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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Joe Biden came to Kiev to “clean up tips” for the son of

During a farewell visit to Ukraine of Vice-President Joe Biden tried to eliminate the threat of a possible investigation into his activities by the new US administration, as his son hunter remains here in the leadership of one of the largest energy companies of the Republic, suggested the experts. But in Kiev, out of habit asked the guest money.

Monday visit to Kiev has caused finally Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. On Friday, the US government must come to a new team headed by Donald trump. The arrival of the outgoing Vice-President of the Ukraine was formally dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“Then his son is associated with companies on shale gas. There are different financial interests. And Biden came to address a number of issues”

Biden met with President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. Following talks with Poroshenko, he publicly voiced a very vivid metaphor, compared the European integration of Ukraine with the flight to the moon. “John Kennedy once said about flying to the moon: we can’t postpone. I think that Ukrainians can not and do not want to postpone the creation of a new democratic state”, – said Biden.

Biden stressed that the Ukrainians themselves will now have to take care of yourself. “The leadership and people of Ukraine have to put needs above narrow personal interests: need to put the common good above parochial biases and petty accomplishments, – quotes its TASS. – This applies to all the members of the Ukrainian government, Verkhovna Rada deputies, who swore to serve the people of Ukraine, judges who have taken it upon themselves to mete out justice, representatives of the media and civil society, whose job is to demand accountability from those in power.”

Biden suggested that Ukraine continue to listen to all of the International monetary Fund (IMF). “Continue to cooperate with the IMF to implement tough reforms that will make the Ukrainian economy stable. Continue to cleanse the banking system. Encourage progress in reforming the energy sector to eliminate Ukraine’s dependence on Russian gas,” – he admonished the guest.

“I want to encourage the people of Ukraine continue the fight against corruption, insist on transparency, investigate and pursue in court the officials who squander public money for their own enrichment,” he said. “Russia in the past 10 years uses other weapons of foreign policy: corruption as a tool against Ukraine, so that Ukraine remains vulnerable and dependent. Therefore implement reforms to root out corruption,” continued Biden.

Note that in the last year in the corruption perception index of Transparency International, Ukraine ranked 130th out of 167. The article noted that “in Europe there is no country more corrupt than Ukraine”.

Poroshenko following the meeting with Biden spoke about the “sincere gratitude for the advice, the help of a good friend.” According to the President, during the talks, touched on the topic of Donbass and further reforms. In addition, Poroshenko said that Kyiv is ready to cooperate with the new leadership of the States.

In turn Groisman has promised us the guest doesn’t want to stay on the path of reforms. “We are 100% dedicated to change in our country and we will do everything to make your contribution, which you did one year, was a success,” said Groisman, noting the importance of U.S. assistance to the key areas, including customs reform, fight against corruption, decentralization and energy security. However, in early January it became known that the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID) withdrew funding of customs reform in Ukraine – immediately after the resignation of the head of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevskaya (she was fired after his patron – the Governor Mikhail Saakashvili).

According to the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik, Biden came to Poroshenko in the new American realities. “Probably, told, as it is now will work the American system and what will be the role of the Biden and the Democrats in this system. On the other hand, perhaps the Democrats want to retain control of the political elite to use Ukraine in their internal political squabbles. This is an additional instrument of influence on the possible dialogue between trump and Putin,” – said Bortnik newspaper VIEW.

He fears that Ukraine will remain a factor in the political struggle in the United States. At the same time, said Bortnik, Democrats will be hard to maintain its influence in the Ukrainian establishment, “because the Ukrainian leaders will try to focus on the new US administration”.

He did not rule out that Biden could discuss personal matters, because his son remains a member of the Board of one of the largest private energy companies in Ukraine – Burisma Holdings.

As experts remind, it is the administration, not the U.S. Congress in the first place can influence the decisions of the IMF. Bortnik does not exclude that the new President trump will now close the funding from the IMF, which is vital to Kiev. “To vote for the allocation of a funding, you need 85% of the votes of the Board of Directors of the IMF. Today, the US – 16%. That is without a voice USA funding is possible. I think the tool of the IMF, the administration of the tramp necessarily will use as motivation for the Ukrainian authorities”, – the expert believes.

Trump may terminate tranches of the IMF, I’m sure the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation economist Oleg Soskin. He recalled that previously, the money from the IMF came up “with Biden’s” personally. “Through it came to $ 2 billion, the guarantor has been the United States. They issued Eurobonds with the guarantees of the United States. The program, which Ukraine has with the IMF is a purely lobbying Biden and the American administration,” – said Soskin newspaper VIEW.

As for the talks between Biden and Groisman, Soskin believes that the Prime Minister, in fact, again asked Biden of money to carry out reforms. “Groysman everywhere asks for money for everything… He says: let the money – and we will do reform. But Biden will not be able to give money, all the money went through Soros, through its structures, through various foreign funds. The same police and anti-corruption Commission was created with the money of foreign countries,” – said Soskin.

He is convinced that Biden arrived in Ukraine to “clean up tips”. “Then his son is associated with companies on shale gas. There are different financial interests. And Biden came to address a number of issues, in the event of requests from the American special services there would be a single position. In fact, when Biden was corrupt lobbying. Now if trump will begin to investigate their activities, it is clear that Biden is a key figure, gray Eminence, so the first strike would have on Biden,” the Ukrainian expert predicts.

In turn, the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov said that “Biden has arrived in Kyiv to capture a parting paternal kiss on the forehead Poroshenko”. “Nothing he can make no longer able. Unnecessary visit,” the Senator wrote on Twitter.


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