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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ukraine wants to exchange Savchenko Oleg Sentsov

Colleagues of Nadezhda Savchenko by the Parliament wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General for the disgraced MP. In their opinion, it is not only necessary to deprive of the Deputy mandate, but also put behind bars for treason. The reason for this was her post on social networks, where it is presented to the public lists of prisoners of war in Donbass and Ukraine.

Photo: rada.gov.ua

In addition to the published lists of the sins Savchenko and recorded her meeting with the heads of DND and LNR in Minsk. The latter two act ex-navodchitsy stirred the whole Ukrainian establishment. The head of the Committee on national security and defense of Ukraine Serhiy Pashinsky initiated the application to the Prosecutor. Despite the pressure, Savchenko hasn’t lost their mandate, which gives her parliamentary immunity. Thanks to him the Hope is not upekli behind bars. And according to the analyst Denis Denisov, to take away her treasured crust, hardly anyone will.

“Even taking into account the numerous accusations against her, questioning in the SBU, the Prosecutor’s office statement, it will not lose parliamentary immunity. Have made her into a national heroine of such scale and epic, with its alleged liberation was turned into a victory of whole Ukraine. So if you put her in jail, it will result in big problems for the current government. They will have to answer to the people why they did it”, — expressed his opinion the analyst.

While the mandate is still with her, but from participation in the meetings of the commissions are already almost delivered. According to the parliamentarian Andrei Teruka, the decision to exclude Savchenko from the Committee on national security and defense of Ukraine adopted unanimously. The initiator of the expulsion of the Hopes of the Committee were all the same, Sergei Pashinsky, who accused her of having leaked state secrets in the “yellow press”. This refers to the lists of prisoners of war. At the moment, the decree has not yet entered into legal force, but no doubt is the most controversial politician of the Square and will lose this status, as was the case with membership of the delegation to the PACE, and with the party ticket of the “Fatherland”.

Itself Savchenko still nourishes the hope to remain in the Council for national security and defense. “They had no right to make such a decision, and the Committee on rules did not approve my exception. It’s wishlist Pashinsky,” — said the people’s darling.

The attacks by the current government Savchenko meets rigid review. Yesterday, at its last meeting the Committee on national security, the MP has called his colleagues in Parliament traitors. Including Brutus, she ranked as the head of state Petro Poroshenko, who, like many before, showed her respect, and now, according to her, slinging mud.

“I am an example of how the system destroys the person if he begins to speak the truth,” — said Savchenko.

It even managed to christen the “agent of the Kremlin” and an accomplice of the LC and the DNI, as the position of MP coincides with the opinion of the leadership of the republics and Moscow. Andrew Teteruk outraged that she is “their stupidity and inability to plan actions have reached the point that Ukraine should be considered representative of the militia in the Parliament.”

“We cannot say that it is supported by millions, but its supporters in Ukraine abound,” estimated positions Savchenko head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics” Konstantin Bondarenko.

And the adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov Zoryan Shkiryak suggested to restore Hope in Russia, and in exchange be released from Russian prisons Alexander Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov, who, according to him, not politicized. But why Savchenko Russia needs — Shkiryak, apparently, did not think…


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