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Monday, February 19, 2018

The first step for the return of Palmyra made

Despite the fact that ISIS forces on separate sections of the Syrian front objectively depleted, terrorists are actively counterattack, and in some places dramatically changed tactics, targeting is extremely painful for the Syrian army points. At the same time, the terrorists lose their positions at Palmyra – Syrian troops ready to make up for recent shame.

After negotiating the surrender of the surrounded grouping of jihadists and “moderate” in the enclave of Wadi Bardi failed to restore uninterrupted supply of water Damascus is not fully managed, Syrian government forces continued a demonstrative attack on the enemy positions. As a result, the army took the largest settlement enclave of al-Hussein. Sunday on the city hall was raised the government flag and its mukhtars (elder) asked the representatives of the Russian center for reconciliation, asking that negotiations to establish around the settlement of the ceasefire zone. However, some part of the city is still under the control of militants “An-Nusra”, which in this area any negotiations stopped.

“Supply is entirely on the conscience VKS RF, which dumped loads from a great height, fear of the actions of man-portable air defense systems, came to the region thanks to the United States”

The fate of Wadi Bardi a foregone conclusion, and if “al-Nusra” did not derail the peace process and not jeopardize the recovery of the normal operation of the water supply of Damascus, it would be possible to do without additional casualties. It is possible that after collective treatment Mukhtarov some of the militants still go to surrender, as they offered a week ago. But “al-Nusra” demonstrates a fundamental inability, so in those areas a small area of the enclave, where they continue to defend its militants will likely have to conduct a sweep – and very tough.

The impression that the jihadists deliberately provoking government forces to conduct hard sweeps, as it allows them to accuse Damascus of violence, with emphasis on the actions of the shabiha – the Alawite militia, performing various logistical functions in the liberated areas, including the police. In the anti-Assad propaganda has become de rigueur to call the “shabiha” (from the Arabic root “shabah” “Ghost”) all Pro-government Alawite militia of origin, while shabiha has become almost synonymous with a war crime. It affects even the Russian experts are inclined to support “secular” antiasadovskie force, that is primarily Pro-American “moderate”.

Accusations of shabiha (widely construed sense) is poured and after the liberation of Aleppo, when actively replicated fake video about the executions of prisoners and noncombatants in the Eastern part of the city. Was conducted even talk about the fact that from the Eastern part released only those refugees who had relatives in Sabiha, although the percentage of interfaith marriages between Sunnis and alawites insignificant, a conclusion of refugees was ensured by Russian forces, not the Pro-government militia.

Thus, the suicidal resistance of the militants “An-Nusra” provokes Stripping, but information preferences then earn the so-called moderate opposition.

Another key direction a group of “Shahid” unit “Tigers” with the support of 800-th battalion of the National guard, going to the counter, took one of the key points on the way to Palmyra – crossroads Cigar, which has repeatedly passed from hand to hand. Thus, the city was half-encircled, and the maximum distance to its residential buildings reduced to 40 kilometers. The occupation of the intersection contributes to the offensive in the direction of gas fields Jihar, are also crucial for the battle for Palmyra. After the occupation of these strategic sites, the government army can claim the offensive on the mountain, Gazal is the largest gas-bearing area of Syria.

Additionally, government troops moved a few kilometers North of the city Ties that also brings them closer to gas-bearing areas, in particular to the fields of al-Mahir.

Outwardly, it looks like repeatedly announced large-scale offensive in the direction of Palmyra, suddenly started on Saturday evening. At least, this is evidenced by the number involved in the operation forces. Yet it is quite difficult to talk not only about the result, but even on the intermediate objectives of the operation, but it is clear that frontal capture of Palmyra was not planned. While we are talking about the classic to the current Syrian army operations capture the dominant points around the target and the gradual squeezing of the enemy with the equipped items. Rapid success at an early stage is obvious, but further advancement can take a long time.

Another thing – the situation in Deir al-Zor. LIH* do the start of the long-publicized attack on a government garrison town. And this is the second phase of the offensive, and it involved a very large by today’s standards of strength. Terrorists simultaneously attacked a government garrison on the road to Damascus – Deir al-Zor, near the mountains of tal Brooke, the former tourist complex “Panorama” and in the valley of Tarde.

In the area of “Panorama” the jihadists managed to make serious progress and take part of the old Muslim cemetery of Deir AZ-Zor, which strengthened their position in the line of sight of a military airfield, control of the fire which they set the week before. Perhaps an intermediate goal of this offensive is the attempt to cut off the airfield from the city, which will disrupt supplies to his garrison. The frontal impact with the use of suicide bombers to take the airport failed and the militants, apparently, decided to move to siege tactics, although it is for them a difficult task, given limited resources and the lack of reserves. But the occupation of Deir al-Zor would be a strategic success that ISIS can throw at the realization of this purpose all available forces in the region. In addition, this will free up militants to put pressure on Aleppo and Anbar province in Iraq.

Early Sunday morning, government troops backed by Russian aerospace forces counterattacked on the territory of Deir al-Zor, ISIS seized earlier. The main burden of the task took over the brigade, “al-Kassem” the Republican guard, which was cleared of jihadists in the neighborhood of the former military base of the brigade “al-Tamim” and then drove the enemy from some of the key points on the road between town and the airport.

By the evening the government troops came to “Panorama”, the old cemetery and the district of tal Brooke, so may be able to regain previously lost positions, but it may cost them heavy losses and, more importantly, expenditure of ammunition. The supply of Deir al-Zor is still very sporadic, depends and from the airport, which is currently lost to transport aircraft. Now it is entirely on the conscience of the Russian VKS who drop their cargo from a great height, fear of the actions of man-portable air defense of the jihadists, who are in the region thanks to the United States.

On the other hand, ISIL is not at risk to attack along the shore of the Euphrates through the former orchards, because they can not create in the region a serious grouping for a massive attack, and gradually moving to siege tactics. It’s not in the style of ISIS, as it requires serious voltage reserves. The terrorists hope that the garrison of Deir al-Zor will lose motivation or run out of ammo, yet not justified. In any case, a quick victory on all fronts of the government army even after Aleppo is no guarantee.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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