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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The truth in the scandal of HIV-infected children from large families will establish a law enforcement

Large family, educate HIV-infected children, seized after the incident with the beating, has never been seen to mistreatment their pupils. Therefore, the adoptive mother of a minor was allowed to see them without any restrictions. His father, who left his native home, check with law enforcement agencies.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when the capital’s teachers of the kindergarten found one of the brought up in a foster home children – boy – bruising: bruises, abrasions and bruises. The child told that his father beat. Subsequently, as reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Department of labor and social protection of Moscow, the boy was taken to hospital.

“It was decided at the time of verification of this fact, I stress, only at the time of inspection, place children in a safe place – in turn commented the Agency TASS, the Deputy head of the Department Tatyana Barsukova. Now eight children are in a medical facility because they are infected with HIV and two children are in our social center, they’re safe and the mother can have contact with them whenever you want. We supported the mother in everything, because we need reliable facts on the situation in the family.”

In General, as it turned out, the family were brought up ward of eight children, four adopted children, one blood. Parents with children two years ago moved to Moscow from Leningrad region, settling at first in Biryulyovo, and later in Zelenograd. The family was regularly checked by social services, who last visited her in the summer of 2016.

The mother of the family made the meeting with the Commissioner of the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova, during which he stated that he wants to return the children:

“I really wish I was allowed to see her kids, she said. – The situation for them huge stress. I have on the education of children with disabilities, they need a special approach. I will do anything to get the kids ready to communicate with the police, social services – anything, if it helps to clarify the situation. Ready to monitor anything”.

“The most important thing at this stage is to do everything to help the children to relive the situation with the withdrawal, in turn, commented Anna Kuznetsova. – Initially, they were placed in different medical and social institutions, now all the children are moved to one center, which is located in Zelenograd, close to her mom, possible to mitigate severe stress, which occurs in children in the first minutes of the seizure of the families. Now it is important to understand where the child appeared the signs of beating, as far as what happened in the family, were systemic in nature. And only after a detailed investigation we can conclude and make a decision on the future of the children. If the family was dysfunctional, if relevant services have received alarming signals about the return of the children would not be considered. In this case, such information comes first, but it can not be ignored”.

As told the newspaper VIEW press Secretary of the Commissioner under President of Russia on the rights of the child Veronika Voronova, the family initially took care of children infected with HIV – this form of guardianship of a minor child has a serious diagnosis, she said, is gradually becoming the norm in Russia.

“They never had any complaints, there were no recorded cases of ill-treatment in General gave the impression of a happy family, – said Voronova. – Looking “Instagram” mom, you can see that she regularly posted photos there with children who looked very happy, and she literally lived it. It is now, tellingly, she goes on contact”.

During the meeting with the Commissioner for rights of the child, the decision was made not to deprive the mother of parental rights and to allow her to visit their children without restriction. Also, as reported by the press service of the Commissioner under President of Russia on the rights of the child, the question of the transfer of the adopted children next-of-kin mother.

“We could not respond to the received signal, – said Veronika Voronova. The father of the family, as far as I know, is now in St. Petersburg. It will check law enforcement, and after that a decision will be made whole.”


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