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Sunday, February 18, 2018

ITech Bijev: Precision weapons allows Russia to solve any issues

“Now, the strategic goals can be achieved in the non-nuclear option. Precision weapons allows Russia to solve any issues. This was confirmed by the last local war,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Lieutenant General Aitech Bizhev, commenting on the statement of the Minister of defence that the main factor protecting the country gradually transferred from nuclear to non-nuclear plane.

On Thursday, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, addressing the senior staff of his Department a report on the current military development and its perspectives, noted the growing importance of precision weapons as a deterrent. The Minister did not rule out that over time it will become more important deterrent than even nuclear weapons.

“A recent example is the accident at the Fukushima NPP in Japan. Over the radiation spread throughout the world. The tuna were not there”

According to the plans of the Minister, the potential of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia in four years will increase by four times. The basis of the group of carriers of high-precision weapons, said Sergei Shoigu, will be ships with cruise missiles. Now the newest ships and submarines equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”. At the same time moderniziriruyutsya already in a combat fleet ships and submarines, receiving the same complexes.

“The Navy receives a modern multi-purpose surface ships and submarines equipped with cruise missiles. By 2021 fleet will be the basis of groups of carriers of high-precision weapons long range” – promised the Minister, adding that the effectiveness of cruise missiles will increase in one and a half times the newest aircraft-complex of the Russian HQs.

However, while the absolute priority for the Ministry of defense is the development of a nuclear triad. The Minister spoke about the large-scale equipment of the strategic missile forces and naval forces of nuclear deterrence modern missile systems and the modernization of long-range aircraft. This, according to Shoigu, will allow besides 2021 to bring their equipment with modern weapons to 72%.

ITech Bijev (photo: kremlin.ru)

About why in the future the world can completely renounce nuclear weapons, in an interview with the newspaper look told the former Deputy commander of the Russian air force, Lieutenant-General Aitech Bizhev.

OPINION: ITech Magomedovich, why give up nuclear weapons as a deterrent?

ITech Bijev: Some weapons, by their power potential closer to nuclear weapons: for equivalent capacity, the susceptibility of the objects.

Nuclear weapons shall be destroyed not only strategic military targets but also civilians. Nuclear weapons had such a huge capacity, selectivity no. If required to destroy strategic object, and around it was a civilian infrastructure, destroyed everything. From nuclear strikes can be unpredictable natural consequences: the destruction of dams, canals, nuclear power plants.

A nuclear war chooses not to, she will destroy not only us, but everyone. Nuclear attack is not only destruction, but also a huge radiation, which for many years will poison the soil, air, water… In Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people still are born with abnormalities. Now the world is all interconnected. Unintentional destruction of even one power plant in Europe affected and neighbouring countries.

The defence Minister quite rightly said now that the strategic objectives can be achieved in the non-nuclear option. Precision weapons allows Russia to solve any issues. This was confirmed by the last local war.

OPINION: How effective, for example, using cruise missiles from warships at targets in Syria?

A. B.: high-Precision targeted cruise missile strikes were struck from the Caspian, the Mediterranean and other seas. The rocket fell in the right place. And our partners have caused inaccurate strikes. In Afghanistan, the United States was on a wedding procession. Tried to destroy one object, and got in civilian hospitals. Russia was not like this. It says that the potential of our high-precision weapons is very high.

Nearly our entire naval fleet is re-equipped with new missile systems. If you take the same strategic aviation, the flight range of unique and the accuracy is very high. It makes no sense to strike with nuclear warheads. Logic now the other prevails all over the world. Fleet HQs, the army has moved to an entirely new weapons. The same “Iskander”, “Bastion”, aviation-rocket complexes – all of this is completely new. In the non-nuclear option to solve the same problems as in nuclear.

Increasing the Russian orbital grouping. If by the end of the Soviet time, the group has developed all installed resources, now we have launched many new vehicles. In this connection also improves the selectivity, the accuracy of guidance.

OPINION: How the modern Russian air and missile defense ready to counter foreign non-nuclear precision weapons?

A. B.: the Russian air defense system is designed in such a way that pervades all created a permanent radar field, which can not be unnoticed break. In addition, the weapons adopted a new anti-aircraft missile complexes, which are very effective in the rate, range and stock. The system of defense against the enemy is ahead of his offensive weapons for 15 years.

Anti-aircraft missiles of Soviet design-type S-75, s-125, s-200, Buk and now relevant and can compete with modern means of attack, although it was released in 1960-ies! And what can we say about the s-400 that we put on combat duty?! There’s a fly will not fly. All of the information collects and distributes automated control system. The commander only says he agrees with the decision of automation or not.

LOOK: To create a comprehensive non-nuclear deterrence forces will need in the future, the withdrawal of Russia from the INF Treaty?

A. B.: At the time, we unilaterally destroyed under this contract operational-tactical missile complexes, for example, “Oka”. But we don’t get out of this contract. Everything is done within its framework. All new weapons are part of this agreement. And to come in the future from him or not? Not authorized to say such a thing. This is a political decision.

OPINION: Nuclear weapons are not used because of the huge risk all at once. But there is a danger that with the transition to high-precision non-nuclear weapons countries will increase the feeling of impunity and the number of wars in the world will grow?

A. B.: it All depends on how diplomacy will work, heads our. The weapon is in the hands of politicians. How will they dispose of them?

OPINION: do You believe that one day mankind will abandon nuclear weapons?

A. B.: Normal human mind dictates that nuclear weapons should be abandoned. The latest example is the accident at the Fukushima NPP in Japan. Over the radiation spread throughout the world. The tuna was impossible to eat. From nuclear weapons affected all: who is fighting and who is fighting.


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