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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Putin: Ordered a report on the dirt on trump’s worse than prostitutes

Vladimir Putin commented on the main topic of the past week the scandal surrounding the alleged Kremlin dirt on Donald trump. Moreover, the very tone of the statements of the President of Russia is quite consistent with the level of absurdity reached antitransit and anti-Russian campaign in the United States.

The talks between Vladimir Putin and the new President of Moldova, Igor Dodon were no signs of such a broad international resonance, but at the last minute a joint press conference the President of Russia brought them to the level of the top of the news. Putin was asked about Obama imposed new sanctions and the dirt on trump that, they say, write materials, “as he was with the prostitutes at the hotel in Moscow had a good time”.

“This indicates a significant level of degradation of the political elites in the West”

“Is it true? You saw the files, video, videos?” – asked the correspondent of “life”. The assumption that the Russian President views the “video tramp”, it was clearly a joke – but it seems even more put Putin in a cheerful mood. The President was not just joking, and gave a detailed answer to all three sounded question a journalist could ask more about possible deterioration of relations between the United States and the European Union due to the fact that some of the statements trump don’t like Merkel and Hollande.

Putin began with Barack Obama – which, however, did not mention by name, describing “leaving the administration” as the people who endlessly say goodbye, but not gone. The President turned anti-Russian actions of the Obama international in the context of inter-and plenty of it.

“We see continued sharp political struggle. Despite the fact that the elections ended in a decisive victory for Mr. trump, in the course of this struggle raises several problems, maybe there are more, but some of them are obvious.

The first of these is to undermine the legitimacy of the elected President of the United States. I would like to note, I want people who are doing this or not, but they put the interests of the United States great damage. The impression is that, having trained in Kiev, they are ready to arrange the Maidan and in America, if only not to give the Trump to take office”.

That is, Putin at the same time and sympathized with the Trump here, we understand what obstacles he has to face and underlined the scale of the problems that have with the American political system as a whole. Later, he again will return to this. That total discrediting trump and the constant contestation of its legitimacy has the authority of the United States in General, and talk a lot in America – but in the mouth of Putin’s concern for the interests of the United States sounds it is doubly insulting to the American patriots. And it is clear that Putin could not make fun of the “Washington machine”, Recalling a favorite so it technologies of color revolutions, which can now be applied already within the United States, and the very same American elite.

It is clear that trump will take office, and now it can not and will not overthrow (and then he can try to conduct impeachment proceedings – but now it’s not important). But it will try immediately to put into the framework of maximum narrowing for him, the corridor of possibilities:

“The second task is to associate the newly elected President on the arms and legs when you run data in the course of the election campaign promises to the American people, both within the country and on the international stage.”

Here Putin also equalizes the internal and external plans for trump – that is the new US President will interfere in everything, not only in relations with Russia. This is indeed the case – the “Washington swamp”, of course, does not intend to accept the plans of the 45th President, threatened to “drain” it, that is, to break the prevailing scheme of corruption-lobbying relations within the political establishment. And Putin gives the Trump to understand that Moscow knows this. As I know about dual purpose anti-stuffing (for hackers and compromising) – except compromise the trump, it is the intention to complicate his dialogue with Putin:

“Well think about how something can be done to improve Russian-American relations when thrown such ducks as the interference of some hackers – although, I repeat, the hackers, whoever they were, they had nothing to compile, do not come up, they only opened the materials – or moreover, when Russian security services have some kind of compromising material against the newly elected President”.

It should be noted that the level of the report prepared by British intelligence on “Russia’s record on trump” turned out to be so low that its authenticity can not believe only the most stubborn and narrow-minded temporaly. So Putin could, in principle, be limited to a simple statement of this fact – but the President decided to speak out in full. And as head of state, and as a former scout and as a person:

“I’m with Mr. trump do not know, I never met him, I don’t know what he will do in the international arena, so I don’t have any justification to attack him or criticize something, or to protect whatever it was. We don’t even have to appeal to the Nobel Committee that he was awarded the Nobel prize in mathematics, physics or some other subject. I don’t have any reason for this”.

Sarcasm about Nobel prize – referring to the Nobel prize, received in advance of Obama – gathered in the hall of press is not appreciated, but that didn’t lessen the ironic attitude of Putin.

“But these stuffing – this is an obvious fake. Trump, when he came to Moscow – I don’t even remember when he came, a few years ago, he was no politician, we didn’t even know about his political ambitions. He was just a businessman, one of the richest men in America. That someone thinks we have the security services chasing every American a billionaire? Of course not! It’s just complete nonsense.

Second. Trump arrived and immediately ran to Dating Moscow prostitutes. This man, first, adult, and secondly, the man who for many years was engaged in the organization of beauty contests, communicated with the most beautiful women in the world. You know, I can hardly imagine that he ran to the hotel to meet our girls with low social responsibility. Although they have the best in the world. But I doubt that trump fell for it.”

A word about girls with “low social responsibility” immediately joined the collection of the elect Putin quotes – although it is clear that the President just remembered the stamp of the Soviet justice deposited in his memory from the time of University or Higher school of the KGB in Minsk. Laugh laugh, but really the problem came from MI-6 with the description “Golden rain” in the presidential Suite of the Moscow “Ritz” – but this episode gave the name and all antitrombinom report.

Putin did not further “justify” tramp – but did not deny himself the pleasure to put those who attack the new President of the United States.

“Prostitution is a serious, ugly social phenomenon, because young women are doing this including the fact that they can’t provide for themselves in a dignified manner, and this is largely the fault of society and the state. But the people who bought the fake of this kind that have been distributed against the elected President of the USA, fabricate them and use in the political struggle – they are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral restrictions at all”.

And then Putin holds another parallel between the attacks on trump and attacks on Russia and on myself:

“By the way, Russia is constantly dealing with such people, with our opponents”.

So “gracefully” Putin has never called him “partner”. However, what they take with degradantov:

“But the fact that such methods are used against the elected President of the USA, this is certainly a unique case, this has never happened before. This indicates a significant level of degradation of the political elites in the West, including the United States.”

But ended up Putin, as always, on a positive note, while answering the third question of “life”:

“But I very much hope that common sense will prevail. This also applies to relations between States and its allies, including in Europe. After all, it is the current administration going, involved many political leaders of Europe in the American domestic political struggle. And today’s problems are the result of this work. I’m sure serious mutual interests put everything in its place. Of course, the nuances possible, “osadochek remain”, but still all will face eventually in their place.”

That is, of course, we understand that Hollande and Merkel put in antaranews campaign – but believe that and with the trump of relations between the US and Europe will remain broadly the same, that is allied and friends. And Russia, of course, profitable more independent Europe, but that there should not be just a change of government, but the redistribution of power in the elites. Interestingly, about the same about the “engagement” of the Europeans, Putin could be said about anti-Russian front and there Atlanticists have set up Berlin and Paris against Moscow. So here Putin and trump’s common enemies. In defeat which the Russian President is sure

“As I’m sure will ultimately restore the normal benefiting the peoples of Europe and of the peoples of Russia, peoples of Russia and peoples of the United States of normal interstate relations, which will contribute to the development of the world economy, stabilization in peace and security”.


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