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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Obama is trying to hurt Trump

In recent weeks Barack Obama and his administration have made many decisions, whose sole purpose seems to create difficulties for the work of Donald trump. And we are not talking about small things, but essential for the United States – from the economy to the Middle East. Infantilism and petty pakostnichestvo showed a new side of the outgoing U.S. President and his team.

One of the closest associates of Donald trump, former speaker of the house of representatives newt Gingrich stated that 70% of the Executive orders of Barack Obama can be cancelled after the arrival in the White house the new President.

“The last weeks of his tenure as Obama, his work is difficult to describe otherwise than a “mad printer”

This review is a very good reason, because the last weeks of his tenure as Obama, his work is difficult to describe otherwise than a “mad printer”. Almost every day brings news about another taken while still the incumbent solutions that are openly confrontational.

A significant part of these decisions for Russia. This gave the experts an opportunity to argue that Barack Obama intentionally maximally worsens the situation that Trump has got a “blockage” in U.S.-Russian relations, which have long to disassemble.

At first glance such a statement seems not unreasonable. That’s just part of the recent decisions of Obama.

The cooperation of the Pentagon, the Russian Federation prohibited until then while Russia will not cease to take action that allegedly “threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of NATO.”

– The action “Magnitsky act” extended to the whole world.

– Expanded US sanctions against Russia over Syria and Ukraine.

And there were more the actions of Obama, who formally have no relation to Russia, but in an obvious way are anti-Russian character:

– Approved the allocation of Ukraine $ 350 million for military purposes. Means, of course, not significant, but look demonstrative a “stud” in Russia.

– Approved the procedure for the delivery of MANPADS to the Syrian opposition.

– Supported the establishment of the Department center on the “anti-propaganda” of Russia and China.

In addition, was followed by several attacks from cyber-attacks that Russia is allegedly making in the United States. Obama personally declared Moscow’s intervention in the American elections, and the American media took the leak on the conversation of the presidents on this topic in “red phone”.

But do not be fooled. Current steps Obama go far beyond the Russian-American relations. Most known steps of the President, which obviously complicate the life of Trump as President, were the following:

– A ban on the development of oil and gas in the Arctic. The decision was justified by environmental protection. However, given that the key point of the campaign trump was the promise of the revival of the real sector of the US economy, including the mining industry, it looks outright tripped him from leaving the White house President.

– Anti-Israel resolution in the UN, when the United States for the first time in history has vetoed a decision of the security Council against their key ally in the middle East. There is little doubt that trump will adjust the sudden change of policy and return the position of the United States to normal, since he never hid his Pro-Israel stance. However, with considerable probability, the Americans will have to make certain concessions to Israel in order to “make amends” and to solve this problem will be Trump.

Is giving the Pentagon the next year for military cooperation with Taiwan. This item looks no less impressive than the previous one. Has not passed also month, as trump was subjected to massive obstruction of the American media and establishment for his telephone conversation with the head of Taiwan after winning the election. Obama personally warned him against “hasty steps” in relation to the policy of “one China”. Two weeks later, he supported openly hostile against Beijing’s move have caused anger of a management of China.

On the totality of the recent actions of Barack Obama’s presidency look like an attempt to organize the maximum number of filth and “time bombs” to his successor. The goal is to create that for the remaining time a lot of “blockages”, and the most important for US areas – both domestic (economy) and foreign policy (middle East, China, Russia).

Obama is acting is definitely not alone. It is representative of a significant part of the American elite, defeated in the last election. Given that we are talking about the leader of a world superpower, which stood at its helm for eight years and the ruling elite of the same superpower, what is happening looks incomprehensible, absurd infantilism and pettiness.

However, at the same time, this largely explains the impasse in which the Russian-American relations over the years.

And as promised iranistani the repeal of a decree, they know what they are talking about. Obama a substantial number of its decisions held no laws through Congress, which would be extremely difficult to undo, and by its own decrees, cancellation of which is much easier.


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