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Monday, February 19, 2018

The war of sanctions: Tkachev to visit Germany, but Freeland will remain in Canada

Ukraine’s Ambassador protested the preparation of the visit of the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation in Germany to bypass the sanctions. Germany really ready to take Alexander Tkachev, and now the new Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland she flatly refused to visit Russia, where included in the sanctions lists. If sanctions hinder international negotiations? And if you wish to circumvent them?

On Friday, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Berlin Andrew Miller was indignant, having learnt about the preparation of the visit of the Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev in Germany. About this he wrote on Twitter, tweet with three question marks, and expressed hope that Berlin will not allow violations of the sanctions regime, because Tkachev is in the black list of the EU.

“In Europe, sanctions imposed on the EU Council of Ministers. But from the sovereignty of European countries are not abandoned”

However, the decision has been made, and Tkachev is officially a guest of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany. As reported by “Kommersant”, Tkachev will take part in the meeting of agriculture Ministers of the G20, scheduled in Berlin on January 22. In the framework of the visit Alexander Tkachev will hold a series of bilateral meetings with colleagues from the “big twenty”.

At the same time in Berlin and assigned to the international agricultural exhibition “Green week”. The delegation of Russia in her riding, Deputy Minister of agriculture Eugene Gromyko and the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert. “The Russian exposition at the exhibition will be presented”, – said on the website of the Ministry of agriculture.

Recall that Tkachev is in the sanctions list of the European Union. This implies a ban on entry and freezing of assets and property. Year ago because of the refusal of Germany to issue a visa Tkachev Russia for the first time in 23 years ignored the exhibition “Green week”.

However, this time the Ministry of food and agriculture of Germany itself welcomed the idea of inviting Tkachev.

“There is a selfish interest” of the Germans

It was reported that also planned to meet Tkachev and German colleague, Christian Schmidt, however, the source later denied this information.

Earlier, the German publishing Association RND said that Berlin decided to use a legal trick to still invite Tkachev. To this end, the German government raised the status of the event by equating it to the meeting under the auspices of the OSCE. According to Ukrainian UNIAN news Agency that the Russian Minister was able to visit Berlin, Germany uses a very broad interpretation of article 1 (4) decisions of the Council of the European Union on the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, which were made clause – allowed the entry of persons under sanctions, to participate in meetings in the framework of the OSCE.

The German scientist, scientific Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr stresses that one of the main problems of humanity – lack of food, and “talking about it without Russia – nonsense.”

“Therefore, Russia should be at this meeting to participate. But more important is the fact that for inviting Tkachev fought the Minister of agriculture of Germany Christian Schmidt. Schmidt – Deputy Horst Seehofer, leader of the Bavarian Christian social Union. This party, unlike Mrs Merkel has always opposed sanctions against Russia,” Rahr said the newspaper VIEW.

He stressed that in Bavaria, a company suffering from Russian counter-sanctions. The last decades they have delivered products. “They’re trying as quickly as possible to return to the Russian market. Very afraid to cede the market to China, Turkey, India. There are already agroproducts in Russia. And the German – no. So there is a selfish interest, because in agriculture the Germans suffer the most as a result of anti – Russian sanctions,” – he concluded.

There is a will, and a loophole there

Commenting on the announcement of Berlin use a wide interpretation of article 1 (4) decisions of the Council of the EU in the case of Tkachev, the President of the Russian Association of international law Anatoly Kapustin said: “the Appeal to the OSCE – this is pure deceit. The headquarters of the OSCE in Berlin. So it will be a purely formal occasion. In July 2015, the speaker of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin met in Finland, at the session of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly, but was denied entry”.

Kapustin said the newspaper VIEW that, theoretically, the state can not undo the sanctions without an agreement with the authority with which they were introduced, but in practice this is not a problem. “In Europe, sanctions imposed on the EU Council of Ministers. But from their sovereignty of a European country is not refused, therefore, can be found a lot of reasons in order to circumvent sanctions. As for economic sanctions, this is more difficult, but allow a person from the blacklist to visit the country – no question”, – explained the expert. Kapustin added that officials as representatives of the States enjoy in international relations, immunity and privileges, and willing to accept them, the country can always rely on a state necessity. “A legal loophole is always there,” he concluded.

“In General, sanctions imposed by the European Union, but an entry permit in fact takes a single state. By the way, in addition to the OSCE a person to an event may invite the Council of Europe, which is de jure not involved in sanctions policy, there are other organizations, like the Benelux, the European free trade Association, but behind them will be a very big stretch,” says the lawyer.

For its part Russia, according to Kapustin of course, if you want, at any time to the new Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada the Christ Freeland. “Above us is not worth the Brussels or any other international organization”, – said Kapustin.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry has called the exception Freeland from the sanctions list “a question of reciprocity and mirror effect”. “She is under sanctions from 2014, it’s no secret. She was included in the sanctions list in retaliation, as Canada has imposed restrictions against Russia, including officials. The question of its exclusion from the retaliatory sanctions list is a matter of reciprocity and mirror effect” – the words of an anonymous source in the foreign Ministry, RIA “Novosti”.

“No trades around their aggression”

Friday Freeland firmly rejected the proposal to visit Moscow. “No trades around their aggression and illegal acts is not” – quoted by canadian publication the Globe and Mail’s press Secretary Joe Picarella.

Recall that assigned earlier in the week foreign Minister canadian of Ukrainian origin, Chrystia Freeland was introduced in 2014 in the Russian list of persona non grata in retaliation, since Ottawa imposed sanctions against Russian politicians. Freeland has repeatedly visited Ukraine, including in the midst of the confrontation on the Maidan in the winter of 2013/2014, not hiding his anti-Russian position on key issues.

Recall that in July 2015, the authorities of Finland are not allowed into the country the state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin. Helsinki explained by the fact that the speaker is in the sanctions list of the European Union. In addition to Naryshkin, then the visa has not received more than five members of the Russian delegation also included in the black list.

For Surkov made an exception, but Rogozin did not ask permission

In a month – in August 2015 – the delegates of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation headed by Valentina Matvienko has decided to cancel the trip to new York for activities in the framework of the UN. Visa issues predicted itself Matvienko, who is on the sanctions list of the USA. The conditions imposed in the end, the American party, it called flawed. “Issued after long delays visa contains a number of unacceptable restrictions on stay Matvienko in the United States. In particular, she is not allowed to participate in all meetings and other events of the inter-Parliamentary Union”, – said the foreign Ministry.

However, the Russian policy from the sanctions list earlier and so had already visited the European Union. So, in October of last year, the President’s adviser, Vladislav Surkov arrived in Germany for talks in Normandy format. The German magazine Der Spiegel according to the speaker of the German government Steffen Seibert reported that the relatively Surkov received a request for an exception and it was granted.

In April 2015, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during a visit to the Arctic was able to visit the Spitsbergen archipelago that belongs to Norway. The fact that the Norwegian guards then did not control all arrivals to the island as part of the Russian delegations. Oslo had considered the visit “unfortunate” and demanded an. explanation, but the Deputy Prime Minister only laughed it off. “After a fight with his fists do not wave”, – he wrote, suggesting that Norwegian officials are just jealous that he swam at the North pole.


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