with his widely publicized tour of the Arab countries, starting in Cairo at the beginning of his presidential career. But the situation worsened a monstrous mismatch between human ambition, origins and aware of their role in history. Worse Africa from Obama will not, but will not be better. It is a terrible psychological blow to the first African President of the United States. He needs to do something. To make the event. It doesn’t matter where – in Ukraine or in Kenya.

It would be better in Kenya. Away from us.


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