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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“Spring package” is going to relieve ten times with the submission of the Ministry of communications

The government of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the expert working group on the question of the abolition of the “Spring package”. The meeting was chaired by the Minister for open government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov, and participate in the discussion adopted officials, public figures, representatives of business. The reason for the discussion at the Federal level was the petition for cancellation of bills on the website of the Russian public initiative, which attracted more than 100 thousand signatures.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

In the petition addressed to President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as arguments States that the law of Spring contrary to the Russian Constitution requires huge amounts of money, threatens Telecom operators and Internet service providers to bankruptcy, what may lead to falling tax revenues from the budget – and generally “useless from a technical point of view.

Recall, under the anti-terror amendments adopted in July 2016, mobile operators and Internet companies must store text messages, voice information, visual and audio content within six months. Also operators are required to store metadata – information about the facts of reception, transmission, delivery of messages and calls during the three years, Internet companies- within 12 months. In addition, the law obliges the Spring of postal operators to inspect parcels.

Following the meeting, the expert group considered the arguments of the authors of the petition are not sufficient and voted almost unanimously decided to reject the proposal to repeal the anti-terrorism package.

Resulting counter, Mikhail Abyzov noted that the fight against terrorism is not enough to identify the performer must use technical means to trace the chain of connections leading to the organizers and associates in different time periods, which allows to prevent the recurrence of terrorist attacks.

Deputy Minister of communications Alexey Volin, speaking at the meeting, a report on the results of the study public initiatives , said that the allegation of the petitioners that the law of Spring contrary to the Constitution, untrue, and evaluation of the costs of operators in hundreds of billions or even trillions of rubles are only theoretical. However, the Agency considers it necessary to amend the law some changes, and also proposes to start the implementation of the law, first in a pilot mode.

In particular, the Ministry of communications called for a tenfold reduction in the amount of data storage on the “Spring package”. Wolin added that, according to the Ministry of communications, the cost of storing information while reducing its volume will be about 100 billion rubles. The Deputy Minister said that the agreement with the security forces to reduce the volume of information to store has been reached. Also, the Agency is proposing a phased transition to a six-month retention data.

The Chairman of the Moscow journalists Union, chief editor of “MK” Pavel Gusev has expressed concern that the cost of business estimated in the billions, will be borne by the users because telecommunications services will be naturally more expensive.


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