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Monday, February 19, 2018

Pardon manning like trying to lure Assange to USA

Barack Obama in the final of his presidency, signed a decree of the traditional prisoner release. Among the pardoned – the WikiLeaks informant, a former soldier Bradley manning, who now demands to regard him as a woman named Chelsea. Whether a pardon Bradley Chelsea with changing his (or her) sexuality, or Obama’s decision are there other reasons?

American presidents have a tradition in the last days in power to sign the pardons of convicts. Sometimes it becomes the cause of great scandal, for example, bill Clinton among 140 signed by him in the last day of the pardons also “regretted” billionaire Marc rich, convicted in absentia for failing to pay tens of millions of dollars in taxes. By “coincidence” rich – sponsor of the Democratic party, which made large donations, and to his excuse, and after.

“Manning is primarily known for the fact that, as a man, became(a) the main informant of WikiLeaks”

The investigation, conducted in 2005, revealed in the actions of the former President of a crime, but in the midst of the election campaign for 2016, the FBI has published some excerpts from the document (which, along with the ubiquitous “Russian hackers”, as one of the reasons for the defeat of Hillary Clinton). In particular, the declassified materials were approved: “it Seems that the required standards and clemency procedures were not followed”.

Barack Obama, in turn, signed 78 pardons and commuted the punishment for 153 of the Federal prisoners. Among the pardoned – an ex-soldier of the US army by the name of manning. In 2013, the military court found Bradley manning guilty of espionage and computer fraud and sentenced him to 35 years in prison. After sentencing he decided to change gender and name.

“Starting a new phase of my life, I want everyone to know who I really am. I am Chelsea manning, I am a woman. I want to start hormone therapy. I also pray that from today, all addressed to me only on a new name,” said a statement from manning(a).

In connection with the sex-change inmates of the military prison there were some problems that were widely reported in the media – manning(u) initially banned not only hormone therapy, but wearing women’s clothes. In February 2015, the court allowed the to undergo therapy while in custody, and in March finally acknowledged the manning woman.

This alone would be enough to become famous, but manning is primarily known (agree with the American court and will call it in this time) the fact that, as a man, became(a) the main informant of WikiLeaks. Bradley Mannig (then definitely he) in 2010 gave WikiLeaks more than 700 thousand military and diplomatic documents. In addition, he has provided a video about the US military operation in Iraq in 2009-2010.

Of course, the pardon of a man who did not commit violent crimes, but only distributed information is definitely good, but in the case of manning to Barack Obama there are a number of issues.

Is not caused by a pardon by the changing gender status of a former soldier. The LGBT lobby in the US is very strong and influential. One thing the “simple” soldiers, and quite another – to become a woman. However, among the remaining 77 pardoned transgender people there, so it is unlikely that this argument in favor of the release of manning was in charge.

But it is possible that after widespread attention to the problems of Bradley on the way to becoming a Chelsea and others sentenced to long terms prisoners will begin to say that from childhood felt girls. Besides hormonal therapy, unlike surgery, can be reversed.

Also pardon manning associated with the rash promise Julian Assange, who on January 13 said that if Obama will do it, the founder of WikiLeaks, will surrender to the American authorities, “despite the obvious unconstitutionality of this case”.

Assange through his lawyer already said he was willing to keep that promise. “He’s open to negotiations on this item. He is waiting for initiatives from the American side”, – quotes the words of the Swedish lawyer Pen Samuelsson TASS. In Sweden Assange, recall, is accused of rape (according to Swedish law, sex without a condom, and repeated sexual intercourse with a sleeping partner is treated as rape – namely that, according to the investigation, made with two Swedish women Australian journalist).

In the USA Assange hypothetically faces the same sentence as the manning – that is several decades in prison for espionage.

President-elect Donald trump has not made any definite statements about the fate of the investigator. On the one hand, he’s very strong comments about other “whistleblower” – Edward Snowden: “I think he’s an absolute traitor, and I would have done with him is extremely tough. If I were President, Putin would give it – I can guarantee you that,” said trump in CNN during the election campaign.

On the other, like RT, he admired the WikiLeaks “the Press reluctantly talks about WikiLeaks, you know it. WikiLeaks is stunning. What is published shows that she (Hillary Clinton) a liar”.

So if Assange will still arrive in the United States, his fate could be very sad uncle Sam seriously offended by the attempt on his dirty underwear. However, long-term stay of a journalist in the Embassy of Ecuador in London is different from imprisonment only by the degree of comfort, and it is possible that the Aussie would prefer a terrible end, the horror without end.

In addition to manning, the list of pardoned is one of the oldest political prisoners of the US – 74-year-old Oscar lópez Rivera.

A veteran of the Vietnam war, awarded for heroism medal “Bronze star”, Rivera was sentenced in 1981 to 55 years in prison for participating in a “conspiracy against the United States,” and in 1988 for the preparation to escape, he was given another 15 years. That is the real crime he didn’t commit and, like Russian citizens Viktor bout or Konstantin Yaroshenko got a very long sentence for “intent”.

The release of manning and Rivera welcomed by numerous human rights organizations.

The most famous American prisoner – of fighter for the rights of Indians Leonard Peltier – Obama never pardoned.


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