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Monday, February 19, 2018

Charles was killed to embroil Russia and Turkey

“We need to know who sent the murderer’s hand” – these words of Putin expressed the General opinion of all in Russia. The murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey – an extraordinary event in the history of Russian diplomacy, such cases can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But the reason for the murder, and the goal of the killers is already clear.

“The crime is a provocation aimed at disrupting the normalization of Turkish-Russian relations and to disrupt the peace process in Syria,” – said the President of Russia, the murder of our Ambassador in Ankara.

“Figuring out who was behind the attack, will long, and to respond to its consequences now”

Vladimir Putin said that the killing is necessary to meet the strengthening of the fight against terrorism and promised that “the bandits will feel”. The President also said that Turkey has sent a group of our investigators who will take part in the investigation – “we need to know who sent the hand of a murderer”.

Thus now we can say if not who, then what killed Charles.

The Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov killed “atmosphere of hate” – such an expression was very fond of a few years ago, the domestic opponents of Putin. They accused the President that it creates a climate in the country, which supposedly kills the “opposition.” Although Putin helped the country and the people to regain the confidence in their abilities, gain self esteem, become stronger. This automatically led to the fact that professional “unidigital” all Russian were in the vacuum of space, began to choke on the contempt with which they were treated by the people.

The murder of Charles is also “to blame” Putin – because he does everything to strengthen the positions of Russia and the world in General, and the middle East. And the stronger Russia is, the more it interferes with the plans of the “masters of the world order”. The Syrian operation after the Crimea became the Rubicon, clicking which Russia was the center of attention of all the main opposing force in the world – and of our country began to sculpt the “evil Empire” and Putin the “new Hitler”. The Western media portray Russia as the main threat to peace and the aggressor, and at the same time scaring us and Europe, and Asia. In particular, and the Islamic world – that, they say, Russia is killing Muslims in Syria, bombing innocent women and children, shame, the horror.

The fact that the West sparked the hellish fire that Russia is trying now at least reduce, one of the Russophobes don’t care. For centuries Muslim playing on the contradictions, the West is simultaneously trying to divert suspicion from himself, and prevent the strengthening of Russia’s positions in the Islamic world. “Atmosphere of hatred” to Russia is an important instrument of geopolitical struggle. And, as you can see, not only propaganda.

Because this really kills the atmosphere, and December 19, Andrey Karlov has become a victim of it. It is highly likely that 22-year-old police officer mevlüt MERT Altıntaş who killed our Ambassador, did not belong to the “Muslim brotherhood”, and was gulenists, and part of a big conspiracy, whose threads extend beyond the borders of Turkey, in lodges or intelligence. It is, however, still need to prove. But even if you just will not be found tangible evidence, no one has repealed the principle of “who benefits”.

And what exactly were the motives of Altıntaş, is the desire to take revenge on Russia, which, he shouted, “killing innocent people” in Aleppo. That is Altıntaş seen in Russia, the fiend, the enemy of the Muslims he lived in the same “atmosphere of hatred”, which was created in our country. And to “punish the evildoers”, he decided to kill the Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Does the blame for the murder of the Turkish power, President Erdogan? The second year of a “stab in the back” – not too much for the relations between the two countries? If the su-24 and killed Oleg Peshkov Putin 8 months waiting for an apology, then what about the murder of the Ambassador, which before was equivalent almost to a Declaration of war?

No, Erdogan didn’t kill our Ambassador, and the tone of the defamation of Russia asking not so much Turkish as Western and their affiliated Muslim media. Turkey, in contrast, indeed all the last months trying to find a solution to the Syrian problem together with Russia and Aleppo after the path has become easier. Charles was killed to embroil Russia and Turkey, to play off the two countries to disrupt the Syrian settlement. Labeled Ambassador to “kill” the relationship between Putin and Erdogan.

Although, again, the actions of Altıntaş could stand as a global conspiracy and a local action of one of the Islamist groups who wanted “just” to take revenge on Russia – but now it is important to find out who was behind the assassination, and how you will use it effects.

Figuring out who was behind the attack, will be long, but to respond to its consequences now. What will Russia do?

To continue on the same course, which was: in particular, to work to end the Syrian war. Trilateral negotiations of Russia, Turkey and Iran, on the eve of the first round of which was killed by Charles, will be a major step towards Syrian settlement. Tehran and Moscow are allies in Syria. If Turkey fail to agree on a mutually agreeable solution “khilafat” and the Kurdish problem, “forced ceasefire” is only a few months.

It is quite probable involvement in the murder of Charles gulenists and, through them, Western intelligence agencies, nothing changes in Russian geopolitical strategy. “We have declared war!” – Yes, but that just happened with the murder of Charles, but much earlier. And this war declared on us not the USA, and by a force much more powerful. And, in a “strange” coincidence, just now for this strength the main problem is not Russia, and Donald trump. If tomorrow they will kill trump will also US to blame?

By the way, Erdogan, Putin and trump have in common is that they are absolutely not satisfied with supranational global elite. The Atlantic in the form of the globalist content. And if Erdogan recently tried to overthrow, trump was trying to keep to power, before Putin’s hands reach short. Here and take vengeance on his messenger who is not only power, but also its head.

The murder of Charles – vile, provocative and arrogant. Russia not only punish those who inspired the murderer, but will not give our enemies any chance to disrupt the course that so Angers and infuriates.


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