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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Facebook joined in the fight against “Russian propaganda”

Facebook has banned the RT publish, broadcast, video, articles and pictures. Moreover, the number of subscribers of the TV channel RT in this social network reaches four million. The ban coincides with the inauguration of Donald trump. Concomitant administration of FB refused to ban another Russophobic post former humorist Viktor Shenderovich on the subject of genetic inferiority of the Russians.

Almost all Facebook users have heard about locks, and some “lucky” to experience it for yourself. In addition it is understandable and explainable locks for pornography or pictures and videos with scenes of violence, often block users for reasons difficult to explain. “Your entry violates the rules of the community” – said in the comments, but what is not explained.

“I’m not surprised. If the state Department could turn off our air would be disabled. Will work to unlock all possible ways”

It is possible to obtain a lock for quotations from classic Russian authors of the 19th century if they use the word “crest” is considered incitement of ethnic hatred. The calls for some users to “cut the Muscovites” Facebook does not consider it violating the community rules and block them refuses.

Also quite a popular reason for blocking is considered “intellectual property infringement” – and complaints are accepted not only by the copyright owners, and from anyone.

For this reason, got the lock of the Russian English-language TV channel RT, which reports in American and other Western intelligence services regularly called the most dangerous information weapons in Russia. About the reason, as usual, did not immediately reported. The ban came after the broadcast of the press conference of U.S. President Barack Obama, so the employees of the TV channel suggested that Facebook mistakenly identified that RT does not have rights to broadcast.

But it soon became clear that Facebook does not determine anything. The complaint, according to data from social networks, filed by the TV channel “Now”, accusing RT of copyright infringement. Where did “the Present” law on press conference Obama (in reality belonging to the Associated Press, as RT is his client), to understand and not have blocked the account RT Facebook until the morning of January 21 – that is, to broadcast the inauguration of the social network of Donald trump Russian TV channel will not.

Adds piquancy to the situation that the “Present” is a project of “Radio Liberty”, which is funded by the U.S. Department of state. That is, in fact, RT is blocked on the complaint of the state Department. “I’m not surprised. If the state Department could turn off our air would be disabled, – commented the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan and added: Will work to unlock all possible ways”.

RT is already applied to the administration of the social network with a request to unblock the page but the appeal is that no one answered is, in General, the traditional behavior for moderators Facebook.

The number of subscribers to the RT page, by the way, exceeds four million. They regularly see advertising that Facebook offers. But one complaint – and a major TV station is in the same situation as a regular user with 10 followers, used the word “Hohol”.

It is significant that “the Present time” now all denies in a press-service of Department of the TV channel said that no one at all complained about the RT about this broadcast. The reputation of “suppressor of freedom” still is not socially approved.

There is a feeling that it’s not the 21st century and we are not talking about the world’s largest social network, and the correspondence of the two principalities in the middle ages, until the courier running from one castle to another until it comes back, and still bandits on the roads is bad…

It, again, talking about millions of losses for RT and Facebook, but despite this, no possibility to quickly contact someone responsible in the social network about locks today does not exist – neither for the average user, not for the major media.

It is significant that against the background of problems because of non-existent copyright infringement in Russia unfolds another scandal – a former humorist Viktor Shenderovich published in his Facebook the next “joke”. Here’s a quote: “the hands of the Russians, on the genetic tradition, growing from the ass, and the head, the result of negative selection called “special path of development” is Packed full of mainly tops”.

As noted by the bloggers, the first Association with the text Shenderovich is a revelation of the German national socialists of the well-known pamphlet “the Subhuman”. Facebook, however, this “revelation” Shenderovich violate the rules of the community thinks. In days that have passed since the publication, in the administration of the social network was sent to a large number of complaints.

The answers are identical: “We got acquainted with the publication, and although it does not violate a specific rule of our community, we understand that it may be offensive to you or others. We don’t want you had to face on Facebook with content inciting hatred, and are ready to help you avoid them in the future. For example, you can directly block user Viktor Shenderovich and remove it from friends or to unsubscribe from updates”.

As they say, thanks for the advice, you would never have guessed. And even I wonder how many would have survived this post, if it was mentioned not the Russians, and the Ukrainians or the Israelis.

When preparing this text, there was another news about RT and foreign online services: YouTube in Russia sent a letter to the channel in which the company requested confirmation that neither the channel, nor any of its employees is not in the sanctions list. As noted, the certification must be provided on the form, with stamps and signatures.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, computers and other international companies actively influence the information landscape in different countries. But users do not have the slightest ability to affect the administration of these services – any account can be deleted or locked without explanation. Can this be called “democracy” and “freedom of speech”? Unlikely.


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