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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What to expect from Mad Dog Mattis the head of the Pentagon

The U.S. Congress gave its approval to the appointment of the new head of the Pentagon, General James Mattis, nicknamed Mad Dog. Marine, who managed to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, respects the philosopher Marcus Aurelius, and speaking of the aphorisms from the series: “there are freaks who just need to shoot”. What can you expect from Mattis, clearly disliked China and Iran, but so far not directly speak about Russia?

The U.S. Congress has approved the candidacy of 66-year-old marine General retired James Mattis to head the Pentagon.

For years of service, General Mattis, who received a respectful rather than a derogatory nickname Mad Dog (Mad Dog), as stated earlier unflattering reviews about Russia. On the one hand, he supported elected President of the USA of Donald trump in the decision to establish relations with Russia. “We had contact with Russia even in the darkest days of the cold war, and because I agree with the elected President, decided to establish relations with Moscow,” said Mattis.

“Civilian, not military leaders of the Pentagon, as a rule, provoking a new war”

However, he urged to confront Russia in the areas in which countries can cooperate. “We have to protect ourselves, if Russia decides to act contrary to our interests,” he said. Mattis explained that meant “disturbing reports about the violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range, the use of tactics of hybrid warfare to destabilize other countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, as well as data on cyber attacks and information wars.” The intention of Moscow is “the most important thing”, which now have to absorb US, said Mattis, speaking Thursday to the Committee on armed services of the Senate of the Congress at the hearings devoted to the consideration of his candidacy.

At the same time Mattis has said it is ready to develop at the Pentagon a system to counter Russia. In this retired military left the answer to the question about the extension of US sanctions against Moscow and a possible new cyber attacks that are attributed to Russia. “The decision on war is not accepted by the machine,” – said Mattis.

Even more than Russia, General criticized Iran, including its policy of establishing relations with Tehran, which promoted the Obama administration. Iran poses the most serious threat to stability and peace in the middle East, has repeatedly said Mattis.

“Shoot him – damn funny thing”

Note that the middle East belonged to the sphere of operational responsibility of General Mattis as head of Central command VS the USA. Mad Dog served in the marine corps for 41 years. He never married, the children of Mattis either, for what it is in the service called “monk-warrior” or “fighting monk”. Mattis participated in U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (2001 and 2003). During this time, he gave a lot of original sayings, which went on quotes.

All the statements Mad Dog extremely popular, veterans gather them under a single hashtag, for honesty Mattis has earned a subordinate and a superior.

“When you are the first time someone knocked, it cannot be called insignificant event… there are freaks who just need to shoot,” said one General.

Another popular quote from Mattis: “I come to you with the world. To me there is no artillery. But I beg you with tears in my eyes – don’t even try to fuck with me, otherwise I will have to kill all of you”.

However, this aphorism was formulated by Mattis not in the middle East. For operations in Afghanistan the General had a much more poignant sayings. So, instructing soldiers on the base in San Diego, Mattis said, “Fun to shoot some people. I’ll tell you frankly – I love a good brawl.” Then he continued: “You’re going to Afghanistan – there are guys who are within five years of beating women for not wearing the veil. I will say this – these guys there is nothing courageous. So shoot them a damn funny thing”.

On the bedside table Mattis always keeps a volume of the writings of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, known in history as both the ruler-philosopher and a successful commander. Pushing the candidacy of the retired General at the head of the Pentagon in December, trump called him a real man and a General of generals.

“The success of our military strategy, we need the right person who will lead the Ministry of defense,” – said the President-elect. In his opinion, Mattis – “one of the most effective generals in the United States in many decades”.

The second after the author of the “Marshall plan”

To allow Mattis to take the post of head of the military Department, to the Committee of the house of representatives had to make actually a separate bill. U.S. military personnel in retirement to occupy civil posts (which include the post of head of the Pentagon) allowed just seven years after they left office. Mattis left his post as head of the Central command of the Armed forces of the United States only in 2013.

How to grow world military rashody the end, the Congress by a minimum of votes are allowed to propose amendments that would allow Mattis to take the post of defense Minister. They were taken by 34 Republican votes against 28 votes from Democrats. Earlier, the Senate also approved the nomination of Mattis. We will remind, by results of held on 8 November in the US General election and the Senate and house of representatives of the Congress remained under the control of the Republican party, which includes trump.

It should be noted that Mattis became only the second person in the last 70 years, for whom the Committee on military Affairs, made such an exception. Previously, a separate pass through the amendments, the law had awarded to General George Marshall, who worked in the administration of President Harry Truman in the early 1950-ies. By the way, Marshall was the initiator of the plan that went down in history under his name.

Tehran and Beijing will not be good

The scientist-americanist Victor Olevich focuses on the fact that Mattis came out of that layer of the highest American military command, which is traditionally negative to Iran. “He served in the marine corps of the United States, and the generals of the Marines is the most anti-Iranian in the us military position. It has become a tradition ever since the bombings of the Marines barracks in Lebanon in 1983, suspected Hezbollah and behind it Iran. U.S. Marines then shamefully fled from Lebanon, and the command since traditionally looking for an excuse for revenge,” – said the expert.

Also Olevich recalled that during his election campaign, as well as in prior years, trump has repeatedly stated that the course of the Obama administration to normalize relations with Iran and the conclusion of a multilateral Treaty on the withdrawal from the nuclear crisis does not correspond to American national interests.

“In key positions in the power block USA are now assigned to figures who established themselves as hard opponents of Tehran. It is not only the future Minister of defense James Mattis, but also the future head of the CIA Mike Pompeo and a number of other politicians, believes that the foreign policy of the previous administration was too lenient not only towards Iran but also towards China,” – says americanist.

In addition, Olevich believes that China should also expect policy tightening. “The first harbinger of this tightening was the recent telephone conversation between Donald trump and head of the Taiwan – President Cai Inven and the appointment of new US trade representative author of the book with the unambiguous title “Death by China” by Peter Navarro”, – he explained.

According to Olevia, anti-Iranian and anti-Chinese sentiment in the property trump will affect the future of Russian-American relations. “As Tehran and Beijing are strategic partners of Russia. It can be expected that the new us administration to push Russia as a condition for improving relations with the United States cooling of relations with Iran and China,” predicts americanist.

“I really hope that Mattis is not a politician”

The scientist-americanist Boris Mezhuev, in turn, said that Mattis as a political figure is very doubtful strengthens trump. “Hope can be the fact that he was elected to the post of Minister of defense as a military, not as a politician. It is rather typical representative, as they said in Soviet times, the us military,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW. Mezhuev said that the military to head the Pentagon was not appointed long ago.

“Traditionally for a long time the Department led by civilians, and the military was headed by the chiefs of staff. Trump decided to destroy this tradition. By the way, that civilian managers of the defense Ministry, as a rule, provoked a new war,” reminded the americanist. Although, he added Mezhuev, and Mattis has not yet proved itself as a peace-loving people, quite the contrary.

The expert also hopes that the military, as head of the U.S. Department of defense will be a weak political figure and will look weaker than the head of the state Department Tillerson.

However, said Mezhuev, it is clear that the administration of a trump for Russia will be very difficult. Most importantly, in his opinion, our country now need to refrain from involvement in the division of the world together with the United States and protect its national interests. “The relationship with America in the role of global friends may cost our country dearly – anti-Iranian, anti-Chinese, antirationalist mood in the administration trump is very strong. I doubt that common people like Rex Tillerson will be able the mood to hold back. And the joint with the administration planning the future of the world is hardly possible. We need to protect our interests”, – he explained.


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