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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Polish political crisis plays into the hands “old Europe”

Political crisis in Poland is gaining momentum. However, the main interested party in the success of the opposition is Europe, which is extremely inconvenient position independent and sovereign ambitions of the Polish ruling party. Is there a chance for the EU and opposition to “mix the cards” the authorities and to return the country to convenient for Europe’s political mainstream?

In Poland parliamentary crisis unfolds. Friday evening began the protests that are still.

“Polish internal political crisis is interesting primarily because it plays a huge role of the foreign context”

The opposition has blocked the building of the national Parliament, and this continues for the third day. In turn, the deputies of the three opposition parties blocked the aisles to the podium. On 17 and 18 December protests involving several thousand people marched near the presidential Palace in Warsaw, the constitutional court and the Seimas.

The opposition accuses the ruling party “law and justice” undermining the constitutional foundations, the tightening of censorship and the infringement of interests of the inhabitants of the country. A formal reason for the protests was the decision to restrict the work of journalists in the Parliament building – now the media are only permitted to watch the broadcast of the debate, but not to be in the hall of sessions.

The protesters received support from former President Lech Walesa, who said that “law and justice” and the current President Andrzej Duda needs to resign.

In turn, the interior Minister accused the opposition of attempting a coup d’etat, and the protests called “prepared provocation”. In addition, he pointed to the part in the “prepared and trained people”, in particular representatives of the radical far left organization “Antifa”.

Monday morning, 19 December, brought the news that Europe transparently supports the actions of the Polish opposition. In the European Parliament a proposal on the suspension of Poland’s voting rights for “systemic threat to the rule of law and democracy.”

The Polish internal political crisis is interesting primarily because it plays a huge role in foreign policy context. The result expressed the opinion that the actions of the opposition, suspiciously reminiscent of the methods of color revolutions, had a hand in Europe. Or rather, that part of it which is called the old Europe.

Poland because of many reasons holds a special place in modern Europe, and specifically in the European Union. It is historical background and the current geopolitical weight is between old and new Europe, in fact over the last couple of decades has been assigned the role of leader in Eastern Europe. For the status of Poland has occupied a very privileged position in the EU institutions, which they could not boast of any other country of the new EU members.

The problem has arisen because this situation has revived the self-sovereign ambitions of Poland. And this, in turn, is clearly across the plans and interests of Europe. Warsaw, however, made the right move, directly leaning on the support of the United States.

The result is known.

In 2016, to power in the country came to the party “law and justice”, featuring a rigid conservative, nationalist, eurosceptic and anti-Russian position. In the summer the plans and decisions of the new ruling power, which was perceived in Europe as an attack on freedom of speech, human rights and democratic norms, has caused uproar in the European structures with threats of sanctions etc. But that in no way has not affected the new policy of Warsaw.

Whether the attitude of Europe to the current political crisis in Poland, one can only speculate. However, it is, of course, as, indeed, showed her reaction, intends to exploit the chance to affect her awkward position, the most influential Eastern European countries.

Moreover, it is impossible not to mention a “good” time for the political crisis from the point of view of foreign policy.

Poland is the most important Outpost of the United States in Eastern Europe – of course, in the context of military-political confrontation with Russia. However right now States clearly not to Poland. Leaves the office administration, which, in fact, pursued this policy. The new team, obviously, somewhat different priorities. There are serious hints that trump would pursue a policy of easing relations with Russia, so the hard anti-Russian position of Poland could dramatically lose importance in the eyes of the new American administration. And in any case, right now, Washington is obviously not up to Warsaw and small European scandals.

In this situation, the opened “window of opportunities” Europe clearly wants to “drive stalled” rebellious regional power, which is striving hard to play their game, and even tries to put a spoke in the wheel of strategic European projects like “Nord stream – 2” or OPAL.

Will she make it? Is not the fact.

Too many problems of its own in the hands of Europe at the moment. There are many problems, but with solutions and the political will is not very good. So maybe it was going to end minor political unrest.

For Europe, dissatisfied with the Polish authorities, the chance is rather different. Poland has an outstanding talent to bring the internal political differences to sad for the country results.

So at the moment the main issue is whether the ruling forces of Poland to repay the crisis quickly and without major consequences for the political system of the country.


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