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Saturday, February 17, 2018

APU mobilized the legendary Ilya Muromets to lift morale

Kyiv bureaucrats have been adjusted in the us. For a month, they contributed to 15 edits in order to turn the hero Ilya Muromets in Ukrainian. Meanwhile, more than 90% of Ukrainians admitted the failure of all efforts of the authorities in much more relevant fields than raising morale. As part of that, by the way, in Kiev have already planned a parade APU on red square.

Attitude of officials in many countries of the world be an occasion for laughter and surprise. In Russia first recall Tver ex-Governor Zelenin and his worm on Twitter. In the United States – Hillary Clinton, is not aware of the difference between personal and work email in secret correspondence.

“I sincerely believe that we will hold the parade on red square. It would be appropriate”

But perhaps the most “advanced” in this respect is the Ukraine – because in this country after the coup officials, from the President to make important statements on Facebook and other social networks. Often – once in English to make it without translation it is clear the curators.

As writes the Kiev newspaper “Vesti”, one more important direction of work of representatives of Ukrainian ministries and departments is a virtual war with Russia. In addition to numerous comments in social networks in the style of “we will never be brothers,” Ukrainian officials are engaged in another hugely important to the security of the country and improve the material wellbeing of the citizens of the country work – make edits in “Wikipedia”.

Kiev “fantaserye” about the heroic past

According to the Twitter bot “Desiredoceania (Coreduction”), which tracks anonymous edits to Wikipedia from IP addresses owned by Ukrainian state agencies, most of the edits are to be paid from the defense Ministry, Verkhovna Rada, state service of special communication and the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. And only the Ukrainian version is not limited – Kiev officials in the working time are also editing Russian and English encyclopedia.

The first place among the Ukrainian Ministry of defense of edits in “Wikipedia”, in General, adds to the understanding of the reasons for “success” in the Donbass APU. Especially considering what articles ruled by the military personnel.

It turns out that the staff of the Ministry of defence in December in Russian-speaking article about Ilya Muromets proved the priority version about its origin from the village of Moore near Chernigov, and not from Karacharovo Moore.

The success of these changes, however, is similar to the Donbass – today in the Russian-speaking “Wikipedia” birthplace of the hero still is Karacharovo.

In the Ukrainian version featured both theories, and in favor of the Motherland near Chernigov the following argument: “In accordance with the epics up to 30 years and could not walk (which was confirmed by study of the relics of the Saint), was a warrior and in five hours arrived in Kiev in the retinue of Prince Vladimir I. This event is clearly evidence in favor of the homeland of the hero in the village of Moore”.

Note that in epics and songs often used the phrase “rakitovan to get married under a Bush.” According to the logic of Ukrainian researchers, this “clearly shows” that in Kievan Rus under each rakitovan Bush was a Church.

Cause persistent edits homeland Muromets journalists of “News” called the film “Guard Outpost” in which a young Ukrainian popdance (character artwork, trapped in the past or in another world) is in “heroic” times and even in pure Ukrainian language is called the year of the birth of Christ, in which he found himself.

However, his liberal attitude to historical facts (in Kievan Rus, as you know, the year saw the creation of the world) – the trouble is not only the Ukrainian cinema. Besides, unlike Russian “Viking”, “Guard Outpost” originally positioned itself as a fantasy.

Also Internet warriors from the Ministry of defence tried to play the hero Nikita Kozhemyako Belarusians and to change the phrase “in the nineteenth century, Ishmael belonged to the Russian Empire” to “was occupied.”

Fun provincial managers

Not less important things on the Internet are busy and regional officials. For example, employees of the Poltava regional administration working time editing articles about Eighteenth dynasty of the Egyptian pharaohs, the God of the Scandinavians Odin and the album “Angel of Death” Slayer of the group.

In addition to tireless work to improve Wikipedia, Ukrainian officials do not forget about their own cultural activities with the IP addresses of the Ministry of defense over the past two weeks was downloaded films “Jason Bourne”, “Inferno” and the TV series “breaking bad”. In the Verkhovna Rada on weekend download game Diablo 2, Mafia, Warcraft 3, Metro 2033 and StarCraft 2. And employees of the Poltava regional administration downloaded the first two parts of the film “Harry Potter”. You see, miss clean and bright for Christmas.

Unlikely in Ukraine someone has serious doubts that officials at work doing something not so right about it according to the data of sociologists. For example, the study group “Rating” at the end of 2016.

A successful policy on social protection of the population believe 9% of respondents, the failure of 87%. Support of small and medium business successful think 9%, in vain – 77%. The fight against corruption a good think 8%, bad – 89%. Reform of the judicial system success I think 8% failure 84%. Policy in health care – 7% and 89%, respectively. Limiting the influence of oligarchs on politics – 6% and 89%. More than 90% of respondents recognized the failure of the efforts of the authorities in ensuring stability of the national currency, housing services and economic growth.

Only 16% of respondents are satisfied with the performance of President Poroshenko, 82% – are not satisfied. The activities of the Prime Minister Groysman: 16% satisfied not satisfied 78%. The activities of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Parubiy satisfied 11% not satisfied 82%. The activities of the parliamentary opposition satisfied 12% of respondents are not satisfied 78%. The activities of the ruling coalition, 6% satisfied, 86% are not satisfied.

The evaluation of work by citizens, indeed, the most harmless, what can officials do is to edit information about the band Slayer and download “breaking bad”.

As for the attempts to “privatize” the heroes, that the Ukrainian authorities have been doing for more than a quarter century, since the Declaration of independence. Somehow they think that if you declare Ilya Muromets the CHernigovets and not murasakino, it will make it look more “Ukrainian”.

The desire is doubly absurd, given that the Reverend Elijah of the caves, considered one of the prototypes of the epic hero, was born in Murom, and no doubt this can not be – as there is no doubt that the Ancient Russian state included Kiev and Novgorod, and Murom.

In Murom in the village of Karacharovo for centuries revered countryman, and the new attempts of the Kiev pseudo-scientists to prove that man is descended from Ukrainians, nothing will change.

It is significant that article about Reverend Elijah on the Ukrainian Wikipedia is not – only in Russian and Armenian.

And probably can only thank the Ukrainian authorities for banning Russian cinema in this country – otherwise it is difficult to imagine what tug the Prince would start in social media in connection with one of the most controversial movies of Russian cinema in recent years – “Viking”. Moreover, children’s cartoon “Three heroes and the king of the sea”, where acts including the controversial Ilya Muromets, in the Ukrainian film also failed – however, it can be easily found on the Internet.

Fantasizing about the past, the Ukrainian authorities do not cease to dream of a fantastic future – for example, the Deputy from “popular front” Andrew Teteruk said: “I sincerely believe that we will hold the parade on red square. It would be appropriate”.

Teteruk argued that “Ukrainians are strong soldiers.” That the Deputy – “a strong man”, no doubt: 5 November 2015 he was hit with a bottle on the head by a colleague, and the lady – Alexandra Kuzhel. In women the result was diagnosed with a concussion, but no punishment “warrior” has not suffered. “The course of events is terribly unpredictable,” wrote then at the end of the conflict Teeruk in his “Facebook”.

And with this, I will not argue.


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