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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Poroshenko asked the Chinese to protect Ukraine from USA: how to react to Moscow

In response to scattered around Ukraine, the rumors that the US wants to replace the country’s President, Petro Poroshenko went to the East. He met with the head of China XI Jinping and expressed hope that China will support peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. If you believe the press service of the President of Ukraine, Separatist, in Alliance with China wants to realize the Eurasian (or rather Chinese) economic project “One belt and one road”. About is it true that Poroshenko “drained” countries of the West, and if he finds, contrary to anti-Russian rhetoric, supported by the Russian allies in the East, “MK” asked the leading Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky. And received an unexpected summary: without the permission of Moscow Pyotr Poroshenko no “merge”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The information explosion associated with the imminent overthrow of the President, the Americans did not begin after the well-known journalist Dmitry Gordon said in a television broadcast, if the state Department is looking for a replacement Petro Poroshenko. Well you never know what will blurt out Gordon. By the way, he said literally the following: “From absolutely reliable sources I know that in the United States are negotiating on who to put after Petro Poroshenko. Today consider Valentin Nalyvaychenko (the former head of the security Service of Ukraine), Vitali Klitschko and a number of other candidates, whom I hadn’t wanted to call because it will be the flare, which no one today is not necessary”.

But when the words of Gordon began to comment on the leading, it is a serious policy analysts in the country, including Vadim Karasev, an information explosion occurred. And he was such force that the presidential press service did not even try to extinguish it, but only decided to overshadow a new reason. For example, it is quite plausible statement about what the first person wants to meet Donald trump after the inauguration, it will be Poroshenko. It is not “swept”. Well, do not believe nobody. Then followed a new infantry — historical negotiations of Poroshenko and President XI Jinping at the world economic forum in Davos. As a result of which Ukraine supposedly will replace Russia as a leading Eurasian partner, China.

But enough of preambles, let’s bring the word to the Ukrainian scientists. Vadim Karasev, which “MK” got through the first probably already got the suggestion for the old careless statement in the Ukrainian media, citing poor communication, refused to talk. But on a political dialogue with Moscow has agreed Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

I know Gordon. He is the founder of a glossy magazine, was a strong supporter of the Maidan, then six months ago, disillusioned in this idea, and the new government and joined the opposition. Regarding the frustration of the US administration in the new Ukrainian government and Poroshenko Gordon said nothing NEW. This disappointment was visible just a month after the election of President Poroshenko of Ukraine and his stay in power. The Americans were already aware of who Poroshenko is and what he’s capable of, and was regarded as an interim figure. The day, which can be replaced when there is some alternative.

But as you can see, no alternative appeared, and replacement was not followed. Reasons to get rid of Poroshenko, has a long, and lately in particular. But it is impossible.

Something special happened lately?

– Change the owner of the White House. Trump is obviously a pitiful person. You can see how it touches those who opposed his candidacy in the elections in the United States. Poroshenko is not concerned, but only because the figure is not to scale to about it to get your feet. Trump certainly knows that Poroshenko actively participated in the game against him, on the side of his enemies, but to crush the chocolate king to him no status. And on Angela Merkel and other relatively visible “detractors” trump utaplivajutsja in good faith.

If you remove the personal factor of President, the US establishment is not very popular with survey data on corruption in Ukraine, the inability of Kiev to control the situation in the country. And it’s not only the Donbass, but Western areas that also want to get away from Kiev, but only want to do it without bloodshed.

But the main thing for Europe and the USA to Ukraine a government that would carry out their wishes and kept full communication with Moscow on the crisis in the South-East. And the head of such a government in addition to Poroshenko, just do not exist in nature. It’s clear that Poroshenko can not do anything: whatever was decided by the West — he is not able to implement it. And the West wants to put a strong man who will be able to meet his needs. But more than that the desire of the West fear that this strong man will send all Western well-wishers away, and bring back all that he wants. Will be a new Makhno. Therefore, all the names that he calls Gordon as a replacement for Petro Poroshenko, is simply ridiculous. Whether Klitschko, Parubiy and others. They are not suitable for the USA and Brussels.

– Well, if Poroshenko really has decided to leave the United States for China?

– Well, Yes, the Europeans gave Petro Poroshenko turned, and even in a perverted form after the referendum in the Netherlands. And with the United States had not formed, therefore, he would like to join China. But two problems here. First: the Chinese know the price of Petro Poroshenko. He had given them promises, agreed on the projects, but nothing was done for one reason or another. All ended up being China, which wanted to use Ukraine as a transit territory, started in the end of this train through Russia and Belarus to Europe.

And the second problem is that Beijing partner of Moscow. China can fool Russia into some of the geopolitical puzzle, but not in those areas of the chess field, for which Moscow is closely following.

– And Moscow over the Ukrainian direction was watching. Moreover, many analysts in Moscow believe that Poroshenko is optimal for the Kremlin in Kiev. They believe that Moscow is just not going to let anyone take control over Poroshenko, and even more so to replace it…

– I also heard about it. As long as there is no adequate substitute host of Kiev, Moscow will be hosting Poroshenko. This does not mean that he somehow became rukopozhatnym for Moscow, but it is clear and satisfactory. Therefore, Moscow will not make any effort to remove it, and in case of need and support, even protects against unwanted attacks, but inconspicuously — not flaunting it. And certainly Moscow will not dig under it under the existing Kiev government or to undermine the chair, which sits Petro Poroshenko, until, until you find an adequate replacement to the President of Ukraine.

– Is the Ukraine no one but Poroshenko, as we have in Russia — one in addition to Putin?

– In terms not worse than the current President of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko. But it does not have special support in the Ukraine itself. That is, the support of some, may be present, but the anti-Julia even more. The same applies to Turchynov, is a very negative figure, which nobody can deliver. So while Moscow will quietly, without publicity to support Poroshenko.


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