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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Accident involving a drunken priest stirred up the social networks

The drunk priest, triggered the accident involving nine cars, gave social media users a new reason to talk about “brazen and thick popah”. For its part, the Orthodox activists are asked not to blame for what happened with the Church crowd. The more that discredit cleric on the same day was suspended from the service of the will of the Metropolitan.

The incident occurred in the night from Monday to Tuesday in Rostov-on-don. According to available information, Mitsubishi ASH at full speed has faced with moving in with him “nine”, after which both cars crashed into a parked near the roadway machines, thus hitting only seven cars. The details of the incident almost immediately said an eyewitness in the “Typical growth” in social network “Vkontakte” (spelling and punctuation record saved – approx. ed.):

“The car was the man (unconscious) in the face was blood, his head was bleeding. The girl and her baby were passengers who sat in the back. Ran the boys started trying to get the man to open the front right door where he was (a good jammed from shock). On the other hand (driving) the guy climbed up to the victim to feel a pulse. The man was alive, And!!!!!!!!! PRIEST!! (POP!) beloooow with such a thick chain and cross! AND EVEN DRUNK!! (as evidenced by its fumes). The girl with the injured child, by the way, was also drunk. When I tried to feel your pulse, I noticed that the man was a body in the passenger right seat, and his feet were on the driver’s side… (tried to change on the passenger seat???…). After the man got out of the car he started to say that lives nearby and started to walk away. A couple of guys grabbed him and held against their will until the ambulance arrived, then the firefighters (the rescuers), and the police. The child in the ambulance put a neck brace and taken away with his mother.

A man (priest) in the ambulance examined and released – said feels normal. He tried again to leave, they say, I don’t live far away, those two guys again, he was held (this time clearly even stronger than before)”.

Later, as reported Rostov.ru became known the identity of the priest, which provoked the accident. It appeared to be a regular cleric, Annunciation Greek temple Rostov 25-year-old Demetrius Kivilidi. The incident became both regional and national media, and was actively discussed in social networks. Some users on the basis of the incident hastened to give unflattering characteristics of the entire Russian Orthodox Church as a whole.

Meanwhile on the same day by the decree of the Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk priest Dimitry Kivilidi was banned in the Ministry.

“In connection with the management of Your car in a drunken state and committed in this traffic accident 17.01.2017 years, you hereby are prohibited in the service without the right of teaching blessing and wear the pectoral cross on the base 42 of the Rules of the Holy Apostles to the end of the investigation the circumstances of the case, – the document says. – The question of your further service will be considered by the Ecclesiastical court”.

“We have to be realistic, the priests are people like everyone else, commented the newspaper VIEW Orthodox activist Dmitry Enteo (Larionov). Drunken engineers, for example, where as most get in an accident, but it does not cause such resonance in society. It should be understood that the Church, including the hierarchy – is not the communion of saints, each man has his own weakness. You can fight it only disciplinary measures, but to eradicate it completely will never be”.

While Larionov agreed that what happened in Rostov-on-don has dealt a serious blow to the reputation of the Russian Orthodox Church.

For its part, the coordinator of the Orthodox youth movement “forty times Forty” offered a particularly ardent critics of the Church to educate ourselves and understand that the priesthood is the same sinful people, and parishioners:

“What is the Church? Is the clergy and the world. That is, the clergy is the priesthood, and we – the laity. And all the sinful people. It is clear that the priests we would like to see a certain standard of morality, but a lot of what happens in the Church, has happened and will happen. This should be treated calmly. In the end, one accident occurred on the fault of the priest, we have ten thousand of perfect ordinary secular people. Just, yeah, to the Ministers of the Church confined much more public attention.”


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