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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Antithrombosis demonstrations begin in the United States, and President-elect will help bikers

The closer the inauguration ceremony of Donald trump, is scheduled for January 20, the more passions run high around her. Several groups of activists from the opponents of the elected President announced the beginning of a week of protests — the events will be held before the inauguration, during it and after. Arrived, and the reinforcements from the trump — members of the movement for Trump Bikers (“Bikers for trump”) intend a “wall of meat”, that is standing shoulder to shoulder, to protect an order on January 20 in the district of Columbia. As told “MK” one of the American biker, we are talking about the prevention of possible provocations.

photo: youtube.com

The first powerful demonstration against the upcoming inauguration of trump was held at the memorial of Martin Luther king in Washington. She, however, came only two thousand people, but the organizers considered it a success considering the bad weather. The main goal of the demonstrators, in their own words, is to protect those rights that have already launched an attack the President-elect. In particular, we are talking about health care reform, launched by President Obama (popularly known as Obamacare). Trump in his election campaign called it a disaster and promised to cancel the first day of his stay in the White house. At the moment, the Senate (upper house of the U.S. Congress) has voted to start the process of cancellation of the reform. Now a word for the house of representatives: if the decision of the senators will support the relevant committees will be engaged in the development of this bill.

In connection with antithrombosis protests about wanting to protect the order during the inauguration, said the movement of Bikers for Trump. As stated in the Fox News its founder, Chris Cox, he and his colleagues fully trust the local police, but I want to help if the situation gets out of control. So stand the “wall of meat” around the citizens at the ceremony.

Why are bikers so I decided to help Trump, “MK” was told by one of the members of the movement for Bikers Trump Chris Robe from Ohio, who will also attend the inauguration:

Is not the protection of the President, who was chosen in November, it’s part of policing. As you know, many people in the US can’t accept the fact that trump won, and of course, we expect provocations. Usually to join with us in the conflict is not love, so perhaps our participation will be useful.

— Agreed that your presence at the inauguration with the authorities and the police?

— We will be present as ordinary citizens, have a right to. No problems on this account we have with the police there. The US authorities us about anything not asked, we just made a public statement to prevent possible provocations. The order will be watching the cops, but as I said, we can his presence to prevent any incidents.

— How do you feel about the beginning of the week of protests against trump?

— These people (the protesters) have the right, without violence to Express their opinion as we are.

— How many people from your movement have already confirmed their participation in the inauguration?

— Exact figures I don’t know, but we have a very strong community in which people from different clubs, between which there are contradictions. But in the political sense we are all supporters of trump. We were pleased with his victory and want the inauguration ceremony was held with dignity.


A source close to trump, the words quoted by Bloomberg, refuted information about the fact that the US President-elect Vladimir Putin supposedly going to have a talk tete-a-tete in Reykjavik, after the inauguration. Recall that this information was published by British newspaper the Sunday Times, according to which the meeting had become something of a famous summit in reykjavík in 1986. Then in the Icelandic capital for the second time met Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev: no documents they signed, but the event itself is seen as an important step on the way to the end of the cold war.


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