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Saturday, February 17, 2018

In Washington began everywhere to feel the “hand of Moscow”

In opposition to Donald trump with security agencies appeared a new character. The inspector General of the U.S. Department of justice Michael Horowitz announced that he is starting a detailed investigation of the actions of the FBI before the election. The FBI, recall, is part of the Ministry of justice and the head of the Ministry Loretta Lynch asked the Director of the FBI James Komi to make a statement on the investigation of Hillary Clinton just a week before the election. Komi did not listen and told the U.S. Congress that the FBI resumes its previously closed investigation concerning the use of Mrs. Clinton’s personal server for business purposes.

The inspector General of the Ministry of justice – an independent Supervisory authority, which can’t fire the Minister of justice, and even the President make it very difficult. Geninspektor, Horowitz wishes to investigate the acts of the Komi Republic because it is requested by a number of Federal legislators – congressmen and senators – as well as public organizations. They, in turn see the need to test the impartiality of the Komi Republic: FBI chief hastened to tell about the investigation against Clinton, but he isn’t cooperating, the investigation ties trump with Russia. He was repeatedly asked – and before the election, and after – report, is investigating whether the FBI’s contacts with Russia President-elect and his team; but Komi Republic insists that the investigation about to tell is not necessary. Somehow this rule an exception was made in relation to Hillary Clinton

In July last year of Komi announced that the FBI sees no reason to charge Ms. Clinton criminal charges. In late October, a few days before the presidential election, Komi has sent to Congress a letter about new emails that “seemed relevant” to the investigation of Clinton’s Affairs. And 6 November, two days before the election, he issued another message – that the new emails are analyzed and not found reason to change the July conclusions (about what Clinton did nothing punishable).

There are different theories about the Komi Republic. They say that he allegedly was angry about the refusal of the Ministry of justice to accept the recommendation of the FBI about the investigation in relation to the Clinton Foundation. I say both – that Komi has decided to curry favor with trump, betting on this “horse” when everyone was confident in the victory of Clinton. Now he is Komi became a subject of investigation.

Meanwhile, in Washington ripen other scandals and investigations,or otherwise associated with trump. The Washington Post commentator David Ignatius in his column asks the question: what spoke to the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak retired General Michael Flynn, whom the tramp was nominated for the position of Advisor to the President for national security? Flynn talked with Kislyak a few times in December, at a time when the Obama administration was preparing a response to “hacker attack Russia.” The communication took place, in particular, on the eve of the day when it was announced new U.S. sanctions against Russia. The law specifies Ignatius, prohibits contacts with foreign governments that could affect disputes between the United States and any other country.

National public radio stated that “this could be nothing, but it may be something very serious.” Radio reminds that Russia is now the hottest topic, especially in connection with the publications of the “Russian dirt on trump.” This was a lot of publications about the relations with Russia close trump, including Flynn, who has spoken on TV channel Russia Today and sat at the right hand of Putin at a reception dedicated to the anniversary of RT.

Russia has acquired a very sinister character in the eyes of the American media, when at the Capitol in Washington have been two emergency. During the Senate hearing on the nomination of new CIA chief in the building was out of electricity, and it happened at the very moment when the candidate for the post Congressman Mike Pompeo asked about the Russian intervention in the American elections. Television broadcast on C-SPAN was interrupted.

In the same day live broadcast of C-SPAN from the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress suddenly, as if by the “hand of Moscow” was replaced by the program of the Russian channel RT. Well, how can we not be afraid?

Ilya Paranicas, New York

Sanctions . Chronicle of events

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