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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Deputy batalina noted the absence of a direct dependence of the murders of the family of a beating

The draft law on decriminalization of battery against family members and relatives of persons ready for second reading and be adopted by the state Duma next week. In finalizing the Committee on state building and law, he has not undergone any essential changes.

As you know, a group of United Russia deputies and senators suggested not be considered a criminal offense of family violence for the first time. This initiative was an attempt to correct an invalid, according to the authors, the situation after the adoption in the summer of 2016 so-called “law on decriminalization”. Partially to decriminalize, among other then decided and article 116 of the Criminal code (“Beating”).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

She used to punish everyone for acts of violence causing physical pain but not injury. And now the criminals at once becomes the only one who hit a loved one or a stranger, but out of malicious or extremist motives. The maximum punishment is deprivation of liberty for a term up to 2 years.

For assault without consequences for health in respect of persons long criminal responsibility comes only at relapse, and the maximum penalty in this case is much softer: the arrest of up to 4 months.

Read the story “Enraged social category” the Duma has approved the decriminalization of beating in the family”

Opponents of the law on decriminalization (mostly representatives of the Orthodox organisations of parents) called him a “slapping act”. Slap is something harmless, not harmful to health…

“I emphasize: we are talking about the article of the criminal code, which is called “Beating” and not some other word,” think it necessary to mention in the beginning of the meeting of the relevant Committee 19 Jan Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia).

All 6 of the essential amendments, proposing to revise the text in one direction or another, were rejected. Among them is the amendment of Yuriy Sinel’shchikova and Tamara Pletneva (both — Communist party), which proposed to make exceptions for the first time committed violence against pregnant women, minors and persons in a helpless state not to decriminalize.

Speaking on behalf of the Committee, one of the authors of the initiative on decriminalization of “slaps,” Olga batalina (United Russia) said that “there is no reason to believe that administrative proceedings will not be instituted” and “with repeated violence will be subject to criminal liability”.

According to Ms. Batalina, the “direct relationship” between the beatings and the killings or infliction of harm to health and the proposal to make exceptions for children or pregnant and helpless violates the concept of the bill, which proposes to introduce “equal responsibility for the same acts for all.”

In conclusion, she advised colleagues to see the results of a fresh opinion poll which shows that 59% of Russians — for something to hit the wife or child for the first time criminals are not considered.

In this poll there are other numbers: 79% condemned any form of violence, including spanking, 19% believed the use of physical force against the children or relatives allowed. Most of the Russians believe that the state should not leave domestic violence without attention. And those who believe that the translation is perfect for the first time of the beating in administrative offense will not give a positive effect — 41%.

By the way, in the beginning of December 2016, the survey on the same topic were also held by the Fund “Public opinion”. The number of Russians that condemn family violence, there is almost coincided with the data of VTsIOM (77%).

But the number of positively related to the decriminalization of family beatings happened other: 23%, with 44% against and 34% found it difficult to answer. FOM, however, asked about the attitude towards full decriminalization of the family beating, and polls — on the decriminalization of a beating, perfect for the first time…


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