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Monday, February 19, 2018

A man who has failed to isolate itself from Putin

Barack Obama leaves the White house 44th President of the United States retires at age 55 at the time when his country and the world is experiencing revolutionary changes. Obama himself was a part of that change – with all its inherent contradictions at the same time and tried to promote them, and brake. Overall his presidency can be described as the time of leaving the United States as the global leader.

Obama took office January 20, 2009 – at a time when the whole world was shaken by the economic and financial crisis triggered by the greed of American bankers. The most serious in recent decades, the economic crisis also proved to be only part of the overall geopolitical crisis.

“Obama is not able to isolate Putin even from myself”

The model of globalization that was promoted by the U.S., showed their complete inefficiency, and if at the beginning of the Obama presidency all agreed that we need to fundamentally change entire global financial architecture by the end of his presidency virtually the entire world United in the fact that America is completely discredited as a world leader.

Moreover, even in the United States came to power, the man who talks about the need to return to its former glory, focusing on domestic issues and to cease to worship the idol of globalization. That is, Obama became the leader of the funeral team that accompanied the global hegemon on his sorrowful journey from the position of “king of the mountain” to “simple great power”? In fact, Yes, but did he want this?

Obama personally is actually absolutely loving person – and especially in the situation in which he was elected President, neither of which external aggression is out of the question and could not. In 2008, USA was the most hated country in the world that waged unjust war in the Islamic world. Muslims hated America, and the “good Empire” could no longer move forward in its expansion in the middle East.

I had to leave Iraq, something to do with Afghanistan – and all this against the backdrop of incipient global financial and economic crisis that threatens growth in China (2008 – the year of the Beijing Olympics) and the crisis of values and trust to the elite in American society. The very election of Obama, whose middle name is Hussein and who grew up in Islamic Indonesia, as if symbolized the change in the U.S. approach to the world – hence the promise to withdraw troops from abroad, and talk about the renunciation of force and dictatorship, and the Nobel prize.

Thus no matter how peace-loving Obama himself, his administration, or rather of the Washington machine as a whole is not going to give at the mercy of inexperienced in world Affairs, the former Senator questions of war and peace. Eight years about Obama was Joe Biden, largely determined U.S. foreign policy. Secretaries of state Clinton and then Kerry similarly reflective were the mulatto in the geopolitical maze. This does not mean that Obama himself had no influence on foreign policy, but what he has achieved that in the end, in the eight years he succeeded?

No reversal in the Pacific, which he called the most important task in the early years of his presidency, nor the Transatlantic partnership, which he promoted during his second term, failed, and this was the main geopolitical ambitions of Obama.

In his farewell speech he attributed to his foreign policy achievements, a few points:

“If eight years ago I said that we will open a new Chapter with the Cuban people, to end the Iranian nuclear weapons programme without a single shot and destroy the mastermind of the attacks of September 11,… could you say that we head in the clouds”.

Very conditional achievements. No, of course, the beginning of reconciliation with Cuba, which the United States pressured more than half a century, is good, but only the whole world believed us policy toward Havana imperialist and unfair, and her termination had himself States to improve its image in Latin America. Same thing with Iran – the crazy idea of an attack on Iran were rejected even the Bush neocons, who ruled before Obama. So that no other reasonable plan, but to try to ease the tension in relations with Iran, created by themselves, the US is still not there.

So the achievements of Obama – it is rather a rejection of the dangerous and futile policy, moreover, is beneficial to US. Only beneficial to them as a national state, not a global Empire. In this sense, the most dramatic action Obama was, of course, his rejection of attack on Syria in August – September 2013.

Then the US President himself has got himself into a dead end: first, he said that if Damascus used chemical weapons against the armed opposition, it thus crosses the “red line” and Washington will strike Syrian army. After which he was given “proof” of these atrocities, and although it was difficult to understand who actually used the chemical weapons, the situation came to the edge of the abyss. Because everything was ready to strike at Damascus and Syrian military targets, that is, the US would deal a blow to the country, on the side which fought Iran. And thus would open a Pandora’s box – the Domino effect could take place an exchange of strikes between Iran and Israel, and start disastrous for the world war in the middle East.

Is that a US strike on Syria took place, a major role was played by Russia: Vladimir Putin proposed scheme with the removal of Syrian chemical weapons, which allowed Obama to abandon the attack on Damascus. But it is clear that Obama himself did not really want to fight, so does it merit is really great. We can say that he can at least partially justify his Nobel prize.

But otherwise, after the autumn of 2013 it all went downhill, first and foremost of relations with Russia. At a farewell press conference on Wednesday, Obama blamed Putin, saying that I did everything that America and Russia were constructive relationship, and then in the Kremlin Putin is back and ruined everything: toughened anti-American rhetoric has changed the approach to international Affairs and began to adhere to the position that everything that America does is bad for Russia and it should be resisted. “Return to the spirit of competition during the cold war have made relations more difficult.” And then there was the Crimea, and everything was quite bad, Obama said.

But it’s his version of the story, although we remember another. First, Obama really has tried to improve relations between the two countries, although the button “overload” in the hands of Hillary Clinton had already predicted the result of American policy. At the turn of the zero and tenth years was indeed a slight warming in relations between the two countries, but in 2011, everything began to crumble. And not to blame Putin, and the two very specific topics.

First, States began to increase its intervention in our internal Affairs, wishing to prevent the return of Putin to the Kremlin. Moreover, this intervention was as at the highest level – like the famous advice of Biden to Putin not to run for President, and at the level of attempted manipulation by Pro-Western part of the elite and civil society. It’s not like the Russian in the behavior of the United States and led to retaliatory action.

And secondly, the States still considered themselves entitled to decide issues of war and peace, and Putin in 2007 in the Munich speech said that Russia will never agree with this approach. With the beginning of the “Arab spring” and Washington decided to push Russia into a corner – and in fact lied to Moscow at the beginning of the operation against Libya. This was Putin’s final proof that the US administration cannot be trusted.

Although even after that, Putin tried to build relations with Obama – after all, the history of Libya was more on the conscience of Biden and Clinton. In the summer of 2012, Putin met with Obama at the summit of “big twenty” in Mexico, before they’ve actually met only once, in 2009, when the U.S. President visited Moscow. After Mexico was another meeting in Northern Ireland in the summer of 2013 – at the summit of “big eight”, the only such event where Putin and Obama were together.

Two of these conversation, Mexican and Irish, were given the opportunity to develop a personal relationship, but soon in Moscow turned out to be Snowden. The fact that Russia refused to extradite, caused fury in Washington: the States have demonstrated that they are not the masters of the world order. To protest Obama canceled a visit to Moscow, limiting participation in the summit of “twenty” in St. Petersburg in September 2013. There they, along with Putin and agreed on Syrian chemical weapons that saved from becoming the initiator of a nuclear war in the middle East.

And then there was the Crimea and the attempt to isolate Putin and Russia. Obama did not succeed, even he himself couldn’t block access to Putin. Over the last three years, they met five times at various summits. Obama did his scowling face, in absentia, talked about Russia as a regional power, but still had to talk to those who have declared an outcast.

And then there was the election in which candidate Obama lost to Putin – that assures us a large part of the American press.

And what is the result?

In a recent interview, Obama says that he was “concerned about how in some circles (USA) has spread the idea that Vladimir Putin is more credible than the US government”.

But in his own country, it is replaced by the man who the entire presidential campaign was built on the assertion that “Obama is a wimp who has no respect for Putin, who respects me.”


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