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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Historian for change of residence Ilya Muromets: Russians and Ukrainians were one

The scandal surrounding the place of “residence” of the epic hero Ilya Muromets is gaining momentum. Recall that the Ukrainian officials have made changes to the Wikipedia through which the epic Russian hero Ilya Muromets was a native of the Chernihiv region of Ukraine, not in Vladimir region of Russia. “Mail of Russia” and the Theater-Museum of Ilya Muromets struck back, putting the exact address of Hercules in the city of Murom, Vladimir region.

Specially for “MK” the situation was commented by the known historian, the author of the column “Lessons of history” and the “Questions of history” on radio Vesti FM Andrey Sergeevich, SVETENKO.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

According to Ukrainian officials, the hero was born near Kiev in Moore (Morawicki) near Chernigov, which in ancient times was called Murom.

This character is epic, epic. Look for some of his specific prototypes and the more accurate place of residence in this situation is silly, – said Andrew Svetenko. – It’s like that to find the prototype or the place of birth of Nightingale the Robber.

Although, of course, there are many versions of who could “write” Ilya Muromets. One of the most popular – it could be a master, the architect who built fortifications, and had the nickname of “Murom”. Usually nicknames are given to people by birth. And that Ilya Muromets is a native of Murom, and says his nickname, and Moore, as you know, is on the territory of Russia, said the historian.

However, given the fact that this character originated in the pre-Mongol period, you need to understand that we are talking about an undivided space of Ancient Rus, which we call Kiev. In this sense, the logical chain of Kiev from Kiev, and Kiev is now in Ukraine, it turns out the character is Ukrainian. The logic is also clear and simple. But what is now epic characters from thousands of years ago trying to tie to the current political context, says that history becomes a hostage of the current political process, says Svetenko.

“It can be noted with a certain degree of sadness. It is important to keep in mind that we are talking about events taking place until the 13th century, so today Ilya Muromets ridiculous divide between modern Russian and Ukrainian cultural spaces. At that time, the division into ethnic groups simply did not exist, Russia was unified. Not the people whom we now call “Ukrainians” or “Russians”, they have not yet developed, not ripe. Preserved the tribal identity of people, Vyatichi, Krivichi, Ilmen Slovenia. These were Kiev, Novgorod, Vladimir. And this can be safely added to the root “Rus”, Novgorod, Kiev, Vladimir…” – said the interlocutor of “MK”.

According to him, from what side do not come, it turns out that started a political tug of the rope, causing the serious people some disappointment. It’s like arguing about the origin of Santa Claus and Santa Claus, says Svetenko.

In Kiev, by the way, Ilya Muromets is associated with the Holy Ilya Pechersky nicknamed Chebotok – but that is history it is a real person, a monk of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, who lived in the 12th century, which, incidentally, was also a native of Murom. In the seventeenth century he was canonized, his relics have been kept in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. The name is similar, but it’s a completely different character…

If we interpret the canonical plot of the epic, it is known that to 33 years old Elijah sat on the stove, and then received a miraculous healing and went to the service in the capital city of Kiev — then it was a common capital. And it turns out that the character he history of the Kievan Rus.

“But we do not refuse, we trace their history from the Kievan Rus, and Kiev — the mother of the Russian land. What is there to argue? In any case, by the Ukrainian officials is helpless attempts not only to usurp something, but to make a problem out of the blue. I repeat: then the space was one. And Ilya Muromets will never cease to be the hero of the ancient Russian epic,” concludes the expert.

Another Moscow historian Aleksandr Drachler, urged not to dramatize the situation. He recalled in an interview with

“MK” that edits in Wikipedia are made by a million times a day — and this source cannot be taken seriously. “Edits are not validated by the authoritative experts and historians do not use “Wikipedia” as a reliable source of information,” – said the expert.


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