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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Kiev launched a new wave of renaming

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian was told to rename the southern ports, Ilyichevsk and October – that Ukrainians do not feel “losers and slaves.” Coincidentally at the same time one of the deputies Omelyana said that Ukraine has already lost more than a billion dollars on a trade war with Russia, and the hryvnia fell again against the dollar. Apparently, these events in “misery” is not indicated.

In Ukraine – another aggravation permanently to this country after the coup and economic crisis. The hryvnia went into another dive, came close to the historic lows of two years ago – 30 units of local currency per dollar. National Bank releases touching statement that explains the dire shortage of currency in the country.

“The Ukrainians do not have to remember the tale of fraternal and good-neighbourly relations. On the border with Russia, we must clearly understand: in the West – civilization, in the East of the barbarians”

According to the Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleg Churia, on Tuesday the supply of currency was limited primarily in connection with a match on the eve of the day in honor of Martin Luther king in the United States and working day in Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko, meanwhile, before the trip to Davos accused the Europeans that his country believes in European values than the EU. He stated this at a meeting with foreign ambassadors: “Ukraine in the European project and values sometimes believe more than even in the United Europe. And how would someone want to, we under no circumstances do not intend to abandon the European integration course”, – he said. Given that the likely winner of the presidential election in France, marine Le Pen declared intention to achieve “Mexica”, it seems that by the time Ukraine will meet political and economic requirements for EU membership, there will not remain anyone except Germany and, probably, Romania.

Today, Ukrainian media detailed coverage of the visit of Poroshenko in Davos – I remember in Russia in the 90-ies of the economic forum in this Swiss city, also gave unreasonably serious importance. He has already met with President XI Jinping – however, in a press release about this meeting only, common words, or non-binding of the Chinese.

Ukrainian politics and Ukrainian economy for internal use and for presentation to potential investors really is preferable to describe in General terms, any specifics in most cases turns negative.

For example, the Deputy Minister of infrastructure Omelyana Viktor Dovgan on the same day circulated the information that Ukraine has lost more than a billion dollars, or about 2% of GDP, as a result of trade war with Russia.

But what makes Ukraine to solve this problem? Leads complex negotiations with Russia? Attracts intermediaries? Appeals to the international courts? Looking for new markets to compensate for losses? No.

To reform difficult, easier re – branding

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian demanded on Tuesday in the framework of the law on decommunization – until April to rename the ports of Odessa, Ilyichevsk and South and October in the Nikolaev area. He also instructed to dismantle Soviet monuments and symbols on objects within the sphere of control of the Ministry of infrastructure of the country.

According to the Minister, the goal of the reform is “a ruthless elimination of all imposed with the aim to teach Ukrainians that they shared blood with the Horde, the same losers and slaves, as the Muscovites. Ukrainians should remember the tale of fraternal and good-neighbourly relations. On the border with Russia, we must clearly understand: in the West – civilization, in the East of the barbarians”.

Also Omeljan demanded to change the name of the southern and South-Western railway, since these objects are located in the North and in the centre of present-day Ukraine.

“I hope that the management of Railways, sea ports, state-owned enterprises will muster up the courage and put an end to the memories about the occupation of Ukraine. Even if you don’t want to – have” – threatens to Omeljan.

Note that since April last year, Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsya) is headed by Polish rock musician and experienced transport top Manager Wojciech Balczun. He is making an active effort to somehow revive this important for Ukraine’s infrastructure – but for some reason, renaming it and not bothered. Probably because he knows that the main thing for the Railways to smoothly lay the rails, but trains and cars were repaired on time. And what will the railroad be named “South imeni Lenina” or “North named Bandera”, none of the above problems will not be solved.

Renaming of infrastructure, by the way, worldwide it’s not a quick thing – this applies to Railways, and, even more, airports. Railways in the years after the renaming of Ekaterinburg and Samara have sold tickets to Sverdlovsk, and Kuibyshev.

Still wear the “Soviet” three-letter names within the assigned International air transport Association (IATA) codes airports of the capital of Kazakhstan Astana (TSE, that is, Odessa, Ukraine), the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek (FRU, that is, Frunze), the second largest city of Armenia Gyumri (LWN, that is, Leninakan), etc.

Kept the old “Imperial” codes and airports of India also attended in the 90-ies of the renaming of its largest cities in “independent” way – Bombay became Mumbai, Calcutta, in Kolkata, Trivandrum – Thiruvananthapuram etc.

Ukraine is ahead of India in GDP per capita, but given that the Indian economy is actively developing, and Ukrainian, on the contrary, degrades, we can predict that pretty soon these countries will switch places again, no matter will be referred to as ports and Railways.

Judging by the fact that instead of real economic reforms Ukraine is engaged in “de-communization”, and few working professionals – the same kind of Balcona – actively put a spoke in the wheel (former Deputy Minister of infrastructure Oleksandr Kava has accused the poles that the “draws” profit uz), important infrastructure facilities in the country will become less and less. And then all of them will be officially renamed in honor of Bandera.


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