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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nikolai Popov: the Ukrainian Wikipedia has turned into a gathering of Bandera

“But in General, the Ukrainian participants as well as Russian are more attracted to the Russian segment. All our former republics run to us, we have more articles, our segment is more developed,” – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK member of the Russian “Wikipedia” with more than 10 years experience Nikolay Popov, commenting on the decision of the Ukrainian government to transfer the war to Wikipedia at the state level.

On Monday, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman ordered to direct the state’s efforts to development of Ukrainian-Wikipedia, authorizing the Executive branch to host this year’s special events on the improvement of the resource, UNIAN reported.

“In cases when there are notes about Stalin’s repressions or Stepan Bandera, the entire debate is obvious”

In particular, Groisman urged to change curriculum in computer science, geography, history and literature for pupils of the senior classes of secondary schools regarding the use of Ukrainian-language section of Wikipedia, to allow the preparation of materials by students for “Wikipedia”, hold competitions on placing on this website scientific papers.

Groisman long indifferent to the online encyclopedia. Even as the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada in April, he urged to develop it at the state level. In your Facebook Groisman then wrote that “Wikipedia” in the Ukrainian language occupies the 3rd place among the sections written in Slavic languages, 11th among the European sections and 16th among all language sections.

What may cause the intervention of the Ukrainian state in the editorial policy of Wikipedia, the VZGLYAD newspaper said an active participant of the Russian-speaking “Wikipedia” with more than 10 years experience Nikolai Popov.

VIEW: Nikolai, the Prime Minister’s decision make sense? After all, other bloggers are free and easy, on the basis of enthusiasm can easily fix that in the workplace write Ukrainian officials?

Nikolai Popov: the decision of the government to engage in the development of our own segment of “Wikipedia” is a trend. Earlier, a similar campaign was held in Armenia. The local branch of the Fund “Wikimedia” (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a non – profit organization that maintains the infrastructure for “Wikipedia” – approx. OPINION) has allocated the building of the headquarters for the state account. In addition, the Armenian government launched an advertising campaign on state television, whose motto was “One Armenian, one article”.

So that the Ukrainians have learned from this ancient people. In addition, the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales (Jimbo) quite good relations with the Kazakh authorities. There, too, helping to develop own language segment of Wikipedia. The Ukrainians will not have the first.

Nikolai Popov (photo: udf.by)

Armenians claim that satisfied the state support the private sector in the us. I can’t appreciate how true this is, because they do not speak Armenian. But, apparently, some truth in this. But what will happen to the Ukrainian Wikipedia, I don’t know. If the Armenian segment was in the Bud, the Ukrainian Wikipedia has long been turned into a meeting of Bandera. These state efforts should now be spent on the promotion of Ukrainian nationalism. All administrators of the Ukrainian “Wikipedia” rigidly ideological, so “edit” ideological articles from independent parties is unlikely to succeed.

But in General, the Ukrainian participants as well as Russian are more attracted to the Russian segment. All our former republics run to us, we have more articles, our segment is more developed. More interesting to defend their own point of view articles in Russian and then translate them to their own language than to promote it, where everything is ideologically biased.

Although the administration of the Russian Wikipedia does not have an ideological task, on a tangent, of course, this can have an impact. Admins politically sterile. Among the participants of Russian “Wikipedia” people of liberal views is tactical advantage, they rarely use it. Although there are exceptions.

There was, for example, at the time the scandal around the alleged article about the promotion of Russian priorities in science. If the whole world knows as the inventor of radio Guglielmo Marconi, we have Alexander Popov, the airplane, the Wright brothers, and we have Mozhaisk, etc., Edison, Apple, and other…

All these cases were collected in a huge article, argued that in Soviet times, allegedly carried out the party line to prove that “Russia – Motherland of elephants”. The controversy surrounding this article was active, but in the end it was removed. According to the rules of Wikipedia should be summarizing the sources. And other summarizing sources, in addition to this article, proving the existence of the policy of the party on the glorification of the achievements of Soviet and Russian science, was not found.

In cases when there are notes about Stalin’s repressions or about Stepan Bandera, the discussion is obvious. Or here, for example, an article about the Polish campaign the red army. What to call it? Were the supporters of titles like “Occupation of Poland”, “Invasion of Poland”. In the end I chose neutral.

For all that these two cases show that it is possible to defend a neutral point of view. Everyone wants to follow the General Wikipedia rules. True, there is a “fifth” rule “Wikipedia”, calling to ignore all rules, but he rarely follows. For example, in the German Wikipedia it was cancelled. But in General, the rules common.

OPINION: A story about the article about Ilya Muromets how original?

N. P.: the Story of Ilya Muromets is also not original. In the English Wikipedia periodically there are scandals, when public agencies also edit articles about, say, your Minister with the aim to whitewash it. Moreover, the Jimbo is a black spot in the biography: he is a pornographer. He tried to edit out the mention of this from the article about himself. But he wouldn’t allow it.

OPINION: high-profile cases with revisions remember?

N. P.: There is an article about the painting “Zaporozhian Cossacks”. It depicts a hero – Ivan Sirko. Here in Russian it is written Serko, Ukrainian – Sirko. In Ukrainian schools it is studied as Sirko. The poor Ukrainian students have absorbed the wisdom and periodically come in this article herds and change Circo at Circo. And then I periodically return it, and they cry and accuse me of chauvinism, called the Imperial. And I tell them that Serko would have laughed themselves to exhaustion, knowing that you consider him a Ukrainian. The ethnic origin of the Cossacks – the subject of much debate.

OPINION: How the lock in “Wikipedia”?

N. P.: Tricky. First you block for 15 minutes. Then there is a progressive scale. Next time you will block for two hours, next time – on the day. Then for three days, a week, two weeks, a month or indefinitely, if you keep doing what you blocked. Can be appealed. This scale is permissive at the discretion of the administrator. Nevertheless, a huge number of people are offended, because they acted from the best motives. Let’s say you live in Ukraine. If you were taught in school, and then it turns out that all your life you were taught some garbage, and the outside world does not perceive what you were taught, you begin to resent. And here’s a ready banderovets.

OPINION: “Wikipedia” has always provoked political debate?

N. P.: Of Course. It was originally. The first Russian article in Wikipedia had an article “Russia”. And the text of it was: “Russia – Motherland of elephants”. And it hung about three years. And with this, began the first fight. It is a political! But in the English Wikipedia… your srachi Recently had a dispute over the naming of Burma, Myanmar. Of course, the British themselves in the English Wikipedia are in the minority. The majority are the Indians, the Americans, etc. Until recently, the article about Burma called “Burma”, and now the Indians and all the others turned the tide. The battle for “Myanmar” was a few years.

OPINION: According to statistics, Ukraine has a very high 16th in the world in the articles in Wikipedia. How true are these figures?

N. P.: This is a very crafty statistics. A significant part of the articles in all the “Wikipedia”, but to different degrees, is generated automatically. That is, there are written special bots (programs) that fill the model article. For example, the municipalities of Italy. Take the thick book. From there, the data are distilled in the bot formed a model program, and then the bot runs in “Wikipedia”. So are articles about galaxies, arthropods…

Therefore, there are two statistics: one with bots and one without. There are statistics on articles that are filled and then removed. For example, in Russian Wikipedia the day formed about 600 articles, and the remains of 250-300, because the rest is garbage that is removed immediately or after discussion at the special pages to delete. So how to count? The top 10 articles were “Wikipedia” varisco language (spoken in the Philippines region). Why? In Sweden a guy married to a Filipina. Swedish Wikipedia has made it almost second counts. And then made varissuo and Cebuano (also one of the regional languages in the Philippines). And now the “Wikipedia” in the top of the largest “Wikipedias” of the world, but they are all generated automatically! That is, the Swede is sick in the head and tried for his wife. Russian, it should be noted, in seventh place.


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