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Friday, January 19, 2018

Europe is afraid of not only the “Russian hackers” and “Russian fakes”

Ahead of the 2017 elections of the traditional parties and the media of the EU countries, declared a real war on “fake news” that undermine their monopoly on propaganda. Of course, so serious a problem could not occur by itself, and again blamed Russia. But what is “fake news” and what are they so alarmed the European elite?

This year, the governments of many countries of Europe have to go through the crucible of the election – and this way for them will be severe as never before. Polls suggest that left-liberal and moderate parties have traditionally held the majority of seats in the parliaments of many countries lose their advantage very quickly. In the Netherlands prepared in advance to celebrate the victory the enemy of Muslims and migrants Geert Wilders. In France right Francois Fillon will face more right marine Le Pen. In Germany, the AFD poses a serious challenge to long-standing monopoly on power of the ruling tandem, the CDU/CSU and the SPD headed by Angela Merkel.

“The fake sites, bots, trolls, we have to learn to deal with them,” urged Angela Merkel

A wave of terrible terrorist attacks of the last two years was not in vain. And economic stagnation and gradual impoverishment of the middle class, and the actual desertification depressed margins of the EU, the Europeans could forgive the ruling parties, but in exchange for stability and security. Security, however, is now in short supply on the streets of Paris and Berlin, nice, and Brussels. In such conditions inevitably begin to Pravati even the most politically correct citizens.

Poprawienie suave. Stripped from all “hate” artificially refined information field of the EU does not give the ordinary people the answer to the question how they came to such a life. In all media they encounter one point of view, also official: political correctness is good, migrants must help, but the attacks should unite us all. In search of other information agenda and confirmation of my own observations of people sit in social networks and read sites marginal authors.

Of course, there’s quite a lot of information collection. There are rumors, urban legends and conspiracy theories. After the attack in the “Bataclan” the French, for example, for a long time, told each other stories about how if the terrorists simply shot their victims, but also chopped their bodies into pieces with hatchets. We talked of course about the fact that the number of victims (according to official figures, 130 people) was substantially underestimated by the government. As a result, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Fifth Republic was forced to deny such rumors. Turned if people from informal information? Nothing of the sort. Sites with unconfirmed news about the crimes of migrants and “the truth behind the attacks” continue to gain popularity. For EU citizens they now play the same role as samizdat for the late Soviet citizens.

The processes taking place in Europe now, in many ways reminiscent of the silent indignation of the Democratic party of the United States, which for years had been bottled up American voters. People were sitting on marginal sites, listening to local radio stations, conducted a policy debate on the forums discussing conspiracy theories. From the point of view of the media mainstream resources such as Breitbart, was considered a refuge of freaks and provocateurs (partly true), which simply was not taken seriously. Home-grown, quick and dirty literally on the knee of the sites with theories about who really killed JFK and blew up the world trade center towers, looked funny, and due to this harmless. Until finally this information “the ninth wave” did not work the election of a President Donald trump.

Now the silent majority is celebrating a victory, but a full blown essay on Breitbart – the citadel of a new generation of conservatives publish the most respected Newspapers of the liberal-democratic orientation.

Just as likely to take off in Europe this year. Now the authorities are trying to forestall. No, it’s not about how to revise the current policy and ideology, for example, seriously limit migration. The government’s aim to only changing information picture of the world. One after another the most freedom-loving and progressive European countries have set up special units for the fight against “fake news.”

In the Czech Republic similar government structure was launched on 1 January 2017. About twenty people a full day to track the contents of the Czech sites, “represent radical views and conspiracy theories”, can I remove the “unconfirmed news” and block them. On the establishment of such units in a press-service of the government announced in Germany. And in December, the outgoing European Parliament President Martin Schulz and is encouraged to develop a pan-European law on the punishment for spreading fake news.

While the official point of view of a number of European governments is that “fake news” extends “hand of the Kremlin”. Allegedly, in order to bring to power its puppets. As articulated in an interview with The Guardian Secretary of the Czech government for European Affairs Tomas Prouza, “a key goal of Russian propaganda in the Czech Republic – to sow doubt in the minds of people that democracy is the best way of governing the country”. That is, the Czech leadership earnestly voiced the idea that two dozen sites with Russian propaganda may strongly influence elections in the Czech Republic and to provoke a vote for the “wrong candidates.”

A similar position broadcast and the German authorities. The chief of the German domestic intelligence service (Federal office for the protection of the Constitution), Hans-Georg Maassen has already warned that Russia-related sites are fake news can have an adverse influence on the course of the autumn parliamentary elections. The relationship of such sites with Russia intelligence when it’s not even going to prove. Exactly the same as the “Russian trace” in the cyber attacks suffered by Deutsche Telekom. All of this is served EN masse as part of a single conspiracy. “The fake sites, bots, trolls, we have to learn to deal with them,” he urged in his November speech in Parliament, Angela Merkel. However, if the deal fails, many it is now clear – Merkel can not lose at the behest of weary tolerance of German voters, but because of the ingenious “Russian hackers” and “Kremlin propagandists”. All that we heard after losing to Clinton.

Just recently, the Russian propaganda was exposed and the Swedes. The Swedish Institute of international Affairs has directly accused the Agency Sputnik in spreading fake news. At the same time Stockholm is not ruled out that Russia will try to influence the Swedish parliamentary elections to be held in 2018. Support for right-wing parties in the Kingdom over the past year and really showed a twofold increase. Only blame in this poprawienie of the masses is not a news Agency Sputnik, and some unpleasant details of local life. For example, the brutal murder of immigrants from Eritrea buyers in IKEA in broad daylight. “I believe their country to Sweden. When I learned about the refusal of a residence permit, I was forced to defend himself. I took the rejection as a crime against me and wanted to show that I was wrong,” said the killer in court.

It is obvious that the reference to “Russian hackers” and “Moscow feykomety” is nothing more than a publicity stunt. The ruling circles of the European countries far better to present the matter as though the anti-immigrant sentiment engendered Russian in their geopolitical interests. They don’t want and often can’t admit that the horror stories about migrants and imaginary, and very real – voluntarily distributes the local population. Those disgruntled voters who will soon go to the polls to throw left-liberal party that virtually monopolized power for several painful issues, including the issue of migration.

In this fight against “fake news” will lead to the effect, perfectly familiar to all who grew up under Soviet socialism. Delete news only excite interest and give an aura of divine truth, and any official denial from the authorities that there is no trust, will work as additional advertising.

On Christmas vacation already mentioned above, the resource Breitbart.com published news about how on the night of January 1, hundreds of bearded men shouting “Allahu Akbar!” set fire to the old Church in Dortmund, Germany. Dortmund police denies the news for the third week in a row. Local newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten has published a special article, which says that the authors Breitbart distorted all the facts of her story with the goal of “creating fakes, propaganda and incitement to hatred.” On the subject expressed even by the Minister of justice of Hesse. In response, the resource provided material mocking caption: “Germany’s establishment claims that the facts stated in the article, is the fake news”. After that, the number of views and shares have only increased. The news spread around the world and continues to be of serious interest among German voters.

Right now, thinking it is fake or not, they decide who to vote for in September. Foreseeing who will choose these people, the European establishment of hurry in advance to blame his defeat on the “intrigues of the Kremlin”.


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