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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In the West believe the version on the hackers who robbed the First channel

The first channel and bi-Bi-si in parallel, are investigating the leak to the Network last episode of the series “Sherlock”. Bi-bi-si abstains from conclusions of the First channel is already suspected that it was a “hacker attack”. But the original version was composed by The Telegraph, calling the leak a part of the punitive measures Russia against Britain.

The British TV series “Sherlock”, have undergone the life and adventures of the famous detective in modern London, has a huge army of fans around the world, including in Russia. It is a fact.

“BBC Worldwide takes very seriously the violation of our strict security and we initiated a full investigation into how this happened leak”

Another fact – the leak of movies and TV shows in the Internet occur regularly. In 2009, the cloud was almost finished film “Wolverine. The beginning.” The new Yorker Gilberto Sanchez was sentenced to a year in prison, loss of the Studio are estimated at $ 50 million.

In April last year, the Internet turned out to be four episodes of the series “Game of thrones” and in October in the community of Reddit was posted a script of all episodes of the seventh season, which will premiere in the summer of 2017.

The last film by Quentin Tarantino “Disgusting eight” was leaked twice, first on stage ready script (insulted the Director then threatened to postpone the project for five years, but changed his mind), and then shortly before the premiere.

In short, the leak is a pretty common phenomenon, so there is nothing fundamentally new in the fact that the third episode of the fourth season of “Sherlock” leaked to the Internet. With one exception – this time the Network was not the original, but translated into Russian language by the First channel copy.

Given the global hysteria about the “Russian hackers”, it provided the leak increased attention – and not only from the point of view of culture, Economics and law, but also from the policy side.

According to The Telegraph, the leak could be related to the fact that the Kremlin has been outraged by the closure of Bank accounts and RT the decision of the British Corporation for the increase in the production of world service bi-Bi-si in the Russian language. Thus, I believe “intelligence” leak “Sherlock” could be part of “retaliatory measures” against Russia Bi-bi-si.

A series about a detective himself became a subject of theft

Version, of course, perfect in its idiocy. Of course, “Sherlock” is a spectacular film, but to understand what happens when the characters speak in an unknown tongue, it is impossible. Therefore, even if some of the most hardcore British fans, who want to quickly know what happened fourth season, and downloaded the Russian version to see if the main characters in the finale, anyway, he had to watch series in their native language – to see whether Moriarty is alive.

Russian is known to be among the ten most common languages in the world, but still the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Earth in General and the UK in particular, don’t understand it. Russian-speaking Diaspora in London are very noticeable, which causes a aboriginal mournful lyrics about partying a La Russe, but still not large enough to seriously affect a rating of “Sherlock”.

He appeared to be a relatively low – 5.9 million people, compared with 8.1 million watching the first series of the season. But there may be a claim rather to the writers, who in the second series of “Sherlock Holmes death” almost verbatim filmed the eponymous story by Conan Doyle instead, they are used to the audience and artistically develop and postmodern rework a classic story. In the third series of postmodern excess, but that’s another topic.

Thus, the only financial and reputational victims in this story is the First channel. Many fans from Russia do not wait for midnight, when showed the serial, and downloaded and watched it before. Since bi-Bi-si have already received their royalties, no material damage the British did not suffer. Quite the contrary – the series has attracted further attention in the world. Therefore, it would be quite possible on the principle of “who benefits” to assume that leak is to blame bi-Bi-si, but will not cosplay as “analysts” from The Telegraph.

The nominated version of “punitive actions” by Russia against Britain is best characterized by saying “mom Spite frostbitten ears”. And in reality, Russia has many opportunities to make life difficult, and Bi-bi-si, and other British media, and London as a whole. Therefore, the assumption that this was done intentionally, can not stand the slightest criticism – Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t even take it into account in the investigation.

The first channel has said that, according to the preliminary version, the cause of the leak was a hacker attack, and also assured that investigates, in cooperation with Bi-bi-si. Note that the British Corporation, in contrast to his colleagues, does not put forward crazy theories about “deliberate leak”.

“BBC Worldwide takes very seriously the violation of our strict security and we initiated a full investigation of how there was this leak,” said commercial division of the company. Writer Steven Moffat and producer sue Virtue has “punished” the Russian fans of the series, canceled scheduled for January 16 meeting in Moscow in the format of the master class. New event date is not yet known.

Version with hackers, dubbed the First channel, of course, is quite convenient and viable – and most importantly, the West will believe it immediately.

However, someone from the staff or guests of the TV channel could copy a series on a USB stick and directly, not remotely. This could occur in the final stages of dubbing, and the stretch into orbit – the opportunity to steal a movie set.

In any case, in the interests of the “First” to find the culprit – or in the future about simultaneous with the world premiere of popular TV series we will be forgotten (and pirates this, of course, to take advantage of).

But we should not forget that the hackers were not invented in Russia, and that the most high-profile leaks of movies and TV series until recently had nothing to do with our country.

In most cases, the leak is just a leak, and no policy behind it is not worth it. Politics comes later.


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