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Friday, April 13, 2018

“The Museum is 75-78 thousand visitors. Compare this with 30 parishioners”

Disputes over the building of the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic in St. Petersburg, formerly up to 30-ies of the last century a Church of believers, is becoming fiercer. The leadership of Roshydromet, supported the transfer of the building of the Church, dismiss the Director, opposed. The latter enlisted the support of the city authorities and Union of museums and declares its readiness to continue to work for free.

The scandal of the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, the building of which is claimed by the St. Petersburg Metropolitanate of the Russian Orthodox Church, is gaining momentum. The Agency Director Viktor Boyarsky modify the last days since the beginning of the following month he was deprived of his office.

“The reason for my already two-year confrontation with Roshydromet, countering his attempts to relocate the Museum “nowhere”

He connects his resignation from the position on the transfer of the Museum building of the Russian Orthodox Church: the leadership of Roshydromet, which owns the Museum, supported the claims of the ROC in the building of the former temple, and ordered the Museum to move to another place that boyar refused to do.

“January 31, I’m running out of contract, and the founder of it does not extend, – he told the newspaper VIEW. – The reason is not the performance of the Museum, which, in General, is a worthy Museum to cope, moreover, attendance rates improve. The reason in my already two-year confrontation with Roshydromet, countering his attempts to relocate the Museum in a new place, at the wrong building.”

“Of Roshydromet buildings in St. Petersburg is not enough. One of the Arctic Institute, they even tried to strike us in the conference room of the Institute. Considered the question of the transfer of us into the building on the Vasilievsky island, which by volume is less than twice. And when moving some of our exhibits are lost, they are generally naperegonki. In short, for a Museum of any move is detrimental, the more “going nowhere”, – he explained.

“In 2014, for the activities of the Museum were to answer “effective managers”, – announced Boyarsky their point of view. – Stated my position that I don’t follow their instructions about moving caused a series of actions on their part: the court filed on me for causing alleged damage to the Museum, check unscheduled, asked me to resign, I refused. And now they waited until the contract ends, and by law, the contract was not renewed”.

According to him, after he left office, to perform the duties of his Deputy for science, but the boyar himself will “do the same thing and did, only without the paycheck.”

Old story

Church on Marata street (formerly Nicholas) was built in 1838 by the architect Melnikov and became the main Church of co-religionists in Russia. For the common faith arose in order to reconcile the Russian Orthodox Church and old believers, with whom the authorities of the Russian Empire was in trouble. Co-religionists are subject to ROC, but keep the canons of worship according to the old rite, such as the cross with two fingers and use the ecclesiastical texts of old believers.

Victor Boyarsky (photo: frame channel ETV)

In 1931 the Church was closed and parishioners at full strength went to prison. In 1933 the building was transferred to created then the Museum of the Arctic.

Victor Boyarsky linked his fate with the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic in 1992. For two years he was a sponsor of the Museum, providing funding of approximately 70%, in 1994 he became a research associate in 1998, the Museum’s Director.

The community of believers was three times declared the claim to the building: in the early 1990s through the courts in 2013 and 2015, according to the law on transfer of Church of property of religious purpose. However, the success of the community is not achieved, the law failed to apply because of incorrect queries in the Agency. In June last year, the community has refused from-for absence of security obligations and guarantees of the ability to the upkeep of the building of the temple.

As a unified faith community in the conflict supported the St. Petersburg Metropolitanate, whose position is simple: if the building was built as Church, it must be the Church. “The fact that the Museum is in the Church, is not perfect – said, “Radio Baltika” a spokesman for the Archdiocese Natalia Rodomanova. – Our statement on the transfer of the temple hanging for a long time. Yes, we need some new special actions due to the fact that Boyarsky fired, but I don’t think that it is possible to find the relationship between these things.”

In Roshydromet the newspaper VIEW stated that they can not show to comment on the story.

On the other side

Boyar previously proposed to transfer the Museum to the Ministry of culture, and this initiative has found support both in the Ministry of culture and the Union of museums of Russia. “Roshydromet now gets rid of non-core assets, so perhaps the Museum will be able to go to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of culture. We believe that it will be correct because the Ministry professionally managed system. The Union wrote a letter to the Minister Vladimir Medinsky and to the Federal government to save the Museum, but to defend the Director, we can not” – said the Executive Director of the Union, Boris Arakcheev.

“There is not much – Doge Roshydromet, who first agreed and then stopped and suddenly declared that the Museum is the property of Roshydromet, and it can’t pass. Although it is not about the transfer of Museum in the Arab Emirates, and the transfer to the relevant Ministry,” said the boyar, noting that the transfer of the building at the moment is inconvenient to Roshydromet, and, perhaps, metropolis, because it is costly, and the Roshydromet there is simply no money to move.

According to him, the leadership of the Department just because and may be interested in the transfer of the Museum to the Church, since moving the Museum to be allocated 500 million rubles from the budget.

“The building was preserved thanks to the Museum, it was rebuilt. The Museum has a 75-78 thousand visitors. Compare this with 30 members. Someone in this Church will see? Next we have a beautiful St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, where people go.

A compromise could be sharing. But for this we need to remove a large part of the exhibition is to let these guys sing the chorus. Edinoverie was established as an intermediate course between the Orthodox and the old believers. Well, what’s the perspective here? If in 20 years their number increased from 30 to 40, what’s next?” – concluded the Director.

To protect the Museum and its Director stood up and the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky, sent to Roshydromet’s appeal to extend with knights contract. In his statement addressed to the head of Department, he also proposes to consider the question of the transfer of the Museum to the city, the authorities which, in his opinion, had a better handle on making it work. According to Vishnevsky, in 2014, this question Wisniewski boyar discussed with St. Petersburg Governor Gennady Poltavchenko and found him a support.


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