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Monday, February 19, 2018

“Putin has tied to the salaries of subordinates, the salary of heads of the most odious of funds”

Today his new decree of President Vladimir Putin confined the salaries of the heads of the Pension Fund of Russia, social insurance Fund and Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund tied to the average monthly salaries of employees. Managers can max to 10 times more than their average employee.

What is this, a PR stunt or real fight against corruption? To understand the situation we helped a well-known economic experts.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The ratio of salaries as of 1:10 has previously identified government — Decree reinforces this decision. However, from the data, “lying on the surface”, concludes that the proportion of observed — for example, in the FSS with an average salary of 34 thousand rubles the head of the Fund received 300 thousand

Logically we can expect from the leadership of the country of new decrees restricting, limiting and cut the salaries of the heads of departments. And what a sin to conceal, most of the population of Russia will have to wait for the news with enthusiasm. However, there are experts, greeted today’s news with skepticism. Among them is senior researcher at the economic policy Institute named E. T. Gaidar, Sergei Zhavoronkov.

– The step of the President is understandable. Now, in many offices there is a strange situation when the salary of the head ten times higher than subordinates. And to a greater extent this applies to state-owned companies, where salaries are kept secret. Usually the “secret behind seven seals” is opened, when a man suddenly appointed to a bureaucratic post where it is necessary to submit the Declaration on incomes.

Direction of the policy of our President is correct, but you have to understand that she may be doomed to failure. Because the government had already tried to force the heads of state corporations to declare their income. However they repulsed this attempt, stating that they will not declare them before the people, and his superiors. That is not to “serfs” and to Putin.

Putin also decided to start with the heads of funds. The true giants of the industrial organisations, nobody touches it. It is possible that this Trinity will stop, or it will be added to the new secondary figures. It is unlikely that such innovations will affect the heads of state corporations, whose income is at the level of tens of millions of dollars.

Not so categorical in the assessment of what was the leading expert of Institute of modern development Nikita Maslennikov:

– Decree of the President — a reflection of the real problem. The recent growth in public sector wages was not observed, however, this does not apply to professionals in managerial positions – their profits despite the crisis grew. The problem of growing inequality is now back on the agenda. The President sees it. So, presumably, followed by new steps to reduce this inequality. Improvements on wages this year is difficult to expect, but to reduce the anxiety associated with the break in wages, remove social tension, needed a measure that will reduce the gap between people.

In the latest world Bank report States that inequality is growing around the world. Therefore, populist sentiment led to the election trump, and brexia (the exit of Britain from the European Union). When 1% owns more than 60 percent of the national wealth, the masses start to worry. The growing share of the population living below the poverty line is a worrying indicator. Therefore, our government has taken the first steps to reducing such inequalities.

I think the President selected the most odious public administration bodies. The heads of these government agencies is looking for 40 million pensioners. All of them would be interested to look into the pocket to those who “manages” their pensions. The main thing now – to sustain a single style. To the decree of the President passed in the legislative initiative of systemic nature. This will require discussion within the government.


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