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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Nikki Haley will be an interesting “sparring partner” to Vitaly Churkin

New US Ambassador to the UN is another outstanding member of the team of Donald trump. Nikki Haley – a Republican of Indian descent and an experienced politician with 1.5 terms in the Governor’s mansion of South Carolina. But will she be able to represent their country at the United Nations, including in cooperation with such diplomat-“mastodon”, as Vitaly Churkin?

Samantha Power for the post of permanent representative to the UN until the end remained true to herself. A significant part of her farewell speech was devoted to Russia, or rather, the threat which it is for the United States and the “international order” in General. It should be noted that in this regard she was not alone, since the hard anti-Russian final statements were highlighted in almost all appointees of the outgoing administration: the White house and the Pentagon.

“For trump, who is accused that his team is too white, too male, too “violent” and too age, the young and non-white woman with a civil background looks refreshing with the exception of”

In this situation, people trump coming in to replace them, cause a particularly heightened interest. The United Nations is concerned in the full extent, because in recent years, the UN became a site of fierce political and diplomatic battle between Russia and the United States, primarily in the person of their representatives. Numerous scandals – both in the margins and right in the courtroom – between Vitaly Churkin and Samantha Power in recent years moved into the category of historical anecdotes, covered with a mythical veil.

It is not surprising that in this situation, the candidacy of the new Ambassador of the States examined under a magnifying glass, both in the homeland and in Russia.

I must admit that Donald trump has made a very unconventional choice in this case. Nikki Haley, who will get approval for a position in the Senate is a very unusual phenomenon.

The daughter of the Sikhs, which is completely integrated into American society (until the transition to Christianity). As an immigrant only in the second generation (in the States, moved her parents), is a strong supporter of stricter immigration rules and filters to prevent penetration in the US is dangerous for the country people. A Republican with a clear conservative – a defender of the traditional family and a consistent opponent of abortion.

Very successful in his political career. Became the first woman of Indian origin elected to the house of representatives of South Carolina (and was twice re-elected), and then twice achieved victory on elections of the Governor of this state (was re-elected in 2014).

For trump, who is accused (and not without reason) that his team is too white, too male, too “forceful” (dominated by immigrants from the army) and too age, the young (44 years) and non-white woman with a civil background (as an accountant) is a refreshing exception.

For the American establishment doubts about the candidacy of Haley is associated primarily with its inexperience in international politics. The situation is exacerbated by two factors.

First, the fact that the UN she will have to deal with (read – resist) with an experienced career diplomat Vitaly Churkin. For Americans (and Western world) this is one of the reasons for the concerns (and also envy).

Russia maintains a school of professional diplomacy. Key foreign policy positions are held by professionals who have many decades of work through diplomatic profile. Even ambassadorial posts quite often become sinecures for people from other areas, and it usually applies to countries that are not considered as a priority for the Kremlin.

While for the West and for the US especially, ambassadorial appointments have become a form of political reward important supporters, including sponsors of election campaigns of the incumbent President. Purely as a result of the professional superiority of Russian diplomats over the West regularly referred to in the West as one of the important factors of foreign policy successes of Russia.

In the case of Nikki Haley, whose political career so far has focused on U.S. domestic politics, joining the UN will become a very serious challenge.

And secondly, the international inexperience of the new US Ambassador to the UN and its failure to include the foreign corporate community leads many to fear that this will lead to the fact that Hayley will follow in line with the policy of the elected President. And the biggest threat in this case is considered that it may not be enough anti-Russian.

In previous years the ruling American establishment consensus had emerged against the hard confrontation of the USA and Russia. Fresh statements of the same Power and her colleagues in the Obama administration are a good example.

The rhetoric of Donald trump causes fear (and as Democrats and a very significant part of the Republicans, traditionally tough-minded anti-Russian) that he intends to make a serious geopolitical bias in favor of improving relations with Russia. In the last week can be observed as the eve of the inauguration included numerous and varied efforts to “tie the hands” of the future US President, including in the international arena.

Independent of the anti-establishment’s permanent representative to the UN, which will implement the policies of the President trump, not sticking a stick in his wheels, is not the best candidate for antithrombotic forces.

Because of this, there are fears that Nikki Haley because of the lack of foreign policy experience is weak, inexperienced and insufficiently rigid permanent representative is not able to cope with this diplomatic “mastodon”, as Churkin, and worthy to defend US interests at the UN.

The result is nonrandom looks “drain” in the media positions Haley on a number of issues in advance of approval of its nomination to the Senate. Among Humanities keynotes kind of program for the delivery of food and medical aid and peacekeeping missions are the two topics that clearly should emphasize the willingness of the new Ambassador to a strong and solid position.

First, the need to return the United States to its traditional position of active support for Israel, which frankly has been shaken in recent years. The recent adoption by the UN security Council anti-Israel resolution, which for the first time States not vetoed, became a convenient occasion to show Hayley her position (it should be noted, is entirely coincident with the position of the trump).

Secondly, and this seems even more important, the new Ambassador made the cuts, the US contribution to the UN budget. Moreover, it substantiates his position by the fact that the United States, providing 22% of the budget of the organization do not receive sufficient returns for their investments.

Incidentally, this is also a typical bar the position of the elected President. Trump has repeatedly said that America pays too much for many, not receiving adequate returns for their investments and efforts.

What in reality will be Nikki Haley in the role of the US Ambassador to the UN, time will tell, but until she demonstrates confident maneuvering an experienced politician in Washington muddy waters.


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