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Monday, February 19, 2018

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch is preparing to destroy Europe

Brussels and the European liberals are in shock: the famous tycoon Rupert Murdoch buying Sky is the largest pay-TV company in Europe. If the deal is approved, the Sky and its branches pereorientirovanija on the support of nationalists and the collapse of the EU. Earlier, Murdoch has been charged with winning trump and Brexit. Now its influence repeated efforts.

In 2011, Rupert Murdoch tried to buy 61% stake in British broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), 39% of the shares which he already belonged. However, it was then – and surprisingly on time, a scandal erupted around the staff of his tabloid News of the World reporters and editors accused of illegal listening of phones of celebrities. The Guardian in its investigation claimed that stars and politicians listened to over the years, and London police suggested that there were hacked more than 4,000 rooms. That is all it lasted quite long, but the scandal broke out just when he could stop Murdoch to gain control over Sky.

“When I come to Downing street, but everyone does as I say. When I come to Brussels, there I didn’t pay attention”

The media Mogul had to close NOW, to print in their Newspapers apology on the whole strip to appear in the House of Commons, where, according to the witness, “the politicians behaved as if he is finally free from the oppression of the Murdoch Empire”, to publicly repent and renounce claims on the Sky. Later, Murdoch called it “the most humiliating of my life.”

Today the owner of a 13 billion fortune and one of the most powerful oligarchs from the media once again plans to take the British broadcasting company under control. Its holding company 21st Century Fox still has signed an agreement to purchase 61% stake in BskyB. The transaction will be valid if approved by the Ministry of culture of Britain.

The purchase price is 18.5 billion pounds. Some believe that it’s too cheap, given the collapse of the British pound that occurred after the “Breccia”. Moreover, in five years, BSkyB has widened and has even become a pan-European operator by acquiring in 2014 Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland, which broadcasts respectively in Italy and Germany. Thus, if Murdoch completes the transaction, it will oversee all pay-TV Britain, Germany and Italy as well as Ireland and Austria. Critics of the agreement militates against such a concentration of assets in the hands of one person.

Especially buying Murdoch’s worried left-liberal politicians. The managerial talent of the editor in that buying the loss-making publications or TV channels, he all the time turns them into a vivid, provocative, controversial media, which is rapidly increasing the number of subscribers, profitability and influence. So, The British The Sun he did, as the British themselves say, “fire a newspaper with a bunch of Boobs”. While buying multiple sites in the U.S. and combining them into a Fox, soon shot the brand of Fox News is cheerful news channel with right-wing conservative agenda, a penchant for the dramatic statement and millions of new young viewers. Fox News was one of the very few really big media USA, who supported Donald trump and covered all the scandals and surrounded by Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, the same fate awaits Sky News – main news channel Sky. Going under the full control of Murdoch, he “foxylicious” and begin to want to push a conservative agenda. In particular, this means that European policies configured against migrants and the Brussels bureaucracy will receive an excellent forum for further promotion and advancement of Euro-skepticism among the millions of Sky subscribers in Britain and on the continent.

What is Murdoch’s agenda, is clearly seen and its tabloids. The Sun and Sunday Times regularly publish the harrowing stories of attacks by migrants on local residents. The atrocities of ISIS* – another Central theme. Recently, they savored the scandal with Syrian refugee children from the French of Calais, who received refuge in Britain: upon closer inspection, the kids are suddenly older men, the oldest of them was 39 years old. Conflicts between the indigenous population and newcomers, in principle, a favorite topic of Newspapers Murdoch. Mussiruya her, the tabloids seek to strengthen the isolationist sentiments. And their coverage of the referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU in General resembled a triumphant reports from the battlefield.

This is not to say that Murdoch is driven by fundamental political leanings. Where an important role plays the usual business logic. All his life he seeks out politicians who are able to help him with his business, and subsequently their borders. In the 1980s it supported Margaret Thatcher – this was the obvious price to pay for what she allowed him – then little-known Australian businessman to buy the legendary newspaper The Times, The Sun, Sunday Times and News of the World, gaining control of 40% of the British press.

Subsequently, Murdoch changed the conservatives. His favorite was the labour leader Tony Blair. Since the late 1990s, Murdoch’s Newspapers campaigned for Blair to promote him to Prime Ministers, and the Prime Minister later became godfather to grace, the daughter of media Mogul. Perhaps their friendship would have continued to this day, if the young wife of the elderly Murdoch not started with the Blair affair. “He’s got a great body, lovely legs, blue eyes…” – wrote about the Prime Minister of great Britain, the beautiful Chinese woman Wendy Deng. Then Murdoch had divorced Wendy and began to push on Downing street David Cameron.

Cameron repay Murdoch for the support and helped him with the takeover of Sky in the previous attempt. When the Minister for business and innovation Vince cable tried to stop the merger, received a public reprimand from the Prime Minister and was removed from oversight of the deal. Only the wiretapping scandal in News of the World has forced Cameron to refuse Murdoch in buying Sky. But later they repaid this conflict by the United efforts, and last Christmas David Cameron celebrated in the house of a dear friend Rupert Murdoch.

This autumn the British newspaper “antiemeticescoy” coalition (it includes the tabloids The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian intelligent) criticized the new Prime Minister Theresa may for a meeting with Murdoch in new York. Information about this meeting in principle is not, however, opponents of the oligarch argue that Mei could promise him control of the Sky in exchange for information support.

The present business interests of Murdoch’s support mean right-wing, nationalist politicians. Isolationism is advantageous to his media Empire already, because Murdoch is easier to negotiate with the leaders of the individual countries. The logic of accumulation of capital and influence makes it the natural enemy of the giant formations with a powerful bureaucracy such as the European Union.

The British voted to remain in the EU, directly accuse Murdoch that his agitation of the tabloids has led to the fooling of the population and win apologists “Brakcet”. Tycoon with this, and especially not to argue. According to the journalist Anthony Hilton, who asked the Mogul about why he is against the EU, Murdoch replied, “When I come to Downing street, but everyone does as I say. When I come to Brussels, there I didn’t pay attention”.

Control of the largest pay-television company Europe will allow Murdoch to support right-wing nationalists on the continent and to weaken, and ideally the destruction of the European Union. Dealing with heads of individual States, it will be much easier to ensure that they “do everything as I say.”

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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