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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kashchey the Immortal will teach migrants to love Moscow

Moscow city hall has prepared for migrants comic with the rules of conduct on the street. Vasilisa the wise, the snow maiden, Yuri Dolgoruky, Kashchei the Immortal do not recommend visitors see after passing the girls, in public areas and talking loudly. Vasilisa was originally with her hair, but she braided plait for ethical reasons. Alas, this is not the only complaint about the comic.

Moscow Department of domestic politics and interregional relations has published a comic book for migrants on rules of behaviour in the capital. On Monday first reported somehow Russian service Bi-bi-si. However, the Department told the newspaper GLANCE confirmed the existence of comics.

“News to me that there is on the street is impossible, and I Moskvich in the third generation”

But before you go directly to the comic, it should be noted that announced by the Department netzpolitik 26 October last year, the competition “Provision of services for the development and dissemination of methodological recommendations “On the rules of behaviour of the migrant in the city of Moscow” said the four organizations. The first Russian state social University (RSSU), which asked for my job 5 482 300 rubles. The second Regional NGO support for migrant workers Moscow (6 935 000). The third publishing house “ROS-DOAFK” (5 548 000). The fourth Regional public charitable Fund of Tikhon Khrennikov in support of musical culture (also 6 935 000).

The winner was submitted one of the most expensive applications supporting organization of migrants. Apparently, the competition Commission decided that those who support migrants know better what guidelines need add-on. Judging by published on the website “public Procurement” documents of the Protocol, the main formal argument in favor of the winner experience in the manufacture of such materials – this parameter was more significant than the higher than the other two contestants, the strike price of the contract.

In the specification, in particular, stated: “the Contractor shall ensure the provision of services for the development and dissemination of methodological recommendations “On the rules of behaviour of the migrant in the city of Moscow” with the goal of maintaining a positive image of the capital as a city with high-tech tools and the required infrastructure to implement the programme on integration and adaptation of foreign migrant workers in the Russian society”.


The main result of the publication of the recommendations is the reduction of tensions among Muscovites and within the environment migrantide sections of the recommendations in the TOR is the following: “studying history, walking around Moscow”, “the route of the curious (educated) migrant”, “law enforcement practices of immigration laws in the city of Moscow – the real story”, “official” instruction on communicating with the authorities”, “information-guided materials for no less than five themes”.

The main “result of services rendered” (that is, the publication of the recommendations) is called “lowering the level of tension among Muscovites and within migrant background”.

As a result of the recommendation made in the form of comics, characters who are Russian heroes (which, recall, actively claiming Ukraine), Vasilisa the wise, Snegurochka and Kupava, Yuri Dolgoruky, Kashchei the Immortal, and others. As stated by bi-Bi-si the head of the organization support migrant workers of Moscow, Alexander Kalinin, comics characters created “honored artists of Russia, who painted the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, metro station “Mayakovskaya” and so forth.” Apparently, Kalinin was not referring to the station itself, decorated with mosaics by Alexander Deineka sketches, and its Northern concourse, which opened in 2005.

“Come to Moscow for foreign citizens. We also believe their fairytale characters, and their meet fairy heroes from Russia, who tell visitors about the rules. Vasilisa the wise was originally on the cover with her hair. But the Commission’s experts thought that long hair means promiscuity, not married. So we decided to braid her braid,” he told British reporters the head of the organization to support migrant workers.

On the specific nationalities of foreign fairy tale characters readers are encouraged to imagine themselves, according to Kalinina, the characters-the first migrants were signed at the national level, but then this idea have refused, “so that no one will take offense.”

Also Kalinin argues that the language of the brochure has been adapted by teachers who are testing migrants ‘ knowledge of the language. This causes some concerns here, for example, quote: “Today, as a hundred years ago, hasty familiarity as unpleasant to many people as an unnecessary annoyance. So take the time to go to “you” with new friends.” The phrase “hasty familiarity” would look organically in any “admonition to the nobility young men, pondering habitation.” Understand the meaning of this phrase a young man from a mountain village, which is not taught in school Russian language? Unlikely.

Visitors are advised not to look after passing women (Maxim Leonidov saddened), is not on the street, not to talk on the street loud and long.

“News to me that there is on the street is impossible, and I Moskvich in the third generation,” – said the Director of the research Center of migration and ethnicity Ranhigs Evgeny Varshaver. He also believes that due to the introduction in the plot of “recommendations” Russian heroes “clearly resuscitated the confrontation of the heroes of Russian hordes”.

Thus the eternal enemy of Russian heroes Kashchei the Immortal is an enemy and for honest migrants trying to lure them to work illegally in the suburbs. Fortunately, a good snow maiden explains to unsuspecting builders, that the patent issued in Moscow, is valid only on the territory of the city.

The image of Hercules with the inscription “MVD” on the chest is accompanied by the caption: “Remember that police officer anything you do not blame, and his request to show the documents not humiliate you.”

In full accordance with the statement of work in the comic book is the curious route of a migrant – working tour guide Yuri Dolgoruky. As attractions outside of the Kremlin, the Red square also indicates the station of the Moscow metro, temples, synagogues and mosques.

There is in the comic and tests, one will appeal to Ukrainians – the reader is invited to supply the correct preposition in the place of dots in the phrase “Last winter I came to Moscow …” (variants: “on”, “in”, “to”). However, there are more serious tasks – you need to answer, what is the fear of large spaces, which had suffered little Peter I (10 letters), or specify the name of the mother of Peter the great (9 letters).

In addition to linguistic and historical assignments are legal: “the Citizen of Tajikistan living in Moscow for 90 days. Then he left Russia and immediately drove back (I made “exit-entry”). He then applied to the IMC to issue the patent. But he refused. Why?”

According to the expert Varshaver, “the circulation of 50 thousand copies – about anything. However, in General, any brochure is better than its absence.”

About the first part with it will not argue – in Moscow was 650 thousand migrants, in reality they are two to three times more. So, to know what is the fear of large spaces, and to avoid hasty familiarity can in the best case, every 13 minutes a migrant.

But to approve the publication of “any pamphlet” appears to be wrong. Of course, seven million spent on its publishing, is not 19 billion, which, according to media reports, it is planned to spend in Moscow “development of uniform light and color environment”.

But international relations is a very serious issue where it could not be Amateur and unprofessional. Brochure with heroes, a Warlock and strange mysteries, of course, will not bring a lot of damage due to its small circulation. But nothing stated in the TOR of the “reduce tensions” at the end of its propagation will not occur.


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